Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal

by Elisa Adams

If you had any kind of a life at all, you wouldn't be hanging out in your laundry room at nearly ten on Friday night-alone.For Carla, her mother's voice inside her head rings a little too true.

Not only is he ten years younger-just out of college, for crying out loud-he's also her best friend's younger brother.

Carla has been a key participant in Leo's...ahem...steamier fantasies for years, but she's always treated him like a kid brother.

Good thing Leo welcomes a challenge, because coaxing Carla into bed might be the biggest one he's ever faced.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.42
  • Pages: 170
  • Publish Date: January 1st 2007 by Ellora's Cave
  • Isbn10: 1419954172
  • Isbn13: 9781419954177

What People Think about "Nothing Personal"

He's liked the heroine, Carla since he was 7. The story was really nice, that it didn't really matter anyway. Even so, Leo is absolutely perfect.

Nothing Personal contained a rather tepid romance with multiple editing errors, which I'm surprised at since I've read other titles from Cerridwen Press that don't contain such mundane errors. I know that the main characters, Carla and Leo, live in the same apartment complex. Carla works in a beauty salon while Leo is a computer business man (neither of their careers are highlighted very much). There is one scene where Carla is invited to a family gathering, but overall the locations were as mundane as the romance. The beginning laundry scene was one of my favorites, with the quote from Carla's mother causing me to crack a smile as I started to read: If you had any kind of a life at all, you wouldn't be sitting in your apartment building's laundry room at nearly ten on Friday night. I'm not used to reading romances in which the female character is older than the male character, and especially not to the degree they are in this book. Plus, there were so many social implications I hoped would be tackled throughout the book-- the stigma attached to beauty and aging women, the immaturity of younger men, the fact that a woman choosing to not have kids right away, or at all, is a valid and important life choice. Unfortunately, all these issues fell flat purely because Elisa Adams was not interested in tackling such heavy concepts in her romance novel. I especially expect more from the female characters than Carla gave. She whined continuously, cared too much about what others thought, especially in regards to her age difference from Leo's, and is concerned with settling down and having a family, too stereotypical and predictable behavior. Leo is a much more interesting character, and I did appreciate that Elisa Adams alternated chapters and sections from Carla's perspective to Leo's. It gave the reader a more balanced look at how their romance budded and developed. Leo was the main reason the romance didn't suck completely, him and his interesting and laughable family. I've read much better romance novels, and it's books like this that give the entire romance genre a negative stigma in literary circles. My preferred romance setting is anything historical, which is the type of books those two authors write. It's computer generated, and it's the scene from the beginning of the book, when Carla and Leo are in the washing room of their apartment building. Was it the fact that Carla didn't want to date a younger know, nothing personal? I've read, though, that she does have other romances that are better. All I know is that it has weak presentation, writing, and storytelling, especially when compared to other romance giants that I've read. I wouldn't read it again, and I would only recommend it to readers that are fans of Elisa Adams' writings.

But then I got curious merely because the hero name was Leo (one of my favorite hero name and I love Leo Hathaway sooooo much (from Hathaway Series - Lisa Kleypas). But especially after reading Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas, I didn't mind 5 years also. I can understand exactly what Carla felt about having a relationship with a younger one, especially when he's 10 years younger, and ... Cause, well, I can't help myself not to think it's kinda weird when I see a couple like that.

Carla has been a key participant in Leo's...ahem...steamier fantasies for years, but she's always treated him like a kid brother. Leo, ten years Carla's junio has known her for most of his life since she is bff's with his sister.