Make Me a Star

Make Me a Star

by Emily Chase

Action!Shelley, Dana, and Faith are sure that winter at Canby Hall is going to be the pits -- until a film crew arrives to shoot a movie right on campus!

For Dana, it will mean unexpected romance with a young production assistant.

For Faith, it's a chance to shoot some film of her own.

But what begins as fun soon pits the girls against one another in the competition surrounding the movie.

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Scouts from the movie company will be on campus over the next few days, and Miss Allardyce expects each and every girl to conduct herself "like a Canby Hall girl." Shelley is beside herself. Pamela pipes in with a few bits of information, just to prove she's in the know The best news, as far as Shelley (and more than a few other girls) is concerned, is that Canby students will be allowed to audition for parts as extras and even a few minor roles, as long as it doesn't interfere with classes or their studies in any way. On the way out, Pamela offers to give Shelley some tips on auditioning, and maybe even steal a script to share with her. Shelley falls for it and promises Pamela she won't tell anyone else that she's getting extra help. Dana worries that Shelley's going to go overboard about this acting business again. Shelley, Dana, Faith, and Casey meet up at the ice cream shop in Greenleaf to talk about the day's events. Shelley works with Pamela, who was unable to get a script but does have some news: there are definitely a few small speaking parts available. On Friday night, Shelley's nervous as she and Pamela wait in line at auditions. Pamela says that her mother is beyond the audition stage, but, in a rare moment of kindness admits that her mother used to get rejections all the time and warns Shelley that it's something she needs to get used to. Dana and Faith worry that Shelley's going to blow her audition and that she'll be crushed. Shelley knocks some papers off a table, then hesitates too long while the casting people are waiting for her to begin her audition. Shelley just knows she's blown it and leaves the audition just as Casey is getting called for her turn. For some reason Dana continues to hang around auditions, even though she's said twice now that she has no intention of actually auditioning, while Faith goes after Shelley. Faith still wants to go for pizza, but Shelley takes Yvonne Young up on the invitation after Pamela says she wants to give Shelley some acting tips. Later that night, she discusses Yvonne with Faith, who wasn't impressed by her, and Dana. Dana has been spending time with Peter, watching him work and hanging around the set. Shelley's surprised when Pamela doesn't show up to go to callbacks with her, but Dana, Faith and Casey go along for moral support. While they're waiting for Shelley to finish up, Dana slips into the audition room. Pamela catches up with Shelley at callbacks, explaining that she was late because Matt Dillon had called to wish her luck. He simply can't stand actors who overdo it." Shelley's even more nervous when she gets into her audition to find the star of the movie: Troy Adams. Suddenly, she's not so sure that was the right tactic, but before she has time to dwell on it, Dana walks in for her audition. Shelley leaves the room very slowly so that she can see Dana's audition, which is very different from hers and anything but underplayed. Back at the dorm, Shelley complains to Faith about Dana auditioning, saying that it seems sneaky. Even if Shelley was too upset about Dana auditioning without telling her to wait, surely Faith and Casey, or at least one of them, would have waited. When Dana comes in, Shelley questions her about the audition. Dana explains that she met Peter and wants to spend more time with him and that the best way to do that is to work on the movie. Shelley thinks that's a dumb reason to want to be in a movie, and she's secretly glad that Dana doesn't stand a chance. Dana feels bad; she didn't know it was the same part Shelley was auditioning for. -- and trusting Pamela after all she's put them through, Dana doesn't care about the movie. Faith decides that if the movie company won't give her permission to take her photos, she's just going to do it anyway. She suggests that Shelley audition again, but Shelley tells her that Dana already got the part. Pamela says that her mother will think of something and tells Shelley to meet her that afternoon. When Dana gets to the set, she's met by Faith (still taking photos, but heading off to study), Peter (working), and Carol Gate. Pamela says her mother called Carol Gates and told her to come up for something for Shelley, however Carol says that the best she can do is an extra or stand-in. Pamela is obnoxious, which embarrasses Shelley, who thinks it's not Carol's fault that the other parts are already taken. Pamela rushes off to meet Yvonne, and Shelley runs into Faith. Faith tells Shelley about her big "no more asking permission" plan and invites her along. When Shelley grumbles, Faith says she's tired of being caught in the middle and that she has had her own problems with the movie. When the cast and crew take a break, Faith starts taking photos of Dana. Troy says he can tell, that she just doesn't have the talent Shelley does. Later, Shelley meets up with Faith at dinner. When Dana gets back to the room, Faith tells her that Randy called. Dana, not wanting him to see her with Peter -- or Peter to see her with Randy -- says visitors aren't allowed on set. He says there's probably no point in asking her out for the weekend, that she won't have the time and watching a movie can't compare to being in one. Shelley jealously watches Dana with Peter. Pamela questions Shelley about Troy.

This is the tenth book in the series with Dana (a big city girl), Shelley (a farm girl), and Faith (an excellent photographer.) A movie is going to be partially filmed on the campus and this has everyone astir.