Destination: Universe!

Destination: Universe!

by A.E. van Vogt

Collection of short stories. First published in 1952. It contains the following stories:Far centaurus (1944) The Monster (1948) Dormant (1948) The Enchanted Village (1950) A Can of Paint (1944) Defence (1947) The Rulers (1944) Dear Pen Pal (1949) The Sound (1950) The Search (1943)

  • Language: English
  • Category: Science Fiction
  • Rating: 3.86
  • Pages: 160
  • Publish Date: November 1970 by Berkley
  • Isbn10: 0425019128
  • Isbn13: 9780425019122

What People Think about "Destination: Universe!"

The first half of this story was really amazing and would have gotten 5 stars as the atmosphere created by Van Vogt of the 500 year journey to Alpha Centauri was superb. The end of the story was a little weaker but still good enough to get 4 stars overall.

In his brief (one page) introduction to this volume, Van Vogt states: Science fiction, as I personally try to write it. Far Centaurus - 4/5 Astounding Science Fiction - January 1944. 4 out of 5 The Monster - 4/5 Astounding Science Fiction - August 1948. 3 out of 5 The Enchanted Village - 4/5 Other Worlds Science Stories - July 1950. Of course, it is set up to sustain martian life, so some adjustments will need to be made 4 out of 5 A Can Of Paint - 2/5 Astounding Science Fiction - September 1944. 2 out of 5 The Rulers - 2/5 Astounding Science Fiction - March 1944. Science, the plump man was saying, has made such strides since the war that its already possible to foresee a time when everything we do, or use in any way, will be either completely artificial, artificially enhanced, supernatural, or better than the original. 3 out of 5 The Sound - 4/5 Astounding Science Fiction - February 1950. 4 out of 5 The Search - 4/5 Astounding Science Fiction - January 1943. Mind you - the admission came almost reluctantly - theyve got some wonderful things.

A succinct introduction penned by A.E van Vogt himself, heralding Science Fiction as the platform upon which the future is built as well as the means by which we can break free from the constraints of modern society. An inspiring commentary that pushes you firmly into the first story Far Centaurus (1944) 4/5 A team of astronauts set out to be the first to travel to Alpha Centauri but, upon arriving, discover that others had made it there first. Far Centaurus is a great introduction to the work of Vogt The Monster (1948) 3/5 An alien race descends on a planet only to discover that the beings that once lived there have been destroyed. Dormant (1948) 3/5 Military forces come across a mysterious object during a mission on a remote island and decide to take a closer look. A fun story in a mysterious location with a twist ending that I should have seen coming. This is my favourite entry in the anthology, with lots of fun to be had in discovering the past, and the future, with Vogts salesman.

Booking asigurat pe orice planet de cinci stele, parcurgerea unor trasee galactice spectaculoase, organizri de evenimente cosmice, întâlniri cu figurile ilustre ale sistemelor solare pe care le vom vizita Prin ceea ce ofer, agenia de cltorii van Vogt are abilitatea de a-i consuma literalmente tot concediul Iar pentru prezentarea de astzi, din mulimea de variante puse la dispoziia cititorului, am ales Destinaia Univers, însoit de referine pentru toate escalele prevzute în ghidul lui Alfred. Doar c srmanul n-apuc s teraformeze, pentru c Marte îl marteformeaz pe el mai întâi Nota 9,5 Cutia cu vopsea Pe Venus toat povestea, în care un om, având un intelect limitat, încearc s treac de un test dat de venusieni. Din fericire pentru el, nici pe venusieni nu prea îi d inteligena afar din cas Nota 8,3 Defensiva Pe Lun toat povestea, în care oamenii care vin s o viziteze sunt toni iar Luna, dup ce c e la fel de toant, mai e i rzbuntoare Nota 7,7 Conductorii i uite c ne-am întors pe Pmânt, unde ce-am putea oare s gsim, dup aa o cltorie cosmic?

I do miss the balls-out sci fi of the golden age. I guess I should appreciate that it's OK for me to be utile in this day and age. Although it did bring up the memory of the head ref mansplaining to me the rules of backstroke turns when I was stroke judging summer league.

It's like he's gone through a history book, changed all the names to something spacy-sounding and added a nought to the end of the dates.

van Vogt was born to Russian Mennonite family.