All of the Above

All of the Above

by Shelley Pearsall

Based on a true story, All of the Above is the delightful and suspenseful story of four inner city students and their quest to build the world's largest tetrahedron. Weaving together the different personal stories of the kids, their teacher, and the community that surrounds them, award-winning author Shelley Pearsall has written a vividly engaging story about the math, life and good-tasting barbecue. Filled with unexpected humor, poignant characters and quiet brilliance, All of the Above is a surprising gem.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Young Adult
  • Rating: 3.77
  • Pages: 256
  • Publish Date: December 21st 2008 by Little, Brown Young Readers
  • Isbn10: 031611524X
  • Isbn13: 9780316115247

What People Think about "All of the Above"

Shelley Pearsall's book "All of the Above" is an encouraging story of four inner-city Cleveland, Ohio kids, Sharice, James III, Rhondell, and Marcel, and their math teacher Mr. Collins. After getting extremely far on the pyramid, James's attitude changes toward the project after he elects himself president after Marcel, the old president has to leave early everyday due to his job at Willy Q's. My favorite part of the book is when Aunt Asia, Rhondell's aunt becomes Sharice's new foster mom. I had always liked Aunt Asia's character because she is very outgoing which reminds me of myself!

All of the Above retells an historic record set by the students of Alexander Hamilton School, an urban middle school in Cleveland Ohio. A math teacher, disappointed by his students failing grades and apparent lack of interest in the class, challenges his students to break a record set in California for a record-breaking tetrahedron (comprised of tetrahedrons, pyramids made of four equilateral triangles).

All of the Above is a book that consists of four kids, James, Sharice, Rhondell, and Marcel that attempt to build the worlds largest tetrahedron. I would also recommend this book to anyone who likes characters with a backstory because the backstories were my personal favorite part of the book!

This book is based on a true story about four kids living in the inner city.

"All of the Above" by Shelley Pearsall is based on a true story of a middle school breaking a world record-the largest tetrahedron. Each of the students (James, Sharice, Rhondell, Marcel) join a club organized by their teacher Mr. Collins, to build the largest tetrahedron. My favorite part of this book was when James sees his name in the paper for his work on the pyramid. I noticed symbolism also in the way Pearsall ended the book for the children, we never found out if Rhondell made it to college, if Marcel became a movie star, if Sharice was adopted or ended up living with Asia, and if James ever resolved any conflicts with his brother and uncle.

That is when the "The Rainbow Connection" has begun, but the team members, James Harris III, Rhondell, Sharice, Marccel, and Mr. Collins, don't know that yet. The team starts off as four members trying to make the tetrahedrons with no clue on how to make them and one grumpy kid who wants nothing to do with it. My favorite part of this book is when Aunt Asia takes Sharice into her care. When I am older, I want to be the same way Aunt Asia is.

The four kids names are Rhondell, Sharice, Marcel, and James Harrris III. When the school's math teacher, named Mr. Collins has a project idea of building the world's largest tetrahedron, after he feels that his students aren't appreciating his class, he gets two girls named Rhondell and Sharice to join the club. On the first day, Marcel is named club president. All four kids and Mr. Collins are devastated and the math club breaks up.

All of the Above by Shelley Pearsall is a story about four 7th grade students (James Harris III, Sharice, Rhondell, and Marcel) who attend Washington Middle School in Cleveland, Ohio. My favorite part of the story was when Aunt Asia (Rhondell's Aunt) adopted Sharice. In addition, both Sharice and Aunt Asia had more outgoing and bubbly personalities, which I can relate to, so it made the story even more enjoyable to read about.

This book is about a team of inner-city school kids named James Harris III,Marcel,Sharice,and Rhondell trying to break a world record in math. I liked and disliked this book. I would give it to anyone who like triumphant stories about people who no one believed in.

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