Promises Keep

Promises Keep

by Sarah McCarty

She's successful right up until the notorious ex-marshal Cougar McKinnely comes into town.

By rights, Mara should be shaking in her shoes when he approaches her.

But when the powerful half-breed turns his dark gold eyes on her, it isn't fear that has Mara trembling, but rather an overwhelming desire to be the kind of woman Cougar needs to satisfy his deepest desires.

  • Series: Promises
  • Language: English
  • Category: Westerns
  • Rating: 4.00
  • Pages: 363
  • Publish Date: February 18th 2005 by Ellora's Cave
  • Isbn10: 1419951572
  • Isbn13: 9781419951572

What People Think about "Promises Keep"

Not only is the sex red, blue and blistering white hot in this western but theres even a multifaceted story to boot what more could a reader ask for?! Yes maybe a less nasty cover but this book brilliantly illustrates why you should never judge a book by its cover in the first place ;) Cougar, is the protector kind of hero but hes also like a little boy who fears being abandoned by someone he loves so hell stop at nothing to hold on to whats his. Some horrible things happen throughout the story all done to keep the reader on their toes. The opening scenes in this book are so well done that you cant even guess that theres a second story taking shape.

I mean, damn...some of the scenes in this book...well, let's just say that McCarty definitely knows how to write a super sizzling hot sex scene. But then I generally always recommend reading a series in order ;) Cougar McKinnely was introduced in the first book in the series and had been getting involved with a prissy young woman named Emily. As this book begins, we learn that Emily and Cougar had a fight one day when Cougar let her know what he wanted from her in bed. As time passes young Mara remembers little of what happened that night, only that she'd been raped and forced to kill the brothel owner. Then you learn that Mara doesn't remember Cougar's exact actions that night and all I could think was, oh great, now we get to read the rest of the book waiting for the big bomb to drop. As mentioned in the first part of this review, there's some seriously hot sex in this book. Some of those scenes will leave you squirming in your seat ;) Cougar is for the most part very patient with Mara sexually, helping her get past what happened. They weren't necessarily as prominent as they could have been...the sex does dominate the story a little bit...but they gave the book some depth and kept the story from being too light. There's also a bit of a gender battle where Cougar just wants to protect her and Mara wants to be an equal.

;) The "rape" thing was a little annoying and, quite frankly, didnt make sense to me. I mean, I dont see what Cougar did with Mara as "rape", because he didnt know she was drugged and unwilling.

Wow. I'm sort of shocked by how much people seem to have like this book. To be fair I didn't finish it but I did get 50% of the way through (Kindle reader) and wow - the "hero" in this book was infuriating! I felt like I would like him because he seemed like a semi-good guy in the previous books but no. Basically, he forces the heroine of the book to marry him because she needs protection and her reputation is ruined because she was raped in a whore house -- she was drugged at the time and, oh yeah, the rapist was the hero! Anyway, hero-man doesn't tell her that he raped her (which is kind of understandable and normal in these sorts of books).

However, it might be worth buying for those who want a lot of erotic sex. Cougar is a softy around Mara. The owner of the bordello convinces Cougar that she has the perfect girl for him, and he pays for a night with Mara. As Mara comes out of the drug, she wants to escape, and Cougar helps her. Total number of sex scene pages: 116.

Again, loved this Sarah McCarty book. Loved getting to see Elizabeth and Asa from book #1. Loved the candid conversations between cousins Cougar & Clint :) Promises Linger, the first book of Sarah McCarty's Promises series, was so incredibly good, I was really looking forward to reading Promises Keep.

I felt the chemistry between them and their sex scenes, again, were smokin.

When Cougar and Mara meet for the first time, it's quite a disturbing situation.

Reviewed for THC Reviews Promises Linger, the first book of Sarah McCarty's Promises series, was so incredibly good, I was really looking forward to reading Promises Keep. That customer happens to be Cougar, the hero of the story. Little does she know that Cougar made a vow that he would take her out of there when he left, and he does eventually make good on that promise, helping her to escape, but not before they kill the madame and her henchman in self-defense. Unfortunately, the rumors of a prostitute escaping the Pleasure Emporium in the next town follow Mara to her new home, leaving everyone speculating that she's an ex-whore. Because of this, I thought he was going to be a hero similar to Asa (Promises Linger), an alpha with a sweet side. I guess he had his moments, but in general once he married Mara, it seemed like he changed into one of those clueless uber-alphas, which is not really my favorite kind of hero. I really felt that if Cougar truly loved Mara, he should have read the woman the riot act and sent her packing, but instead he acted pretty passively in both situations, which seemed out of character for an otherwise very forceful alpha male. However, as I said, he had his moments (I really liked the way he always called Mara Angel) and he could be an intensely seductive lover, so in general, I liked him alright even though a man like him would never truly be my cup of tea. Many times, I wished that the author had deepened the characterizations, particularly Cougar's and Mara's. In Promises Linger, it was obvious to me that for whatever reason Cougar had latched onto a woman who was a poor match for him and who treated him pretty badly. I thought these vulnerabilities were very intriguing, but after he meets Mara, it's like Cougar is a completely new man and all these old issues are completely swept under the rug. Even though Mara didn't remember that Cougar was the man who raped her, she did still have to overcome her fear of men in general, which was pretty much the only conflict for quite a while, but when she finally finds out the truth, it was a revelation that basically fizzled. Toward the end, the author set up a brand new conflict centering around women's rights when a suffragette comes to town. He seems like a really nice guy, and he becomes the hero of book #4, Promises Reveal. As I said before, for what it is Promises Keep is decent story, so I'll definitely be looking to continue with Clint's book soon, while hoping that he's not quite as pig-headed as Cougar, and that the story is a little better constructed.

Cougar, not getting that her weird responses and her spacey eyes mean shes under the influence of a drug laudanum doesnt need much encouragement to have his way with her. Since Cougar promised her hed make up for what he did by protecting her, hes kind of stalking her, threatening men to leave her alone (they hear rumours about her and want to see if shes easy), and is putting the moves on her himself. (The now dead owner of the brothel must have not been too terrified of the large piece of land-owning ex-marshals name as after hearing it she decided he was the one to initiate Mara into being a whore. He then leaves her for a week, and if he comes back after that week and shes set on actually making their marriage work (get over her rape and let him have her in every way, charming again), she only has to indicate so. After two weeks pass and Cougar doesnt come back, Mara makes her way to him and finds him in bed with his non-housekeeper whore giving him head. Cougar, wanting to claim her in every way possible either way, thought it best not to take her in the regular place first because hes afraid it might make her remember it was him who raped her, so anal sex it is. (I really long for a book that doesnt have this part, as its getting too dang repetitive in these kind of works.) The same evening they have the regular kind of sex, too, and though it started with her being scared, everything worked out fine, as she didnt remember anything about the rape. Later, after a random fight in town where Mara sees Cougar use his knife in the same way he used it on the bouncer at the brothel, she suddenly gets that he likely raped her. Mara came to the house with the intention of tying him up and raping him herself, as she figured out he ran away from her because he didnt want her to get pregnant and die.

Sarah writes what she loves to read; fast paced stories with vivid dialogue, intense emotion and well developed characters.