Everything Changes

Everything Changes

by Ann M. Martin

It's a summer of change for the Baby-sitters Club, with major changes in the look and focus of Ann M.

Four members drop out of the club, bringing the group back to the original characters: Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey.

What People Think about "Everything Changes"

It shifts from one point of view to another, but its told entirely in diary entries and letters between Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey: no internal narration whatsoever. So it reads like one of the shortest books in the series, and not much can possibly happen in any of the four storylines: theres no time. Kristy is hurt and worried and angry--the BSC is her baby, the best thing I ever did, and it seems like nobody else cares that its going down the tubes. Shes excited to spend a lot of time with Ethan, but her father doesnt like her seeing so much of an older boy and limits their time together to two hours a day. (Hes at work all the time, though, so I dont see why Stacey doesnt just disobey.) She is also upset at the news that her fathers girlfriend, Samantha, is planning to move in. She is supposed to go to Camp Mohawk, but she decides last-minute to stay in Stoneybrook, living in the cramped rental house she hates, because she doesnt want to go away while her whole future is up in the air (her father hasnt decided whether or not to relocate to Philadelphia). Literally all of her problems would be, if not solved, at least alleviated by going away to camp: (1) Shes worried that her father will take the Philly job, and she feels anxious and powerless just waiting for that to be resolved. Surely she will know pretty much exactly as quickly if shes there as at home, and as Kristy fruitlessly points out, the distraction would keep her from going insane while she waits for the decision. In the end, (view spoiler)Richard decides not to leave Stoneybrook, but instead to renovate the barn for their new home.

Weirdly enough, though, it soon became one of the books I liked to re-read the most as years went by.

The Friends Forever books came along during a period of time when I really should have been phasing out of reading the BSC and moving on to greener pastries. That being said, I am now 32 years old and still reading this dibbly fresh shit so clearly that never happened for me. First Logan quits the BSC...and nothing happens. Then Jessi, who got into a new fancy ballet school, quits the BSC...and nothing happens. Mary Anne ends up not going to camp that summer because she needs time to chill out. She just bums around being mopey until her family decides to turn the barn into their new house, but that doesn't happen in this book. Claudia is on an island off the coast of Maine, where the most exciting thing that happens is she eats lobster every day for a month and busts everyone in her family being normal human beings. Things sort of happen, but not really because they're on a freaking island 10 miles off the coast of Maine.

On this go-around, I had torn through alot of the ones I'd read in the numbered series (I read up to #88 by the time I stopped reading the series in the summer of 1995), but I didn't know the "Friends Forever" series existed until I had started going through the numbered books. Being that this part of the series was published four years after I had stopped reading the original series, I was actually quite happy to see there was more than just the ones I had been accustomed to reading.

so, after mary anne's house burnt down in the final book of the regular babysitters club series, they came out with this pile of crap, the first in the truncated post-BSC "friends forever" series, which follows the four original members of the babysitters club beyond graduation from the eighth grade & the dissolution of the babysitters club. mary anne is supposed to go to camp too, but she is still bumming hard because of her house burning down--having nightmares & shit. then abby thinks things over & decides to quit the BSC. the mary anne's dad opts against the philly job & they decide to re-model the barn, because it wasn't damaged in the fire. & then she is all distraught because her dad wants his girlfriend to maybe move in, & stacey is a total baby about it.

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