by Randy Alcorn

What is Heaven really going to be like?

Won't Heaven get boring after a while?We all have questions about what Heaven will be like, and after 25 years of extensive research, Dr. Randy Alcorn has the answers.In the most comprehensive and definitive book on Heaven to date, Randy invites you to picture Heaven the way Scripture describes it-- a bright, vibrant, and physical New Earth, free from sin, suffering, and death, and brimming with Christ's presence, wondrous natural beauty, and the richness of human culture as God intended it.

Now, Randy Alcorn brings eternity to light in a way that will surprise you, spark your imagination, and change how you live life today.

If you've always thought of Heaven as a realm of disembodied spirits, clouds, and eternal harp strumming, you're in for a wonderful surprise.

And the next time you hear someone say, "We cant begin to imagine what Heaven will be like," you'll be able to tell them, "I can."

  • Language: English
  • Category: Christian
  • Rating: 4.27
  • Pages: 533
  • Publish Date: October 1st 2004 by Tyndale Momentum
  • Isbn10: 0842379428
  • Isbn13: 9780842379427

What People Think about "Heaven"

The biblical doctrine of Heaven (the New Earth) is very under-taught, under-preached, and under-grasped by modern western Christianity but is a treasure chest full of un-ending gold for the soul.

Alcorn begins by assuming that the New Jerusalem of Revelation and the New Heavens/New Earth of Isaiah describe the final state of heaven and then deduces virtually everything about heaven from those axioms. Though Alcorn cites the latter chapters of Isaiah to prove the final state of heaven over fifty times, he avoids this verse, except for one parenthetical dismissal of it (323). In the same way, if Isaiah wasnt speaking of the final state, then, we shouldnt assume that John was speaking of heaven when he invoked Isaiahs language at the end of Revelation. If this were the final state of heaven, how could there be any fear that sin and abominations could enter it? I believe we will do all those things in heaven in true bodies, and, like Alcorn, I believe the final state of heaven will be on a restored earth. And when Christ and the Spirit have created that kind of just church community pictured in Isaiah, then we will face the final judgment, when that church that has followed the OT and Jesus path in caring for the weak and marginal will enter into greater glory (Matthew 25:31ff), the final state. And, as expected, Alcorn has to warn us against works: Those who assume their religious activities alone will get them into Heaven will have a terrible surprise ahead (36) as if the promoters of cheap grace wont be even more shocked.

This is unquestionably the best book (other than the Bible, of course!) that Ive ever read! I was particularly enlightened by the explanation that Gods plan for redemption includes not just the souls of men, but the whole of creation.

Believers in the literal inerrancy of the Bible may even have trouble which some of his convoluted logic, but most of it is so buttressed with footnotes (see above) and Biblical citations that the average reader will not bother. If you read the Bible every morning, I suggest putting Heaven on your night stand.

I will say that the first several hundred pages are devoted to the actual theology of Heaven and Alcorn does a great job of documenting his claims Biblically, and I enjoyed this part very much.

Our lives on Earth are a training camp to ready us for Heaven." and "Science fiction is the result of mankinds God-given sense of adventure, wonder, creativity, and imagination. Like everything else undertaken by sinful humans, science fiction is often riddled with false philosophies and assumptions that glorify mankind and ignore God. But this shouldnt cause us to dismiss its glimpses of what an infinitely creative God might fashion across the broad expanse of the new heavens and the New Earth.

This helped me see that we will continue to learn in heaven, and the things that I learn here and the skills that I develop here, I'll take with me in heaven....so it adds eternal purpose to what I do now.

Randy Alcorn is the founder of Eternal Perspective Ministries (EPM), a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching biblical truth and drawing attention to the needy and how to help them. "I do that by trying to analyze, teach and apply the implications of Christian truth." Before starting EPM in 1990, Alcorn co-pastored for thirteen years Good Shepherd Community Church outside Gresham, Oregon.