by Stacy Doris

"A tantalizing wacky, ideolectical treat for ears & what minds 'em.

For those looking for the direction of poetry, KILDARE is ready & on call, bubbling and singing with voices fresh and tonic" -Charles Bernstein.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Poetry
  • Rating: 4.44
  • Publish Date: January 1st 1995 by Roof Books
  • Isbn10: 0937804592
  • Isbn13: 9780937804599

What People Think about "Kildare"

Military Yann Many-named Uncle(s) Teen boy rollerblade groups (The only sane ones of the bunch) Lassie Twin Nieces TiK, a military cuteness gamin/e Reinforcements Transportation, arctic circles, loony island w/ Intestine-bon-bon Factory. Available (echo) AVAILABLY: Tundra Blitz: OH SWEET, AGENT madness, bit of Latin revenge (yes-'um asked for) New World Comp #. Enthused, Uncle orders un psycho-style salon for to reverse the brains of two lassies sipping insults 'til they're sugar-crazed, hot and see what's on their minds: neck-tethered, caressed to pieces. Pull me out uncle H. Bad Uncle, bad stocking stuffer growls: bring the kids round. Uncle! (TiK) Multiply: the lotus carpet's hideous. Curious Uncle Roy, banned in Utah (ammo films) what a close shave! Star Products test/ results in uncle Stinky Stinky ... Uncle: Try spending it all in one place! . Dizzy 17 prong, solo-attached, whose needed/ an account of TiK: Odd, browner, naturally, glum. Hey: Wannabes: Can they Lie, Steal, Bash, Navigate half-legged shoot from a cannon for a living, or what? Good girls are fried girls, icing on -- Right, uncle? SECOND GAME Loaded with new enemies, cool dialogue, jeeps, a slew of pocket-sized Yanns shall battle the permafrost. Reminder: To all -- Lassie Twins: Good Nieces are petted; you can be your own assailant just up the volume to swap lives with a real princess. IONA, now they call her, thirsty from electron wads Frank Uncle currency, goes bareback, spurred horseless poultry whip; the Booby Prize: Now Possibly = Corrodes. TiK, attacker turned iffy invites/ one hope to outwit El Commandeer ('Dong'). Helpful explosive surprises clue TiK (gritty back view) CLOSER. They IN AURORA/ LAND (Where Sighted = Destroy) Uncle happens upon a Weirdo Mechanic AREA for pantyline reconnaissance (with chats progress easy): . Along with Yann, snap up Uncle: young, oral. And tough luck Uncle basketball sized yolks evidenced. Either connect the dots or push Uncle off. As Uncle Tubby angers in a handicapped second do the guck pelvis. Advance to R&R Depot (Star Ranch joint vacation) More fun than nipping off TiK's fingers. Unleash Terrier (And now, the infection) Uncle won't rest before he rules compound Insidious: Toss your partner into a fence do-se-do your partner and wallop with the brutal stroke twice before landing. TiK-as-Valkyrie pie-throw endeavors jumps, lands senseless (indigestion attached). LAST CHANCE Includes (souvenir) Documents SOMEHOW Uncle unearthed The Blush Swill's Codex: a (whining) unpraised fissure chalky, flightless, but live (w/ pupa display of wearying awareness in strips of bewilderment) then top it off with fangs! PETRIFIED DESERT SPLINTER (Biotoxic Mission) TiK on detailed target copiously, kill in a universer crank good pop rate, but spoiled by weather. DATA LIBRARY (Fungal Agenda) (Because Yann's capabilities shape every TiK's sortie.) Need to know. If Yann's meat finder's up/ TiK don't leave flank exposed. If multi-aspect/ TiK, don't leave, period. Yann hang low/ then TiK clutter timing Gage/ agog. If he's close to bingo/ TiK press; pump compare. ORDER: (TiK's) Dream(land) In a high-rez battle suit plunge, roll, bank, soar, lose never. Therefore, TiK glows, later on (in the chair) resinous. TiK's Entry 3 (Illustrated) Oh, loony-dump islet the intestine bon-bon factory cuts excess with poison and in deformation thrills. May 8th, TiK Continuing/p> Reached swamp peninsula. Come Kiss Uncle 'Dong' Body mold hatching out he pops slimmed a tad, webbed handshake grapples good as new. Uncle 'Dong' tapes himself back into comfy egg. Shove 'Em or Shave 'Em (The Loony Island Crew) Lush, but afflicted by a rescue-hungry germ Uncle Redundant trades his parts among himself the remnants for cheap delivery hazards fated ruby deal. Hey who did that: let TiK get real toasty. TiK Kracks ("Pardon the Scram") Pulverized comrades bathed by insect phosphor scums in a puff of marrow cloud in a skull-mash dollop but quietly, tranquil, and with body parts removed: spout new virals never to colonize.