A Gift of Love: Just Curious / Double Exposure / Gabriel's Angel / Five Golden Rings / Yuletide Treasure

A Gift of Love: Just Curious / Double Exposure / Gabriel's Angel / Five Golden Rings / Yuletide Treasure

by Judith McNaught

A Gift Of Love captures holiday magic as it transports us...to New York City, where a schoolteacher slips an antique gold ring on her finger and travels back in time to a man who desperately needs her love...to a village in Victorian England, where an embittered earl seeks a governess for a lovely, defiant little girl named Noelle...to a starry London night, on which a Christmas pony heralds a gift greater than any king's ransom...to the snow-covered hills of Virginia, where a young widow learns during a holiday trip that miracles really do come in the least expected packages...and to a reclusive tycoon's Newport estate, where a determined young woman sets out to unlock the secrets of a man's heart. Let A Gift Of Love open the door to worlds of passion and adventure, where love -- and miracles -- are always in the air!

What People Think about "A Gift of Love: Just Curious / Double Exposure / Gabriel's Angel / Five Golden Rings / Yuletide Treasure"

Five short stories with two from my favorite romance writers McNaught (Double Exposure) and Deveraux (Just Curious). Through funny situations Karen discovers a man who captures her curiosities and heart!

15 years ago Corey had a tremendous crush on the older Spencer - and he tolerated her attentions & enjoyed the time with her loving family - a memorable scene when she is 17, and wants him to kiss her - and she makes up a story about kissing boys, and wanting to know when to stop - and she gouds him into kissing her, and he starts to get carried away, and is ashamed of himself - but neither forgot the kiss... now his little half sister is getting married, and they want Beautiful Living to showcase the wedding, so the family is going to his east coast home to set up & photograph... and he makes it right a month later, when he gets her to come to his grandmother's house to sign something, and instead she finds Christmas - which is when she had wanted to be married - and she finally trusts in his love for her.... Karen - 30 years old, well loved, but lost her husband to an accident... she lost the hardware business she shared with her husband, and 2 years later, and she wants a baby... he's gathered as much informaiton about her as he can - he has fallen in love (for the first time), and she knew the picture of his twin was not of him (Taggarts marry the woman who can tell them apart)... 10 year old Tristan, a merchant's son, a warm happy family... and she returns every christmas, soaking up his family's love & fun... until he marries - and she watches him with his dainty wife, and only returns 7 years later, when she is getting ready to go to America...( she has worked hard, holding onto her virginity, finding education, and working in a millinery shop and saving every penny). and reluctantly, Tristan opens his heart, forgives himself, reaches out to his son, rediscovers his art and loves... a tear jerker, as Gabriels little heart so much wants his father's happiness, to the sacrifice of his own... ahhhh Yuletide Treasure - Andrea Kane Eric Bromleigh - rich, left at a young age to raise his little sister -perhaps her inate character, perhaps his spoiling, perhaps both, but she turned out to be a selfcentered, uncaring b---- - and she left him at the age of 18 when he was 'poor' (relatively speaking), returned to give birth on Christmas day, and left 3 months later, dying of influenza before the year was out... when the last family returns her, Eric goes to the parish priest and tells him he needs a nanny to come raise Noelle and keep her away from him... but her presence, but also through Noelle's manipulations (falling into the lake, needind rescueing) and her gentleness, he comes to forgive himself and open himself up to love - just in time for Christmas... he takes his wife (Emma?) from Philadelphia to Indiana, and their 1 year old son dies...

It read to me like a fairy tale, with Christmas wishes, angels and all things divine. A story of 3 people, with such sad hearts is captured in the moment of celebration, each having to learn so much from the other and be lost in the wonderful magic of love. I fell in love with the Fosters when I read Remember when and I remember even how much I was intrigued back then as to how Corey's obsessive crush on Spencer led to such a wonderful ending. I have to say it was a bit dramatic, no scratch that. The story of Karen, a young widow who's given up hopes of finding love ever since her husband's death and McAllister Taggert, a man known for his devilish charm and a long line of jilted females as his conquest. I really liked the first half of the story, it was wonderful to read about the little girl who wanted nothing more than some love and affection from her brooding uncle. Things happened way too fast, at least on Eric's end since Brigitte was already in love with him for a long time.

Double Exposure has the main character, Corey, finally being married to Spencer, a childhood crush. Gabriel's Angel is the third story where it's the same disappointment on the part of the author to have the main male character, in this case Tristan, a widower/previously married. I liked the idea of Gabriel having an angel, and a Christmas theme, but again, love happened too quickly, and the whining too frequently. Yuletide Treasure finally has Eric, the main man, never being married. This was a cute story set in the 1800s about Eric, who marries Brigitte, the vicar's granddaughter, because he needs a governess for his niece.

Double Exposure Spencer Spence Addison and Caroline Corey Foster 3.5/5 Stars Double Exposure is the first book of Foster series by Judith McNaught. Favorite Quotes I wanted you to kiss me, so I invented Doug Johnson and used him as an excuse. -Corey Corey, Would you care to explain to me why I seem to lose my mind the moment I touch you? I wanted to make him happy, and he always seemed to enjoy being with me, so I truly believed I could.

All of the stories revolve around love and Christmas. Jude Deveraux's Just Curious was cute and sweet when it turns out the shoe is also on another foot as Karen learns the whole truth about her boss, M(alignant) J(erk) Taggert. Andrea Kane's Yuletide Treasure was a cute historical romance with a lot of holes.