Jinnah of Pakistan

Jinnah of Pakistan

by Stanley Wolpert

Stanley WolpertThese are the opening lines of the preface of Stanley Wolperts book, Jinnah of Pakistan and serves to entice you to read an extremely thorough, comprehensive and detailed study about one of the most pragmatic and charismatic leaders of South Asia, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.Stanley Wolpert is an American academic who is considered to be one of the world's foremost authorities on the political history of modern South Asia.

Since 1962, he has published many fictional and non-fictional books on his favorite subject.In the preface, Wolpert adds: For more than a quarter century, I have been intrigued by the apparent paradox of Jinnahs strange story which has to date never been told in all the fascinating complexity of its brilliant light and tragic darkness.Jinnah of Pakistan was published in 1984.

This unique and insightful biography explores the fascinating public and private life of founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah from his birth in 1876 till his death in 1948.

In recording the events that unfold and shape Jinnahs life, Wolpert also chronicles almost eight decades of Indian history to the point where India achieves independence from British rule amid growing Muslim-Hindu antagonism.It is a tragedy that the new generation of Pakistan knows about the founder of their country only through text books, a few websites and television programs.

These limited resources do not tell the complete picture of a very intelligent, shrewd and resilient lawyer, politician and statesman who altered the map of South Asia through his sheer indomitable will against all odds.It is almost a standard statement in Pakistani text books that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a great man but after reading Stanley Wolperts Jinnah of Pakistan one can get a better understanding of why Jinnah can be..

Physically a frail man, he alone gave courage, hope, strength and voice to millions of Muslims of South Asia who were dismissed as second class citizens in United India before partition in 1947.The biography is placed on a huge canvas and takes the readers to the bustling port of Karachi where Jinnah was born and follows him to London, Bombay, Calcutta, Lucknow, Nagpur, Amritsar, New Delhi, Simla, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Ziarat and finally Karachi again where lies buried one of historys most remarkable, tenacious, enigmatic figures.The book reveals Jinnahs failings, his loneliness, his pain, his broken marriage, his estrangement from his only daughter, his long and fatal disease which he kept under wraps and yet the true worth of his gigantic accomplishment can only be more appreciated when viewed alongside his human weaknesses.The book also brings under spotlight, Jinnahs love and marriage to the beautiful and vivacious flower of Bombay" Ruttie.

The whole episode is dealt with great deal of compassion as Wolpert gives a rare glimpse into Jinnahs most private moments and thoughts___ and his ultimate pain when due to Jinnahs extremely demanding political and legal career, the marriage breaks down and ends with Rutties tragic death when she was only 29.An excerpt from the book: It (the funeral) was a painfully slow ritual.

Like an artist who creates a masterpiece with careful strokes of his paintbrush, Wolpert also records small anecdotes and major incidents to show Jinnahs shrewd and skilful leadership as well his single-minded tenacity to win his case for the creation of Pakistan on behalf of the Muslims of South Asia.For this great and engrossing biography, Stanley Wolpert has won a great deal of gratitude from those who have read and enjoyed this book.

Jinnah of Pakistan is an absolute must read for the students of political history of South Asia and for every Pakistani who is interested in knowing the extent of debt owed to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for freedom and a separate country after the end of British Raj in the sub-continent.

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  • Publish Date: July 12th 2005 by Oxford University Press
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What People Think about "Jinnah of Pakistan"

Jinnah was a talented, brilliant man who was not appreciated in the party he had decided to dedicate his life to. How can I man, so adamantly secular, the "Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity", could adopt such a religious (bordering, as portrayed in the book, to an almost extremist zeal) approach? The answer is difficult to explain in a few words, although it is definitely not that Jinnah was a devout Muslim himself.

Every Pakistani knows quiet a bit about Muslim League History and final 10 years before partition. Quaid started as Muslim-Hindu unity ambassador. He spent 24 years of his life struggling for Hindu Muslim unity denying all those who thought otherwise. By this time Quaid had figured out that wasting his strained breath on people who would never actually listen to him even when they claimed differently was useless. He lost his health, and his only daughter but did not lose this final fight. But people have known to talk and they will always, had always, would always, one thing is for sure a country can not be built on a man's vanity and whim. Termed Jinnah as psychopathic man, who wanted nothing more than to be Governor General himself, Odd thing for him to say as he had shown strong desire to be GG of not one but two subcontinental domains at the same time!! Number one whenever it comes to loss of the life of Hindus the writer gave figures but when it came to the massacre of Muslims the writer took great pains to keep the figures and religion of the deceased fuzzy. There is not much on Quaid's personal life, he was a very private man. Never the less he was a single man who brought the most unlikely people to work together and made a weak party into the 2nd largest party of the India and placed Pakistan on the map.

Besides, at start I found the account, a typical book with praises for Jinnah and villainizing of his opponents.

Jinnah, gentleman in his outlook, fair in manners but very sharp at mind and winner on negotiation table created Pakistan at the time of "the shameful flight" of British. Champion of Hindu-muslim cause once had made up his mind to create a country-state where right of the muslims can be safeguarded as Congress had shown total disregard to the muslim demands like separate electorates. Under Gandhi's leadership All India Congress had done nothing to accommodate muslims or assent to safeguards of muslim rights.

This book in particular is famous for being unbiased in its depiction of the man under discussion and rationally takes us through the events that shaped this gigantic man and how he shaped the gargantuan events in the modern life of this majestic subcontinent.