by James Patterson

Alex Cross was a rising star in the Washington, DC, Police Department when an unknown shooter gunned down his wife, Maria, in front of him.

The killer was never found, and the case turned cold, filed among the unsolved drive-bys in D.C.'s rough neighborhoods.Years later, still haunted by his wife's death, Cross is making a bold move in his life.

When the case reveals a connection to Maria's death, Cross latches on for the most urgent and terrifying ride of his life.From the man USA TODAY has called the "master of the genre," CROSS is the high-velocity thriller James Patterson and Alex Cross's fans have waited years to read - and the pinnacle of the bestselling detective series of the past two decades.This novel was originally published under the title Cross.

The movie tie-in editions are published under the title Alex Cross.

  • Series: Alex Cross
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery
  • Rating: 4.00
  • Pages: 393
  • Publish Date: November 13th 2006 by Little Brown and Company
  • Isbn10: 0316159794
  • Isbn13: 9780316159791

What People Think about "Cross"

This problem seriously affected this particular book for me and I think I enjoyed it a little less for that.

This one was very fast-paced and as a reader that is now a dozen books in on the series, I felt invested into Alex finding out who killed his wife.

Being a big Patterson fan and following the character of Alex Cross through all of the his books I am sad to say that I am really beginning to get tired of him.

If it wasn't for the movie version of this book, I would not be writing this review. In fact, if it wasn't for this movie, I would not have read the past three Cross novels, ever. (view spoiler)The Butcher killed Cross's wife.

(I loved Alex Cross' badass persona complemented by his squishy in the center role as a family man.) But lately I've chosen to stay away from Patterson's books.

Patterson has a series of Alex Cross books (most notably "Along Came A Spider", made into a film with Morgan Freeman) "Cross" is not the first in the series, although it is the first one I've read. But when Patterson jumps to 2006, Alex has a third child, a three or four year old boy named Ali and never once does he say how this child came to join the Cross family.

I thought it was one of the better Crosses, and if you like that kind of reading you probably enjoy. It's been so good that I really enjoyed it. Part of the plot of this book has to do with Alex Cross' wife Maria had been murdered about 10 years before.

aunque sí me dan ciertas ganas de darle un pequeñito jalón de orejas a la persona que lo recomendó para leerlo en un club de lectura, porque si se dan cuenta, nos puso a leer el libro 12 de la saga de alex cross! Parece que James patterson tiene un cierto desenvolvimiento natural en el género policiaco y el suspense; el único problema es que para desarrollar un libro de poco más de 300 páginas lo lleva a una excesiva cantidad de capítulos en los que podría alargarlos un poco y no hacerlos tan numerosos.

Obviously there is still a murderer to be caught but for the first time Alex Cross's character is beginning to grow. This was simply the start of what I hope is a new direction for the Cross novels and a welcome change up to the routine.

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