The Never War

The Never War

by D.J. MacHale

Bobby Pendragon has visited the alternate dimension of Denduron and waded through the endangered underwater territory of Cloral. Now Bobby once again finds himself thrust beyond the boundaries of time and space into a place that seems somewhat familiar: First Earth.Bobby and the Traveler from CloralSpaderhave flumed to New York City, 1937, where they must uncover the evil Saint Danes newest plot. But is Bobby ready for the difficult choices ahead?

  • Series: Pendragon
  • Language: English
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Rating: 4.13
  • Pages: 352
  • Publish Date: May 20th 2005 by Brilliance Audio
  • Isbn10: 1597372552
  • Isbn13: 9781597372558

What People Think about "The Never War"

----- *screams obscenities* far better than I remember AMAZING What to know/ expect: - a fast-paced adventure - danger - good characters and friend dynamics <3 - these books do have a repeating pattern (but there's comfort in repetition :P ) - early 1900 US history, specifically 1937 (one of my favorite points in history) - Saint Dane is such a good villain.

Accompanied by the complex, vengeful, charismatic Vo Spader from the previous novel, with the addition of First Earth's mellow and wise Traveler Gunny, Bobby has reached a personal tipping point of his own; the time when he will truly come to understand what it means to be a Traveler. I loved that this book took place in our own past, with all the time-appropriate references.

Ok, so we come to understand that Saint Dane had flumed tricked Bobby and Spader into thinking that his next destination is Veelox. I'm starting to see a lil pattern in this book, like we get introduced to one Traveler and that Traveler kind of follows Bobby until he exchange the old one with a new one!? I think I liked that we are reading Bobby's journal continuously because I think it was so full of information and twisted plots, I would have gotten a bit annoyed if we are forced to take a break from all of that and read about Mike and Courtney's story. As I'm reading Saint Dane's evil plot reveal, I'm still like you did ALL all that for THAT...I mean why did you make it so complicated dude?.... But I get it now, why Saint Dane did it the way he did, No, I don't think he was trying to impress Bobby, I think he wants to manipulate Bobby, forcing him to make a mistake by not sacrificing innocent lives. I think he wants Bobby to know that Bobby is still only a human with empathy and can't bring himself to do it when the time comes!! Ok just like I've predicted, Spader had his bitch fit again, I was so sure he believed Bobby at the gas station but when he ran off with the goon, I knew Spader is a lost cause, He can't see past his revenge, its sad because when Spader is not consumed by his hatred for Saint Dane, he is actually an awesome friend and perfect Traveler buddy. ?? no wayyy arghhh I really want to go in detail with this book review but I feel like the whole book is a big puzzle and by revealing the twist here, it will really take away the mystery from the book. I think I may have mentioned this before, but the whole Idea of Bobby coming back to Second Earth to see Mike and Courtney, while it was all great, I always feel like it takes a way the mystery of unreachable and far away vibe from the story. But anyway, for this book Bobby's return revealed something storming up in Mike's head. I keep getting this idea that, Mike after reading about Spader and his adventure with Bobby, he wants to be apart of it.

The main character, Bobby, and his friend, Spader, are having friendship issues. This doesnt help Bobby stop St. Dane from destroying Halla (Everything basically).

D.J. MacHale is a writer, director, executive producer and creator of several popular television series and movies. He wrote and directed many of the episodes including the CableAce nominated The Tale of Cutter's Treasure starring Charles S. D.J. co-created and produced the Discovery Kids series Flight 29 Down for which he writes all the episodes and directs several. Other notable writing credits include the classic ABC Afterschool Special titled Seasonal Differences; the pilot for the long-running PBS/CBS series Ghostwriter; and the HBO series Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective for which he received a CableAce nomination for writing.