The Mystery of the Third Lucretia

The Mystery of the Third Lucretia

by Susan Runholt

If it hadn't been for Lucas's photographic memory, they might not have remembered the man.

It had been almost a year since she and Kari had noticed him copying the famous Rembrandt painting in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

A never-before-seen Rembrandt painting has been discovered in Amsterdam.

The mysterious man must've been working on a forgery!

  • Series: Kari + Lucas Mysteries
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery
  • Rating: 3.78
  • Pages: 278
  • Publish Date: April 17th 2008 by Viking Juvenile
  • Isbn10: 0670062529
  • Isbn13: 9780670062522

What People Think about "The Mystery of the Third Lucretia"

Then Kari tells us a story when she was in an art gallery last spring and summer with her mom and Lucas. Then Kari and Lucas saw a man with his easel. Then Karis mom came, they went to eat in their friends restaurant. The characters in these first fifteen chapters are Kari Sundgren, Lucas Stickney, Gallery Guy, Uncle Geoff, and Camellia. The second person point of view in these first fifteen chapters is We got up from where we were sitting and for the front steps (Susan 51). The Mystery of the Third Lucretia continues when Lucas went in the Rembrandt room with a tourist group, then she saw gallery guys drawing. When they arrived to the museum, the snake got out of the box and everyone was screaming and while this event happened Lucas was memorizing gallery guys drawing. The next day when they went to the museum a guard told Lucas and Kari that Bert, the guard that was standing in front of the Rembrandts room died. While they were in the plane Kari wrote a journal on Gallery Guy. When they arrived to Minnesota Uncle Geoff took them and they went in a coffee shop. Then Kari decided to tell her mother everything about Bert, Gallery Guy, and the Jaguar when they were alone in London. Then she said that Lucas and Kari will not go into danger places where problems will happen. The characters in these next fifteen chapters are Kari Sundgren, Lucas Stickney, Gallery Guy (Jacob Hanekroot), and Karis mom. The Mystery of the Third Lucretia continues when Kari and Lucas went to follow Jacob. In the restaurant Kari and Lucas talked, they said maybe they should show the police that house and maybe the hands he drew in the London museum are the hands in the third lucretia. When they got out of that dangerous place Karis mom saw them. Her mom asked a man who works in the hotel to go to there room every small amount of time to check up on Kari and Lucas. When Kari finished reading her magazine she went downstairs in the dinner place, she asked the waiter where was the table of her mom and Lucas. Then Kari said: She and Lucas had been kidnapped, Kidnapped by Jacob Hanekroot, the murderer. Than Kari ran to the quarter or the dangerous place and went next to Jacobs house, she saw her mother attached to a chair. Next to her was Jacob, than she went to Anneke and Katje and told them everything that happened and Lucas was lost. They started hitting Jacob while Kari went to save her mother. Karis mom was saved and the police came to take Jacob. The characters in these last twelve chapters are Kari Sundgren, Lucas Stickney, Gallery Guy (Jacob Hanekroot), Karis mom, Katje, and Anneke. The second person point of view in these last twelve chapters is You think hes going to start staring out the window right after he gets up to his room (Susan 201). It was gallery guy named Jacob Hanekroot the man who forged the Third Lucretia.

I really need to stop reading mediocre mysteries because I have to see what happens even if I don't really like the characters or the writing.

Do you like a good mystery, Esteemed Reader? And therefore you are going to love Susan Runholts Kari + Lucas Mysteries. I want to know what happens to Kari and Lucas and I want to see what Runholts going to do to top these first two wonderful books. If you havent read Runholts mysteries yet, get started now and we can wait for book three together. But more, I suspect the joy in writing a series is the same joy the reader has in getting to spend more time with the same characters and experiencing a story larger than one book can contain. I like both kinds of series, but my preference is for episodic tales so that if one book sucks (not the case here) it doesnt drag down the rest:) Regardless of the type of series, the pressure is on the writer to create fantastic characters. This is a pressure the writer always feels as weve got to create fictional people interesting and likeable enough that the reader wants to spend a whole book with them. In a series, the reader may be spending seven books or more with these characters. Kari and Lucas, two 14-year old girls from Minnesota, are definitely likeable enough for the reader to want to spend four books with them. Heck, Ill spend more books with Kari and Lucas if Runholt is up to it. More, Kari and Lucas have the sort of qualities that will make them compelling protagonists regardless of the mystery facing them. But in the very first book of the series, this essential character quality of Kari and Lucas is forever established throughout the series because it is essential to the plot (and the plot comes from character, so bonus). The girls are insufferably curious, which might just get them killed were there not a third book on the way:) In fact, most of Runholts world building in Mystery of the Third Lucretia is clearly being built to last. We know who the characters are and how it is they come to be able to travel overseas, so Runholt is able to start the adventure and keep it going to the last page.

The narrator was perfect and did an incredible job sounding just like a 14 year old girl. Either it didn't play a part in the story or it was just WAY too detailed and could have been toned down and summarized to make the point. A lot of the conclusions Kari and Lucas came to seemed way too overblown. And there is no God. Women's rights was a little too "hit-you-over-the-head" for my liking (though I agree).