My Favorite Bride

My Favorite Bride

by Christina Dodd

Their widowed father, Colonel William Gregory, is not so easily charmed -- and far too easy to fall in love with, which she dares not do.William always cherished the orderliness of his life, until this captivating troublemaker began flouting his authority and distracting him with her witty defiance and breathtaking beauty.

Despite the fact that they clash at every meeting, William finds himself inexplicably drawn to Samantha's fire.

And now he's even contemplating marriage, which would be sweet madness indeed.But before he can successfully woo her, William must discover what it is that Samantha is hiding from him.

  • Series: Governess Brides
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.91
  • Pages: 375
  • Publish Date: September 3rd 2002 by Avon
  • Isbn10: 0060092645
  • Isbn13: 9780060092641

What People Think about "My Favorite Bride"

Unfortunately, that last 5% has made it fairly unlikely that I will re-read this book in future. I liked seeing his character progression and growth throughout the novel. However, while there was a passel of children in this book, I actually liked them all. It turned the character from "straightlaced, proper gentleman" to "insufferable, boorish ass." I honestly couldn't STAND him for the last part of the book, and that is a shame as I had really enjoyed him to that point. I don't think it struck me quite as hard the first time I read this novel. However, certainly when one reads the series in a row like I have done, it's hard to miss. If it weren't for these two factors, this book would get a higher rating, and I would happily re-read several times in the future. Unfortunately, the ending spoils an otherwise enjoyable book, and I doubt I will read this one again.

They can end up boring, stuffy, or moralistic prigs.

"My Favorite Bride" is the story of Samantha and William. When Samantha Prendregast from Distinguished Academy of Governesses gets into trouble with a lecherous employer, Lady Bucknell asks her to go and work for Colonel William Gregory in Cumbria, away from London. Having grown up on the streets of the London, initially working as a pickpocket until she was rescued by Lady Bucknell- Samantha fears the countryside- and expects wild animals to leap at her. She is also able to confront the kids, thwart their plans and pranks, and soon after she helps Agnes understand menstruation (the poor child thinks she is dying!)- makes them love and care for her! From the scenes in the start where the heroine imagines all the wolves and animals attacking her in the forest, to the end where the adorable kids dress up as highway(wo)men to "kidnap" the heroine- there are so many instances which made me go aww and laugh at the same time.

Suddenly, we're up against a word quota or something because the hero does a complete 180, the heroine behaves totally out of character, and we have a HEA.

She's to be the governess of six little girls. Tall, dark, and handsome, Colonel William Gregory is all about order and discipline, until the new governess challenges everything he believe in.

- The Hero was entertaining, how he was infatuated with the heroine, and kept flirting with her, he kinda ruined the whole image at the end when he turned in to a complete jackass.

The kids were great and I thought Samantha's handling of them was well done. He kept coming back to her when he just thought she was ok?

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