Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

by Dyan Sheldon

The #1 New York Times bestseller--and basis for the 2004 film from Touchstone Pictures starring Lindsay Lohan--is now reissued with a striking new cover.

What People Think about "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen"

This book was outrageously funny!

This book was nice, as annoyed as I was getting with how dramatic Lola is, even in her narration.

Oh WOW, Lola is a REAL drama queen. While Lola being dramatic, Carla Santini (the antagonist in the story) is the popular kind of girl. Carla with no effort got the ticket to the concert, and the invitation to the party. Being a drama queen, Lola can't stop herself to tell people (in front of Carla, of course) that she was also got the ticket, and would attend the party as well. There's nothing I can actually learn from the book, there's nothing that I really really like about the story, but still, I read it and finish it.

Meh. I picked this up for .10 at a yard sale, otherwise I probably never would have read it.

I understand that writing a book allows more freedom and less restrictions than say that of a full length movie production and I will be curled up in front of the fire tonight reading this wonderful wonderful story. I do believe I will fall more in love with the novel than the film (if at all possible!) And would like to thank Dyan personally!

According to Lola, "living in the suburbs is like being dead, only with cable TV and pizza delivery." The worst part is that someone has already snagged the coveted Drama Queen of Suburbia title--and that someone is Carla Santini. The two girls will do anything to go to this concert/party--including sneak out against their parents wishes, steal, lie, and walk around New York in the middle of the night with a drunk rock star.The entire quest to meet them dragged on throughout the whole book. There were other, smaller parts of the story such as Mary/Lola's battle against Carla Santini, that was interesting and also the whole Pygmalion play was amusing enough but mainly it was just a bunch of 16-year old girls falling all over some weird goth rock band.

Lola was a huge challenge for me as a character in both the book and the movie. I also remember reading this and not really enjoying Sheldon's prose, which likely added to this. The fair thing to do would probably be to re-read and reconsider this novel.

I wanted to read this as an easy, light hearted read after I finished a serious book previously. It has made me want to read the sequel one day when I need another quick and happy read.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is one of my co-bloggers favorite books, and even though Ive already seen the movie with Lindsay Lohan, I decided to take a look at the source material, especially because Ella said the ending would be different from the film. She also believes that everybody in Dellwood/Deadwood is dull and not able to understand art in the same way she does, and in general, her life is totally ruined because she had to move to New Jersey instead of staying in New York, where real people with real feelings live. I dont think Lola will ever understand why lying is bad, but her love for her friend is strong enough to at least try. THE QUEEN OF HIGH SCHOOL An over-the-top protagonist like Lola needs an over-the-top villain if there is to be any acceptable conflict, and Carla Santini definitely qualifies. The biggest low point at the end of the book results from Carla telling a blatant lie and tearing down Lolas defenses in one fell swoop in the process. Carla lies to make other people look worse. And while lying in general is not something that will ever make a sympathetic character, as a reader it is painful to see the consequences of Carlas lies basically ruin the lives of the people she is lying about. There is a sequel to the book, of course, but even without the sequel, this ending feels good in its complexity. Its not too much of a spoiler to tell you that Lola gets what she wants at the end but that she also doesnt. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is a character-driven, extremely enjoyable book with characters that you either love (Ella), hate (Carla), or just dont quite know how to feel about (Lola).