Red Lily

Red Lily

by Nora Roberts

Three women learn that the heart of their historic home holds a mystery of years gone by, as number-one bestselling author Nora Roberts brings her In the Garden trilogy to a captivating conclusion, following Blue Dahlia and Black Rose.

And for as long as anyone alive remembers, the ghostly Harper Bride has walked the halls, singing lullabies at night...

Hayley Phillips came to Memphis hoping for a new start, for herself and her unborn child.

What she found was a home surrounded by beauty and the best friends she's ever had-including Roz's son Harper.

To Hayley's chagrin, she has begun to dream about Harper-as much more than a friend...

It's time to put the Bride to rest once and for all, so Hayley can know her own heart again-and whether she's willing to risk it...

  • Series: In the Garden
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 4.08
  • Pages: 351
  • Publish Date: December 1st 2005 by Berkley Books
  • Isbn10: 0515139408
  • Isbn13: 9780515139402

What People Think about "Red Lily"

It was also a bit of a scary book as the household ghost started to step up her haunting and actually started possessing one of the main characters.

Some of the characters were a bit irritating and the plot sometimes drooped a bit, but all in all a good ghost story.

Lo admito, tenía muchísimas ganas de esta historia, y mis expectativas eran altas: cierre de trilogía, unos protagonistas que me encantaban, juntos, por separado, de todas las maneras, los adoro a los dos, y la resolución final de lo que ocurrió con Amelia, pero ni con esas. No es un mal libro, ni es una mala historia, sólo pienso que me ha pillado en mala época para leerlo, y que el principal problema han sido mis expectativas. Para Hayley, Harper era el chico inalcanzable, guapo, seguro de sí mismo, y el heredero de la mansión Harper junto con el negocio del vivero, y Hayley no se sentía lo suficientemente segura como para ir tras él, sobre todo porque su madre la salvó del fango cuando más lo necesitaba, y siente que la está traicionando. En cuanto a la investigación sobre el fantasma de Amelia, sí, en este libro se resuelve (que para eso es el último), y la verdad es que no es lo que me esperaba, yo también tenía mis suposiciones, y esperaba algo más tétrico, culpa mía por ser tan morbosa, pero también me ha sabido a poco, y aunque el fantasma ha sido una constante en este y los otros libros, por desgracia se ha mostrado muy molesta, y en "Lirio rojo" me ha cabreado bastante.

RED LILY is the story of Harper Ashby, oldest son of Rosalind (BLACK ROSE), and Hayley Phillips. Hayley had come to Harper House the previous year, pregnant and alone, to beseech Roz, a distant cousin through marriage, for a job. Now she has her daughter Lily, a great job, and a roof over her head, but lately she's been thinking of Harper, the man whose been her friend through it all, in a brand-new light--that of a love interest.

I felt the trilogy built on itself and got better and better with each story, and this was a very fulfilling conclusion. When nearing the end I felt like I knew these characters and didn't want the story to end.

In Blue Dahlia we met the whole crew starring in this series and got an introduction to the Harper Bride, who haunts Harper House, where most of them live. Hayley Phillips appeared at Harper House in Blue Dahlia, pregnant and alone in the world. Even six months pregnant, Hayley caught the eye of Harper Ashby, Rozs eldest son who lives in a guest house on the property and works with grafting and other technical aspects of running the garden center. Because of this, the crew at Harper House becomes a bunch of amateur psychologists who analyze the whys and wherefores of the ghosts thoughts, feelings, and lifestyle.

La verdad es que tenía muchas ganas de esta pareja y de este libro en general; uno, porque Hayley y Harper durante los dos libros anteriores me han gustado mucho tanto juntos como separados y dos, porque finalmente en este libro se resolvía el misterio de la Novia Harper, el fantasma que habitaba en la mansión y que hacía más malas obras que buenas. Lo único malo de su relación, ha sido Amelia, la novia Harper, que ha estado incordiando a este parejita haciendo que Hayley fuera su recipiente para hablar, actuar y pensar y por lo tanto, hubiera ahí unas conversaciones y escenas un poco espeluznantes.

When she showed up on the doorstep of Harper House, she was six months pregnant and banking on family ties to give her and her baby a chance at a fresh start. Now, Hayleys baby, a gorgeous girl named Lily, is fourteen months old and has never known a home outside Harper House. She couldnt be happier, except for the fact that shes been celibate for almost two years and cant seem to focus her attentions on anyone but Harper, Roz's son and Hayleys coworker and semi-boss. Thankfully, something changes, and we get my favorite of the three romances that make up this series.

was a huge manwhore; 3.

by Nora Roberts 4 Star Trilogy Nora Roberts introduces 3 women whose lives become intertwined: Roz, the elegant 40 something Southern belle and owner of Harper House/In the Garden nursery and retail store; Stella, the 30 something mother and perfectionist Yankee is manager of In the Garden: while Hayley is the pregnant 20 something distant cousin of Roz and also works at In The Garden. Stella learns she must live in Harper House with Roz and David. The Black Rose is Roz's story, though Stella and Hayley are still living at Harper House. Roz loves being an honorary grandmother to Stella's boys and Hayley's Lily, but needs more and turns to her In the Garden business to create a new 'baby' for herself. The Red Lily finishes the Harper's Bride story using Hayley as its prominent character. The Black Rose was the BEST in the Trilogy, while Red Lily was the weakest. In Red Lily, Hayley became a caricature of her character than in the other books.