One Bite With A Stranger

One Bite With A Stranger

by Christine Warren

THIS HAS BEEN EXPANDED AND RETITLED: One Bite With A StrangerFriends fix you up with blind dates.

Real friends fix you up with your fantasies...

The last thing she needs is her friends' help in finding a new one.

He sees Regina's thoughts and knows her darkest fantasies.

What Regina needs is someone who bring handcuffs as well as roses and who sees the possibilities offered by her sensual and giving nature.

He just doesn't know if she'll feel the same once she finds out about his nocturnal habits and his liquid diet...Note: This story has been expanded into the novel One Bite With A Stranger.

  • Series: The Others
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.79
  • Pages: 332
  • Publish Date: September 30th 2008 by St. Martin's Press
  • Isbn10: 0312947933
  • Isbn13: 9780312947934

What People Think about "One Bite With A Stranger"

The story starts with Regina and her friends from the Upper East Side Manhattan (very reminiscent of Sex in the City) playing a party game called fantasy fix. Exhibit Reginas behaviour and allow yourself to be bullied into going to a club whereby meeting the said bring my fantasies to life man. Now that weve established that our heroine is a push-over who gets bullied by her friends and manipulated by a Vamp, it should really come as no surprise that her deepest darkest fantasy is being submissive. The vampire, Dmitri. All the while, the author tries and depicts Dmitri as the perfect mate for her, money and looks being the redeeming qualities shes trying to highlight to take your mind off his dictator like behaviour. After which, Reggie realises shes in love with Dmitri. And lets not forget, she finds out Dmitri is a vamp, blithely accepts it, trades her mortality (again for someone she hasnt known for longer than a week) and follows him like a sheep off into the sunset. Did Warren forget shes writing about a vampire?

Towards the end there is a scene in which Regina is with all her friends, well that was just not believable and absurd.

I started it thinking it would be just another light paranormal read and from one minute to the other I was thinking WTF? But still I just need to say this was a very light read, one of those you just see try to hard to be funny but don't fully make it.

At any rate the female lead is typically 'strong' for this type of story; meaning that she's got a good head on her shoulders and is firmly established in her own right until the first hint of the male lead and then she seems to go into heat like an animal and her will bends to the 'alpha male' like a willow branch in a hurricane. Bouts of murderous jealousy, sparked because the female lead wasn't instantly 'his' and overbearing 'friends' of the female lead that immediately conflict with the male make this story a torturous mess fairly early on; and lest we forget, there is the twist of bad vampires being made willy-nilly that our lead male must investigate and put a stop to, but can only barely bring his mind to contemplate because his penis and sex-drive are suddenly more important.

Regina and her buds were drunk when they came up with 'Fantasy Fix'--where each of them puts their heads and acquaintances together in an effort to fulfill the fantasies of one of their number. If you don't laugh while reading Dmitri and Regina's need to see a shrink.

Its starts off with Regina's friends telling her she should participate in the "fantasy fix" which basically means she has to pawn herself off to some random dude and have kinky sex with him for one night , and then forget about him. not only would i not let them push me into it, i would also consider making new friends since my existing ones seem to be raving sex maniacs with the intellectual depth of an autistic goldfish and well , a little too much into each other's sex lives (TMI alert anybody ?) Oh and there are so many other things about her character that make her seem mentally decrepit (even though we are supposed to think she is smart , witty , analytical so on and so forth) .For example,lets ask each other a question today."What does it take to make you realise, the man you're screwing isnt completely human/normal?" I dont know , well things like him talking to me in my frikkin head, hearing all my thoughts.. I mean not only does he not heed to anything she says and fucks her anyway (good thing our heroine was very horny and as mentally endowed as a gurkin otherwise the story would have ended with our hero in jail , for rape and what fun would that be?), he is also always in her head, monitoring her thoughts, and constantly saying objectifying stuff like "tell me who you belong to?"!

I really wanted to like this book. I tried to like this book. But in the end, I screamed in frustration a lot and tried hard not to throw this book at the wall. Time and time again, she asserts her so-called independence only to let alpha male asshat Dmitri shove her head back down on the pillow and tell her she's a good girl when she caves and does exactly as Dmitri says. Warren does good by saying upfront that Dmitri is old school, where he's used to taking women, rather than pursuing them. About the only good thing about the book, and seriously, probably its saving grace is the sex.

I'd sooner read an irritating book than a boring one. To be perfectly honest, I skipped most of Regina/Dmitri first encounter (which took about 1/3 of the book!!!) because of the boring factor. And don't get me started on her nosy friends. What pissed me off to no end, was that they practically harassed her into doing it (having sex with a stranger!) against her will. Wow, with such friends who need enemies?

When not scrambling frantically to complete her latest writing project, Christine spends most of her time as a crazy animal lady, hanging out with her dog Levi (hes the one with the hair) and pretending to train him to have some manners.