My Fair Mistress

My Fair Mistress

by Tracy Anne Warren

He drives a hard bargain, but the pleasure is all hers.London financier Rafe Pendragon has a reputation for ruthness, and exotic beauty Julianna Hawthorne is determined to clear the debt her brother owes him.

As Rafes intense green eyes pierce her body and set it afire, Julianna can only imagine what emotions his kiss may unleash.Surrendering to the pleasures of seduction and carnal delight, Rafe never anticipated that love would be the cost of his bargain.

  • Series: Mistress Trilogy
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.87
  • Pages: 411
  • Publish Date: October 30th 2007 by Ballantine Books
  • Isbn10: 034549539X
  • Isbn13: 9780345495396

What People Think about "My Fair Mistress"

But I really loved the rest of it so I recommend it. A nice thing, which is typical of all Warren books I've read (besides The Wife Trap) is that the couple has very engaging chemistry. Heart-breaking back story and conflict for our lovers. What starts out a necessary "secret" ends up being unnecessarily kept/unexplained and there simply was no reason for the "why" of everything not to be aired. Of course, if that had happened, maybe the book would have been half as long. Still liking it for the most part, but wishing the manipulated conflict between the two of them could be settled and we could get on with the rest of the action. Warren writes her leads together so well that when they're in conflict it doesn't feel right. So -- my deepest wish for this author is that she would experiment with having the couple remain together and in accord, but have to deal with conflict against them as a couple.

The Plot Beautiful Lady Julianna Hawthorne strikes a bargain with dangerously handsome Rafe Pendragon. The Good Julianna is a widow. The author does a good job of establishing chemistry between the two without turning the scenes into a sex education manual.

My reviews are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. I LOVE the heroine, Julianna. ;) Love scene, the only one I've read so far was yum! The scene where he talks about his dead fiancee Pamela is really really heartbreaking, I was very sad to read what happened to the girl. I know that the way things were and they got married, the trust they shared could've been shaken. I really liked both Rafe and Julianna in the 1st half, they seemed very sensible. Well, it's 4 because, I really loved Rafe the babe and some things he did were very sweet which includes his reactions toward Julianna's pregnancy ...

Past crimes against Rafe are paid for, protection becomes necessary, marriages take place, and someone is not barren as thought.

The whole later part of the book the characters were too dumb to talk to each other about anything.

Cuando se da cuenta de que un enemigo vengativo puede hacer daño a Julianna debido a que su enlace clandestino podría ser expuesto, Rafe debe elegir entre amarla y protegerla.

I have probably read this book about 5 times and I just love it. It's like every time I read it, I get sucked into the romance between Rafe and Julianna. The way Miss Warren weaves in romance, love, and lust in the book is believable in a sense that as a reader, you would think that this kind of situation would really happen in reality. Personally, I love reading about "rags to riches" heroes and Rafe is one of them. I love how Ms. Warren wrote in his back story, how we the readers are slowly introduced to why Rafe is as uncaring as he is and we get to understand the reason why he left Julianna. I have also read multiple books by Tracy Anne Warren that mention Rafe Pendragon as the investor that helped a few heroes in Warren's other books become rich (see Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed) WHY I WANTED TO RE-READ Because I wanted to go back and read a sizzling historical romance (without the erotica).