Mortal Sins

Mortal Sins

by Eileen Wilks

They carry the stench of death magic, which makes the murders a federal crime.

Lily takes charge of the investigation and soon realizes that nothing adds up- not the motives or the main suspect, who is behind bars when death strikes again.But murder, however bizarre, is an everyday affair for Lily, who was a homicide cop before being recruited into the FBI's Magical Crimes Division.

A more personal shock arrives in the form of Rule's son's mother.

Why would she now challenge Rule's plan to bring his son to live among the Nokolai?

  • Series: World of the Lupi
  • Language: English
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Rating: 4.19
  • Pages: 334
  • Publish Date: February 3rd 2009 by Berkley
  • Isbn10: 0425225526
  • Isbn13: 9780425225523

What People Think about "Mortal Sins"

In fact, I'd go so far as to say that people who would like a police procedural combined with a world rich in lupi and magic could do far worse than to pick up Eileen Wilk's World of the Lupi series. Mortal Sins has two major plots: the personal one of a custody hearing for Rule's son, Toby; and the professional one of a series of seemingly unconnected killers who are almost fatally confused and whose victims smell of death magic. I thought the balance between the two was handled quite well, resulting in Lily and Rule feeling like a typical busy professional couple who were trying to balance needs of personal, family and professional lives. Wilks does a nice job of keeping the focus on the investigation and the family issues without getting distracted too much by prior plots or side characters. That said, it is likely a series that is harder to pick up without reading book one and two where Wilks does a more thorough introduction to her world. Thinking about it, I'd say it most feels like Shaefer's Daniel Faust series, with less smart-ass.

*** 4.25 *** The more I read this series, the more I like it. What I like about it - it tells its story through actions and series of events, it does not "tell us" what to think and feel, it just lets us experience it. If you are feeling like reading a fun and action-packed were-wolf series, this is not a bad choice at all!!! Overall, I will recommend this series to anyone who can handle some romance with their werewolfs and magic:):):) And there was one very, very adorable kid and his friend in there, soooo...:):):) Now I wish you Happy Reading and many more wonderful Books to come!!!

Still, it may have felt like a rip-off that we never got to see them in a romance, and organically fall in love. They have to figure out how to kill something that is already dead and has a thirst for blood. This book had a lot going on, which I liked. I never felt bored, and it never got so "explainy" that I learned anything.

I loved what happened with the bond. I loved his PoVs. He is really cute and I felt for him as his feelings are revealed.

I think that switching to a different set of lead characters for a book or two was a great idea to keep the series fresh, and I was really excited to read about Cynna and Cullen originally, but I ended up not really enjoying their storyline that much. I think this series is good enough to make reading all of the books worth it, but that's just me. Occasionally things got a bit slow while reading, but it always ended up picking back up. Even after so many books in the series I still find their relationship interesting to read about. I think one of my favorite things about this series is that in the midst of all these paranormal creatures, Lily and Rule seem like a normal couple doing the best that they can to work out their issues to make sure their relationship continues to be happy.

But this small town may not be big enough for death magic, a custody battle, wraiths, werewolves, bigots, and murder. I will tell you that it's a mix of sizzling sex, magic, dragons, Chinese lore, Wiccans, werewolves, Voodoo, and a bunch of other wild things that Wilks' somehow manages to combine into a seamless series of mysteries with romance, action, suspense, and even a bit of humor at times.

One of the reason I liked Night Season so much is because I enjoyed watching the romance evolve between Cynna and Cullen. Theirs isnt a mate bond; theyre together because they want to be because they love each other. In this book, I finally felt the love that ties together Lily and Rune as something more than a physical connection. The story picks up with Lily and Rune ready to finally take custody of Runes son, Toby. I enjoyed it every bit as much as I did Night Season. I was a bit surprised at how much I liked his Grammy too.

They have a healthy reasoning and, incredibly, for this world is a place where magic, strange things occur, everything makes sense!!!!

Eileen Wilks first book, a Silhouette Desire published in 1996, hit the USA Today Bestseller List and was nominated for Romantic Times' Best First Short Contemporary award. Having read and loved science fiction for years, thats where she first tried her hand when the writing bug bit. Somehow her stories always ended up having a strong romantic subplot, but she hadnt read a romance since the early 80s and didnt think those little books were her kind of stories.