Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear

Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear

by Vicki Iovine


Get used to the fact that life is never going to be the same.

And break out the credit card, because that little bundle of joy is going to cost you.

The Girlfriends are here to take some of the guesswork out of shopping for baby-to-be.

You'll get advice on...Where to get what you needCrib and car seat do's and don'tsWardrobe musts and misses--for mother and childStocking the nursery and the rest of the houseWhat every new mom should have on hand for herselfThe Master Shopping List--don't leave home without it!Plus the Top 10 Things to Do for Yourself Before the Baby Arrives, the Top 10 Baby Items You Won't Find at a Baby Store, the Top 10 Best--and Worst--Things to Borrow, the Top 10 Signs of a First-Time Mom, and more...

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  • Publish Date: January 7th 2003 by Tarcherperigee
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What People Think about "Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear"

When your baby is first born all he or she really needs is you.

Mostly I found it nice for taking laps around the house when the newborn was crying like his diaper was full of broken glass and my arms were spent and I needed to change the way his weight was on my back. Incidentally, they are useful for many more things than spit-up: you can put one between the baby's bottom and the changing pad, you can put one over a baby boy's penis during diaper changes to keep from getting sprayed, you can lay one along the length of the baby's torso when she's in the bath -it will keep her warm and the weight is comforting. 2. Label your kitchen cabinets and drawers; this way helpers can find what they need to cook for you and know where to put things away. Even people who understand you need assistance at this time and who genuinely want to be helpful probably wont be able to tell what you could use at any given moment. Besides being less to clean and tidy, purging will spare you and your help stubbing toes and tripping over junk when taking laps with screaming child at all hours of the day and night. On another note, it's not obvious, but "extraneous stuff" also means things that the baby doesn't need yet. If you try to buy everything the baby might possibly need for its first year of life at once, your house will be bursting at the seams. My List for the First Three Months: Soothing white noise (could be just a radio tuned to static) pacifiers swaddling blankets swing vibrating seat slings and front carriers Travel infant car seat + base(s) infant car seat stroller frame diaper bag(s) auxiliary diaper bag (refill station kept in car trunk) Laundry little mesh laundry bag/ lingerie bag scent-free, dye-free detergent Zout or another enzyme-based stain remover for protein stains small laundry basket/hamper/what-have-you Sleeping co-sleeper sheets a fan (reduces incidence of SIDS) window shade dimmer switch a waterproof mattress pad for moms night sweats Bathing burp cloths (Gerber Cloth Diapers) thin infant washcloths thick towels baby bathtub or baby bath pad all-in-one baby soap with pump top cetaphil cream massage oil baby manicure set brush and comb (if any hair) cotton balls and cotton swabs Feeding burp cloths nursing pillow (the boppy, my brest friend) and slipcovers nursing foot stool nursing bras nursing pads "bust buddies" or "booby tubes" (ice gel packs for breast engorgement) nipple shields breast pump bags for storing milk dishwasher basket for tiny parts bottles/collars/nipples bottle brush w. nipple brush optional: a glider (has anyone made an ergonomic nursing chair?) optional: a way of recording nursing times, lengths, and sides Health rectal thermometer vaseline nasal syringe and saline drops cool-mist humidifier infant-strength acetaminophen (ask your pediatrician) Diapering main changing station satellite changing stations throughout the house ointments trash can wipes diapers (expect 8-12 changes a day) changing pad, changing pad covers, and lap pads/burp cloths Clothing hats side-snap tees until the cord stump falls off other clothing to be determined by season Baby clothes that provide easy diaper access, are simple to put on, are comfortable for sleeping in, and can be used and abused by the babys many bodily fluids are better than expensive couture.

It gave a really good breakdown of the stuff she and her friends found useful, necessary, and completely worthless.

Vicki Iovine and Peg Rosens The Girlfriends Guide to Baby Gear is a fun read that I wish I had read prior to creating my registry.

Save your receipts so you can return / exchange items when you get a better idea of what suits you when the baby arrives.