Man Without A Past (Harlequin Presents #1229)

Man Without A Past (Harlequin Presents #1229)

by Valerie Parv

SHE WAS ATTRACTED AND REPELLED ...Gaelle was the "victim" in a murder-mystery weekend at a hotel in Australia's Blue Mountains. Just as the "crime" was about to be committed, she was rescued by a stranger, who hadn't realized it was a game.She found herself intrigued by this handsome enigma, who called himself Pete. Attracted by his air of self-possession, charmed by his humor, yet held at bay by his aura of mystery.He reminded her of an Irish wolfhound --- large and gentle in appearance, but perfectly capable of savaging an innocent sheep!

  • Language: English
  • Category: Uncategorized
  • Rating: 3.12
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: October 25th 1989 by Harlequin Presents
  • Isbn10: 0373112297
  • Isbn13: 9780373112296

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The h quickly explains the event and the brother in law manages to recover, but the eyeballs of the H and h are doing lascivious things with each other, until the H takes himself off to his room and the h goes on with getting murdered. The h is mopey momenting when she gets a call from a radio host who was at the murder mystery weekend, he wants her to be on his show because genealogy is a very fashionable subject, but the h doesn't want to do it. By this time a month has past and the h is feeling a bit queasy in the mornings, she soon finds out she may be preggers and it becomes imperative that she find her mystery weekend lover to let him know. A few questions to her artist friend and she soon discovers that the radio host brought her H with him as a guest. The h sees the radio host's home address in the book and hopes to go there to convince him to help her out, she thinks it might be easier to explain away from his work and office. She doesn't expect anything from the H but she does want her baby to know his father, so she asks the H to keep in touch so the child can have a sense of who his parents are. The h is trying to figure out what happened to her ardent marriage proposal guy, but the H explains that he can't leave the house for some reason and that he was an abandoned baby, so he has no clue to his past and doesn't want to inflict his unknown heritage on anyone. Later that night she overhears the H and his foster brother, the radio host, discussing someone who seems to be after the H, but she can't make sense of it and goes back to bed. The h goes home the next day and then goes back to the H's house, (he only loans it out to his foster brother radio host,) to return his t-shirt and maybe change his mind about a relationship. The H scoffs at the idea because the police looked and couldn't find anything, which is why he was fostered with the radio host's family and not adopted, but the h is convinced she can use her genealogical skills and her lacemaking knowledge to find the H's parents. The H is convinced that she is trying to be cruel to be kind by pretending to be involved with another man, cause now the H is really into the h back, but the h has to explain her fear that they are siblings and we all take off to the h's dad's hometown to talk to one of his old school friend's, who might be able to shed some light on things. One day the lacemaker was at the bus stop with the H in a basket and some of her father's friends came by and recognized her. When she came back, the baby had been taken in and she soon found out he was being fostered by the radio host's family. The lacemaker figured the H was better off with a proper family and went home and took care of her father until he died, then she married, but she never had more children and she never stopped feeling horrible about leaving the H. The H, who has come after the h instead of going to the Middle East, cause he is really hoping she is right about the woman who birthed him, forgives his mother and the H and h can now lurve it up for the HEA, cause they aren't related after all.

"I love the cultural and intellectual stimulation of living in a city, but I also want the beauty and tranquility of the country where I can imagine my love stories and bring them to life on paper." Canberra has a thriving writing community and Valerie is well-known there, currently conducting writing courses and having lectured on romance writing at the University of Canberra and given workshops at the Canberra Writers' Center. With over 60 novels since 1982, and 25 million copies of her books sold internationally, including many Waldenbooks bestsellers, Valerie Parv is known as one of the Australias queens of romance and is recognized as their media spokesperson for all things romantic.