Dangerous Grounds

Dangerous Grounds

by Shelli Stevens

Something's hot in Seattle, and it's not just the espresso.

The Seattle Steam series.

All she wants are two things: Make Ooo La Latte the newest trend in espresso, and seduce the sexiest cop in Seattle.

Gabe whisks her into hiding for her own protection, but soon finds his heart is under assault by the luscious and persistent Madison.

But no matter where they hide, danger follows.

  • Series: Seattle Steam
  • Language: English
  • Category: Adult Fiction
  • Rating: 3.73
  • Pages: 254
  • Publish Date: November 1st 2008 by Samhain Publishing
  • Isbn10: 1599989921
  • Isbn13: 9781599989921

What People Think about "Dangerous Grounds"

Gabe's known as a love 'em and leave 'em type, never staying with one woman for very long, and never having a serious relationship. The fact that he's her older brother Eric's best friend and always thought of her as a little sister could make it tricky, but Maddie figures he's worth it. Well, things between Maddie and Gabe soon come to a head, when Maddie is robbed and nearly killed by Seattle's notorious Espresso Bandit. Although Gabe's last minute arrival saves Maddie from certain death, she also is in danger because she is the only one who can identify the Espresso Bandit. Figuring she needs some kind of protection until the bandit is caught, Maddie's brother begs Gabe to watch over her, and she ends up staying with him at his place. Gabe does his best to resist Maddie, but he really doesn't stand a chance against her seductive powers of persuasion! But while everything is like Paradise on Whidbey Island, a return to Seattle and what awaits them there threatens to destroy their new-found romance. I found her bold attempts to seduce Gabe, and the way he tried to resist her, almost comical. What I did have a little problem with was how Maddie treated Gabe after something very harrowing happened near the end of the story. After their stay on Whidbey Island, I felt like she was in love with Gabe.

Meet Madison, our heroine and coffee shop owner, as she hopes Gabe, her older brother's best friend, hunky cop Gabe, will stop by for her Grand Opening: Page 20: "... She's a goddess at making expresso drinks." Gabe: "Along with you, right?" Madison: "No, umm, not so much." She waved her hand through the air in dismissal. "I've downed a ton of the stuff." Gabe: "Are you kidding me?" Madison: "I worked at that cafe in Italy for a year. I saw them doing it -- I just never did it myself." OK, after a year of enjoying sexy and erotic reads, I'm now looking for more plot and less sex.

I know the author was trying to make her a strong, independent woman who knew exactly what she liked, but in reality she created a character who came off like a cocky, spoiled, inconsiderate, trampy girl. With plenty of sexy hot moments in this read and the delicious specimen with the name of Gabe, this was a really good book.

I read Grounds for Seduction when it was originally released and I was looking forward to rereading this newly edited book. I liked the hero in the book , Gabe. Especially keeping the Bro Code intact- Never mess with your best friends little sister.

There is a viable threat to Maddie with the Espresso Bandit. I thought the author did an excellent job growing her character. That was...strange and it almost made the book silly, but it allowed her character to develop. Maddie puts the moves on Gabe--BIG TIME.

The story was hot, sexy and had me laughing out loud a few times with Madison's goofy antics. It had some steamy love scenes and some great banter between the MCs. I loved the fact that as Gabriel's best friend and Maddie's older brother, Eric didn't pull the usual stunt about warning his best friend from his sister. There was one thing I could have done without, and that was the conflicting emotional signals Maddie throws Gabriel towards the end. Neither are virgins There is slight OW drama (view spoiler) Maddie and Gabriel at first decide to keep their friends with benefits relationship a secret.

To be honest, I have no idea why this book is reviewed so highly, as it is easily the worst romance novel I have read this year. 2. The violent Espresso bandit is robbing and murdering coffee shop workers. I mean, if you can take the Espresso bandit seriously as a stalker bent on murdering coffee shop workers, not merely an oportunistic bandit, you may like this book better than I do.

Then when the guy gets her off but refuses to go all the way, she gets mad at him! If he says no, it's NO.

Gabe and Madison have known each other for years. So, when Madison decides she needs a rebound fling, she picks Gabe cause he's hot and she knows him. What I didn't love was Madison.

We get I love you's while they are having sex in a broom closet at her brothers wedding, the end.

She writes various genres of romance, but is most known for her contemporary series such as Marshal Ranch, The McLaughlins, and A is for Alpha.