Calico Palace

Calico Palace

by Gwen Bristow

This thrilling story of the California gold rush is not about the forty-niners, the prospectors who came rushing to the San Francisco area in 1849, but about the men and women who were there when it all began with the first discovery of gold in 1848, when San Francisco was a village of 900 people.

These were the people who went up to the hills and came back staggering under the weight of the treasure they carried, and who began transforming San Francisco from a shantytown into one of the most brilliant cities in the world.

This novel tells the unforgettable story of how these people walked into one of the most spectacular adventures in the worlds history.

They saw the first samples of gold brought to the quartermaster, who said they were flakes of yellow mica.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Historical
  • Rating: 4.07
  • Pages: 608
  • Publish Date: May 20th 2014 by Open Road Media
  • Asin: B00K04NWMY

What People Think about "Calico Palace"

4 1/2 I'm a bit torn with this one, I loved Jubilee Trail for its adventure and it's characters. I loved getting to know the background story to the characters. I liked Marny, Kendra, Hiram, Pocket, Lauren and yes, even Ted slightly. (view spoiler)She gave up her life in society because she couldn't be herself, she had to be what everyone else wanted. I understand that, but I don't understand what she would want to live such a gamble instead.

Excellent story on the California gold rush and growth of San Francisco 1848-1851. This book is about what happens to this core group of people as they become known as the forty-eighters and then as they return to San Francisco and contribute to the explosive growth of that city. Gwen Bristow does a very good job of bringing the gold rush days of California to life. Just getting to San Francisco was very difficult, whether by land or sea, then one had to get to the gold country.

This author brings the gold rush and San Francisco to life. This is a book about Kendra, who with her mother and step father came to San Francisco right before the start of the gold rush. The author does a wonderful job of bringing both San Francisco and the gold country to life.

CALICO PALACE is a richly descriptive historical fiction taking place in 1849 and beyond during the gold rush in California. Throughout 1849, people around the United States (mostly men) borrowed, mortgaged, or spent their life savings to make the exhausting trip to this land in hopes of making it rich. In some ways she had already had a hard life but with Kendra's help she becomes a stronger person. Read this book for the history or because it a form of women's fiction; this is CALICO PALACE's strong suit.

I actually slowed down my reading of this book, because I wanted it to last. I think it would have been 5 stars but for Geraldine the cat. then forget it.' Gwen, I think you are great.

This one is about the trek from the East to settle California--the first time I read it I had no idea the Cajon Pass was a real place--it was fun to read again with new eyes! oops-looks like I mixed up her books--Jubilee trail is about the settling of the LA area--this one is about San Francisco in the early years.

The true protagonist of this book is the city of San Fransisco and how it was transformed from a village to a big city during 3-4 years.

This book held my interest way too many late nights in a row...until about the last fourth.

There they will join Kendra's stepfather Colonel Taine in a place called San Francisco. No one has ever heard of San Francisco in 1847 and Kendra does not relish going there, for she is not wanted. San Francisco is a muddy, uncivilized place but Kendra enjoys creating meals for her family and friends and the company of Ted Parks, the errand "boy" from Chase and Fenway. As San Francisco grows and changes, Kendra does too. This book follows that one in time sequence, telling the story of how San Francisco came to be a city thanks to the gold rush. The characters are merely inserted into the history of San Francisco. I wanted to know more about the characters and what was happening with them. This author has a formula to her romantic plots so I wasn't entirely surprised at the turns Kendra's story took but I thought the author tried too hard to insert romance where it didn't fit. He's a true blue friend, one I would want by my side when the going got rough. This is the author's fault for including too much history and not weaving her characters completely into the history of San Francisco.

Eventually she moved to New Orleans, and worked at the Times-Picayune.