Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts

by Virginia Henley

WHAT RANSOM FOR LOVE?Surrounded by the glitter and gold of a lavish Renaissance palace, beautiful Tabby Lamont was given in marriage to the wealthy old man who had taken her out of an Edinburgh orphanage.

But her resolve melted before the searing sensuality of this brazen Rogue who held her at his remote Highlands castle.Then from high in the castle's tower the evil of a dark secret swept them both toward a blazing destiny of violence and love...

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.80
  • Pages: 400
  • Publish Date: February 1st 1985 by Avon
  • Isbn10: 0380895366
  • Isbn13: 9780380895366

What People Think about "Wild Hearts"

He goes to see the chit and instantly realizes shes a Cockburn tooand that the mistress of the orphanage is an abusive old bat who ill-treats the children. Keep in mind, there are but two likely candidates as to the identity of the girls father, and one of them was Paris's father. So he at least suspects the girl could be his sister, but that doesnt stop him from deciding to shag her, because whats a little incest between friends? The gal: Tabby (Tabriziaevidently the Cockburns like to name their kids after cities) was abused as an orphan, so shes thoroughly intimidated by Paris when he bullies her. Meanwhile, after raping a girl he suspects is his sister, Paris is enough of a hypocrite to beat the snot out of his brother based on a suspicion of incest.

Paris is married but his wife never leaves her room. As Paris, called the Rogue by his friends, is looking over the books his father kept, he finds annual payments to an Edinburgh orphanage for Tabby Lamont. Two years later, Tabby is given in marriage (by the horrid woman who ran the orphanage) to a wealthy moneylender (a pox ridden pedophile who favors young boys). He didnt even care Tabby might love another. It should have made no sense to Tabby that Paris would want her, especially when he told her he intended to seek his pleasure with other women. Tabby had to be stupid not to wonder about his motivesand agreeing to act the loving wife in front of his family just made her look weak.

Paris initially came across as quite an intimidating character, and I wasnt sure if I was going to like him; I wasnt completely behind his success in his relationship with Tabby to begin with, and found myself hoping at times that the author saw fit to have her end up with one of her other suitors. The surrounding characters were given a fair amount of development as well, and it made the story much more interesting than if it has just been left as a romance between Tabby and Paris. Venetia, like Troy, didnt really receive much exploration as a character, and was fairly swiftly given her happy ending married with a child on the way to her chosen suitor. The youngest siblings, twins Alexander and Alexandria, turned out to be more important to the plot than originally thought, with both getting caught up in Tabby and Paris messy relationship with irrevocable consequences. The book was initially a slow burner for me, and I wasnt sure I was going to be able to get into it, but I was very mistaken; by the time I had got a third of the way through, I was hooked, desperately reading into the small hours of the morning to find out what happened to Tabby and Paris. The fact that Henley took the time to develop her world so completely actually turned out to be a blessing, as I dont think I would have enjoyed the book nearly as much as I did had she not made the considerable effort to make things seem real and whole; I found myself engrossed in what was going on beyond all comprehension of time and surroundings.

He can't figure out why she's mad at him after he date rapes her, forces her into marriage, then rapes he again.

My first ever romance novel.

Virginia Henley is a New York Times bestselling writer of historical novels.