Night Game

Night Game

by Christine Feehan

But can two people haunted by violent betrayals trust the passion that soon ignites between them?

  • Series: GhostWalkers
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 4.32
  • Pages: 496
  • Publish Date: November 1st 2005 by Jove
  • Isbn10: 0515139769
  • Isbn13: 9780515139761

What People Think about "Night Game"

Whitney didnt defeat me, Raoul. Hot damn I just fell for a sexy Cajun Charmer! I loved everything about this book! What this book is about Raoul (Gator) Fontenot is back home in the bayou to investigate the disappearance of a local woman Joy, and to look for Iris (Flame) Johnson (another Ghostwalker) and bring her back to Lily. Gator finds Flame but she has no intention of going to Lily who she feels betrayed her when they were children. Can Gator get Flame to trust him and Lily and bring her home or will he start to believe that maybe Dr. Peter Whitney is still alive after all? Rauol (Gator): I love how hot and wet you are for me and how when I touch you, and Im deep inside you, all your muscles clamp down on me as if youre holding me inside you and dont want to let me go. OMG I am so in love with Gator. He is so damn sexy, so playful and funny. "Did I tell you I love your mouth? Ive never loved anyone, Raoul and Im not very good at it. Damn I love Flame. Even with all her trust issues and her fear of being hurt she is good to Gator and slowly lets him in. She truly has a big heart and wants what every woman wants a family and love. She is a grudge holder and in a way I can understand, but I did wanna tell her to just get over it when it came to Lily and Gator. When she told Gator's Nonny that she was pregnant and that he wouldn't take care of it, to get back at him, I about fell over laughin. It didnt do a damn thing but give him satisfaction when he found out. First of all, Im the man and I do man things, like take care of my woman in a bad situation.Youre the man? Gator and Flame together are hilarious. Two people with hot tempers and a massive undercurrent of sexual tension. Gator is a kinky bad boy. I love Nonny. My heart bled for Gator and Flame. I am on to the next book below I leave one of my favorite moments from this book: Did Gator take care of you, cher? Flame blushed, uncertain what Raouls grandmother was asking. It didnt help that Raoul pressed against her back, his breath warm on the nape of her neck, both hands cupping her bottom right through her tight jeans. She smiled at Nonny and slapped at Gators hands behind her back. He had a fixation with her butt and she was going to have to do something mean right there in his grandmothers home if he didnt stop.

Who doesn't love Gator? Gator definitely meets his match in sassy and lethal Iris aka Flame Johnson. She really doesn't have time for an affair with sexy Bayou boy, Gator, but he makes it hard to say no. Gator and Flame are perfect for each other. And he knows Flame is all his. When he has to make a choice for her health, he's knows that it could damage their relationship, but he'd rather be in a world with Flame alive, even if they aren't together. Also great to see Nonny in this book and how much she bonds with Flame. The elements of family, both blood and by choice make these book shine, and make me wish I was a GhostWalker (yeah, I know that's crazy, but I kinda do). Although I loved the first two books, Night Game definitely moves faster, and the chemistry between Gator and Flame keeps the story flying. As I loved it the first time, the banter is just wonderful. And I love that Flame is in the thick of it. I loved how Flame totally fit into his family like a missing puzzle piece. Loved how Gator wanted to take care of Flame, but also respected that she was a tough woman and could take care of herself. She was an incredibly strong woman, and I loved that Gator got that and never tried to change her or mold her.

While I did not LOVE Gator or Flame I liked their chemistry and the story was good.

The ending of this book wasn't your typical HEA and I was a little "uncomfortable" with the last chapter (for personal reasons), but it was very fitting. The GhostWalkers series keeps going strong and I'll glady pick the next book up to read soon.

Whitney (the evil rat bastard hehe) bought Flame from an orphanage and kept her hidden away with other girls for his genetic experimentations. One moment theyre having a conversation that leaves a smirking smile on your face and the next moment the lustful hello there grabs you. And for the record, have you ever referred to me as a rat bastard? Yes, several times, but in a different way. Youre just a plain old garden variety man-type rat bastard. Flame and Gator find themselves working together, although not entirely happily, to find Joy. She disappeared and though the police seem to have closed the issue and claimed that she must have run off, Flame is sure she is nearby and in danger. I refuse to be one of those people who writes reviews that give the book away. This book can be read stand alone but I strong advise against it. This is the third book of the Ghostwalker / Game series. Just purchase Shadow Game and start there Strong sexual content (yay!) although not the main focus of this book. This book has a lot of different factors in it that somewhat jerk your emotions around. Line of the book: Control.

This is the third book in the Ghostwalker Series. As in many series I've read, I keep waiting for the book that is just ok. You know the one I'm speaking of...the book that is pretty good but not as good as the others, but you read it anyway and like it ok because it's part of the series. I loved this third book as well as the first two and I loved this Ghostwalker, Mr. Raoul "Gator" Fontenot and his feisty warrior woman, Iris Flame Johnson. Wild, fiercely loyal, protective and proud, Gator is part of the magnificent Ghostwalkers team; A select group of men who have been extensively trained in warfare and who also became the product of the evil Dr. Peter Whitneys experiments. Gator Fontenot is double-dosed sexy along with an adoring sense of humor that will leave you breathless:) He is the kind of hero I adore and if I had a complaint with this book it would be I wished it were longer. I was consumed with the sensual longings and desires that nearly burnt the pages and then later in the story the hot, steamy love scenes. And Flame with her trust issues desperately fights her feelings for Gator. Tall, muscled and hard all over, scorched by his touch and the longings of her heart, desire consumes and a love is born. I am seduced by each page, totally involved and engaged in the story, invested in the lives of each Ghostwalker and once again finding myself devouring this book like an addict! And finally, I am deeply possessed with my desire to read the next book in this series. I loved everything about this book with my only complaint at the end, wishing it could have been longer. Flame lifted her mouth to his, the slow burn igniting instantly when her lips touched his.

It is not only because the story is very interesting or the action so gripping but because I have found my perfect fictional man! I have liked many other characters before, starting with BDB Wraith and Z or all three brothers from Demonica, let me tell you all of those great man have absolutely nothing on Raoul Fontenot. Night Game is a third book in the Ghost Walkers series and by far the best. I love many things about this story, from beautiful settings of the Bayou, hilarious humor to two possibly best characters in the whole paranormal genre I have encountered so far. The best thing about their relationship, well except from their banter, is that it's equal, Gator is an alpha man but he knows he can't dominate and control Flame.

This book was perfect for him, Feehan stuck so true to his character. I felt so bad for Lily through out this book, she got a raw deal, well they all did but she was raised thinking Whitney was her real father, having no clue of the horrible truth.

I was right there with Gator, torn between just rolling my eyes and chalking her up to a paranoid conspiracy theorist and getting that tingly feeling on the back of my neck that made me think "wait, what if she's right?!" The action scenes were great, with a fantastic sub-plot that had the most satisfactory conclusion, and the romance was just as intense and scorching as we've come to expect from this series. There was even just the right amount of kink thrown in to keep it from being too formulaic, since the previous books in the series have all had similar intensity to their romance -- which of course is why we read them ;) But the ending. I don't want to say any more because it really will spoil things, but their HEA just left me feeling hollow, unlike the previous books in the series.

Some of Feehan's Dark series books seem to be sex scene after sex scene and it gets old, to be honest. The reason I didn't love this likely has to do with my mindset at the moment.

Her debut novel Dark Prince received 3 of the 9 Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature (PEARL) in 1999. She also has earned 7 more PEARL awards since Dark Prince.