The Twig Trilogy (Edge Chronicles #4-6): Includes Beyond the Deepwoods, Stormchaser & Midnight Over Sanctaphrax

The Twig Trilogy (Edge Chronicles #4-6): Includes Beyond the Deepwoods, Stormchaser & Midnight Over Sanctaphrax

by Paul Stewart

A fantastic hardcover edition of the Twig trilogy of THE EDGE CHRONICLES, bringing together Beyond the Deepwoods; Stormchaser; and Midnight Over Sanctaphrax.Beyond the Deepwoods is the first title in the Twig trilogy and tells the story of young Twigs quest to discover his roots, not among the trees in Deepwoods, but high in the skies.Stormchaser is the second title in the Twig trilogy and follows Twig who is now a crew-member on his fathers sky pirate ship, Stormchaser.

But a much higher destiny awaits him.In Midnight Over Sanctaphrax, the third title in the trilogy, Twig, now a sky pirate captain, is the only one who can save the Edgelands from disaster.

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I picked up these books because they were in the children's fantasy section of the library and looked like a fun, easy read. This trilogy is supposed to be for KIDS...and yet it's one of the most grotesque, horrifying, trippy, violent, tragic, and downright effed up things I've ever read. All beautifully described and illustrated, all charmingly situated within the confines of a cruel, schizophrenic, polluted world that doesn't give a shit. I have this expectation, when I read books, that if a protagonist goes through hell and back, s/he deserves a happy ending. The Edge Chronicles denied me the fulfillment of that expectation. The world he inhabits is so schizophrenic, so unreliable, that he's like a tiny ship cast about in a maelstrom, with no hope of ever finding his way to shore. Reading a story like that is disorienting, maddening, and alienating. Although The Edge is populated by sentient beings, their societies don't follow the laws of our world. The Edge Chronicles follow the laws of nature at its most basic.

This set includes three of the books in the Edge Chronicles.

I would be lying if I said I was an 'old school' Edge chronicles fan, nor if I said I only discovered them recently... (scroll down to read the review, some spoliers) On the 15th April 2002, (my 8th Birthday) I was given my very first 'proper' book novel. Infact, It wasn't until I turned 12 that I read my own full book. There is nothing worse than reading a book with you don't like or understand; that's not the idea of reading for pleasure and discovering yourself as a reader. As I grew up, the book didn't remain in the drawer. I was 16 when I started getting into reading for pleasure. Accept perhaps the imprinted image of the Chris Riddells illusrtation. So I headed to my favorite charity book shop to find something I'd enjoy. the Edge Chronicles: Beyond the Deepwoods. let's finish what I didn't start, let's face my fears and read the book. Edge Chronicles: Beyond the Deepwoods is the first chapter to the Twig Trilogy. And I bought this trilogy after I had enjoyed the first book so much. The ability to write a book which can be read on its own as a stand alone adventure, without the need to read the others AND to create an evolving and expansive world with greater story's in a timeline.

Sorry, I really didn't mean to pit the Edge Chronicle series and Harry Potter books against each other, can we please blame the wee little me? What I mean to say is that the Edge Chronicles was the first series, besides Tolkien's work, that introduced me to a world of magic and adventure. In fact the reason why I love this series so much is because the writing is almost a reminiscent of Tolkien's books (as much as my childhood can recall). If you want to feel like a kid again and go on sky pirating adventure, I would definitely recommend this book.

Twig is a young boy- who barely fits in anywhere. Find out in The Twig trilogy- a captivating and compelling book.

I don't want to give any spoilers, but this book's world-building is the best I've seen yet.

Paul Stewart is a highly regarded author of books for young readers from picture books to football stories, fantasy and horror.