Sir Thursday

Sir Thursday

by Garth Nix

The stellar fourth book in Garth Nix's masterpiece series...

On the fourth day there was war...

Following their adventures in the Border Sea, Arthur and Leaf head for home.

But only Leaf gets through the Front Door.

What People Think about "Sir Thursday"

It was discovered that the more magic Arthur uses, the more he becomes a Denizen and thus, less human. the average Denizen is much more attractive than the average human, height also denotes your social status/importance to the House. And tbh, the Realm of the House (i.e. how things work, what you can do) sounds much more appealing to me than our world. Perhaps given the (non)choice of using magic for a realm I got pretty much yanked into without my say-so until I can't go back into my own world, let alone my beloved room, most probably would also have me stamping my foot in a "this is SO totally unfair!" whinge. (Ah, sucky that my care factor was like 0.5) Suzy is easily my favourite character in the series...

Things start to get pretty crazy after this. I feel like things are starting to become a bit more serious with Arthur being the Master of multiple realms. I'm starting to be nervous for my boy, (view spoiler) Dane Primus doesn't seem to care he's a mortal and I think she's only going to become more adamant that Arthur become a denizen.

Inhalt: Schock für Arthur: Während er den dritten Teil des Vermächtnisses und den dritten Schlüssel an sich gebracht hat, haben die Morgigen Tage einen Geistfresser und Arthurs Doppelgänger namens Skelettjunge in seiner Welt eingeschleust, wo dieser eine neue Seuche verbreitet und Arthurs Familie und Freunde bedroht. Sowohl dieser Mechanismus als auch das Große Labyrinth dienen allein dem Zweck, die Armeen des Hauses auf den Kampf gegen die Nichtlinge vorzubereiten. Und schon wieder muss Arthur Penhaligon, ein Siebtklässler von der Erde, als Rechtmäßiger Erbe der Architektin des Hauses eine Domäne retten. Und auch auf der Erde geht es wieder dramatisch zu: Da Arthur nicht nach Hause kann, ist es an Blatt, Arthurs Doppelgänger aufzuhalten, bevor er sich eine Armee erschafft, die er mithilfe seiner Pilze infizieren und kontrollieren kann. Er war derjenige, der Susi Türkisblau und die anderen Pfeiferkinder von der Erde in das Haus gebracht hat, und wurde dementsprechend schon ein paarmal erwähnt, taucht aber jetzt zum ersten Mal auf.

At the same time his companions both from his own world and the Kingdom are getting storylines of their own, I especially enjoyed seeing more of Leaf.

Not long into said meeting, his earthly friend Leaf is sent back home to try to deal with the troubles at hand there, and Arthur, upon finishing his orange juice, comes to find himself drafted into Sir Thursday's army. The army attacking the house is like none ever witnessed before, and the battles are being won mostly due to the fact that Tectonic Strategy moves portions of the enemy far away every sundown, splitting its forces. Arthur finds himself not only face-to-face with Sir Thursday, but promoted to his Second Lieutenant for the special mission he's taking on to destroy the spike which has defeated his maze. And Arthur is beginning to realize that his hope of remaining human will not last--the Morrow Days will not rest, and without using the Keys' powers he cannot defeat them. As this battle has wound its way into Friday, on his world, there is likely to be no rest between missions yet again.

Once again Arthur Penhaligan is wrapped up in the difficulties with the house and wresting the keys from the bad trustees. So now we have Arthur struggling to fight the nithling army, worrying about his family and trying to wrest the key from Sir Thursday as well as finding the fourth portion of the Will.

I personally think that this book has the strongest plot of any of the books so far in the series, mostly because its the first book that follows a character other than Arthur for a significant portion of time. There was a very interesting thing that happened in the plot of this book that I wish had been explored further, but other than that I really enjoyed re-reading this.

Garth left Melbourne at an early age for Canberra (the federal capital) and stayed there till he was nineteen, when he left to drive around the UK in a beat-up Austin with a boot full of books and a Silver-Reed typewriter.