The Warlord's Son

The Warlord's Son

by Dan Fesperman

In a riveting tale of intrigue and betrayal, a journalist and his aide infiltrate Afghanistan on the eve of the American invasion.

Najeeb, his translator and guide, is an educated young man from the Pakistani-Afghani border with a secret past, a history with the Pakistani secret police, and his own motives for this risky adventure.Together they join a Warlords caravan as he seeks to start an uprising that will liberate the country from the Taliban.Along the way, they stumble onto what they think might just be the story of a lifetime.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Fiction
  • Rating: 3.85
  • Pages: 336
  • Publish Date: September 20th 2005 by Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
  • Isbn10: 140003048X
  • Isbn13: 9781400030484

What People Think about "The Warlord's Son"

The three main characters are Najeeb Azam, a Pakistani educated in the United States who has been banned from his tribe by his father. The Pakistani ISI (Interservices Intelligence) that helped create the Taliban is deeply involved in Najeebs life, as are two Americans who seem to be working with the ISI, but it is not really clear what they are up to until the novels conclusion. Skelly was part of a wave of American journalists who descended on Pakistan and Afghanistan after 9/11 as the war between the United States and the Taliban exploded. The author is dead on when he points out that the ISIs main security concern is India, and that the Taliban is a tool in that strategy no matter how close or how much aid it receives from the United States. Because of his relationship with Skelly, and the reporters obsession to uncover a major newspaper story, Najeeb will revisit his childhood haunts as he deals with the machinations of the ISI, his father, his uncle, and other warlords as he tries to survive. Najeeb joins Skelly on a caravan into Afghanistan as the American reporter tries to land one last scoop to satisfy the journalistic blood that pulses in his veins.

And women?

(3.5 stars) Very entertaining adventure drama set in a pulsating time and place, the tribal border between Pakistan and Afganistan shortly after 9/11. The setting is probably the best part of the novel and Fespermans background as a journalist really shines through here.

An author who has first hand experience with working in war zones.

The "Warlord's Son" is a riveting and compelling fiction about the experiences of a war correspondent on his last mission in Afghanistan. The circumstances surrounding Najeed, son of a wealthy warlord and Daliya have left them estranged from their families. After crossing the border, Skelly and Najeed face one challenge after another as they bribe and con their way through one warlords' territory after another.

What better place to gain that excitement then Afghanistan, especially traveling along side a warlord. Dan Fesperman painted an amazing vivid picture of the story he was telling in The Warlords Son. It was like I could feel the heat from the blasts of the cocktails being thrown as well as the dust and dirt. He wasnt one to just get the story from the side lines but wanted to experience the action for himself. Though I did like this book, there were some important secondary characters, whose stories were being told as well.

The author, Dan Fesperman, is a reporter who has been a foreign correspondent in countries at war. So I can't vouch for Fesperman's accuracy in portraying the life of a foreign correspondent, but since he has been there, I suspect it's pretty close.

Likes: --The grungy, grimy, dirty, cramped atmosphere of Peshawar (whether it's really like that or embellished for effect) definitely comes through on the page. I would highly recommend it for anyone, especially readers who like suspense novels and political thrillers.