Blood of the Fold

Blood of the Fold

by Terry Goodkind

The New World, and all the freedom of humankind, is under threat from the Imperial Order after he had brought down the barrier between the Old and New World.

Richard's only option to stop the invasion is to claim his heritage and unite all free kingdoms and provinces under one rule and one command.

  • Series: Sword of Truth
  • Language: English
  • Category: Fiction
  • Rating: 3.99
  • Pages: 623
  • Publish Date: August 1997 by Tor Books
  • Isbn10: 0812551478
  • Isbn13: 9780812551471

What People Think about "Blood of the Fold"

So before we get to the explication of weirdness, a couple of things of note that might lend context to this review: 1. They also made the characters talk like people instead of puppets with Goodkinds hand up their asses. The biggest advantage of the show versus the book though is that you dont have to suffer through Goodkinds simple and repetitive style. Anyway, Id had the DVDs of the series for years now after I bought them from a bargain bin at Barnes & Noble, but Id held off watching until Id reached book three because I didnt want to spoil myself. 3. I also watched the special features and there was this cheesy talk with Terry Goodkind on it, where he gives a tour of his home, his office, and his nature paths that he walks every day for inspiration. Blood of the Fold is the third installment in the Sword of Truth series, which so far has followed Richard Rahl, the Seeker of Truth, as he overcomes evil and is subjected to all manner of torture and sexual deviance in his quest to defeat first Darken Rahl (his father, natch) and then basically prevent the Devil from coming to the living world and killing everybody. Blood of the Fold is actually the shortest book in the series so far by quite a large margin (hundreds of pages), and thank God for that. The main plot here is twofold: First, Richard fights to rally his fathers army behind him and take control of the Midlands in order to unify the area in preparation for a fight that doesnt actually happen in this book, with an evil emperor who walks in peoples dreams, and who used to live behind a magical border, but WHOOPS Richard brought that border down last book, and evil emperor is out for conquering. And also theres this army of idiots called the Blood of the Fold who are determined to kill everyone with magical ability, and the evil emperor is manipulating their leader by sending him visions where he pretends to be God. Its fucked up. As stated previously, the characters dont talk like people, and Goodkind tends to repeat himself endlessly, as if he doesnt trust his audience to remember things that he wrote only a sentence earlier. It doesnt help that Goodkind writes Richard like hes the most perfect human who ever lived. The only way to get drama out of a story like that is to continually subject your hero to lots of dramatic horrible things, and then have them find hitherto unknown magical abilities in order to get out of those scrapes. In this book alone, Richard: almost turns into a monster while at the same time being the only one who is able to detect the type of monster hes turning into, which leads to lots of battles where he fights until hes ragged because NO ONE ELSE CAN; spends half the book under what is basically a magical rape spell, but oh-so-heroically resisting the advances that no one ever in the history of ever has ever been able to resist before EVER; is the only one to be able to get into a very dangerous magical building because he followed his instincts; is the first in 3,000 years to awaken a magical transport system; due to his magical genetics, hes basically got a population of people devoted to him without choice; and it just so happens that the ONLY way to be safe from the evil emperor is to be truly loyal to Richard, and then voila! I just feel like I need to tell you, Terry, people in real life and in good fiction do not use each others names every other sentence when in conversation. Here are some highlights: The evil Blood of the Fold captain keeps his magical sister captive, which is bad enough, but while hes busy shaming her and telling her shes evil just for being magical, he also makes her use those powers to control people. Also also did I mention about how the Blood of the Fold guy sometimes has his sister put a glamour on herself and then he has sex with her? The evil magical nuns from the last book get captured by the evil emperor, who gives them over to some sailors for rapey fun, and then he keeps them all as his naked sex prisoners.

..." Book three and I am still enjoying the adventures of Richard Rahl and Confessor Kahlan, Wizard Zed and Sister of the Light Verna, as well as the bunch of other secondary characters who all play a part in the battle between Darkness (The Keeper), and Light (The Creator). From my experience, the Master Rahl always thinks he knows best, and always wants to rule the world. Reasons make no difference to us; we fight because we are told to, same as those on the other side. When you've destroyed the enemy, then your leaders write down the reasons in books, and give moving speeches about them. ..." I was many times angry with Richard's behavior in this book. ..." Despite all the maddening stupidity of Richards at times, I enjoyed this book. It is impossible to do a plot summary, so I would say, if this sounds like something you might enjoy, try it out and find the plot out for yourself:) I know I am in it for the long game and will be back next moth to discover another Wizard's Rule.

An Opinionated Look At: Terry Goodkind's Blood of the Fold By Eric Allen This review is rated S for Spoilers. So I've been going through the Sword of Truth series (very slowly) and reviewing each book to see if they are actually as good as I remember them, or if I've simply been looking back through nostalgia goggles. I guess I have just gained a better appreciation for the sort of things that happen in this book in the years since I read it last. Meanwhile Emperor Jagang, leader of the Imperial Order is coming to the Palace of the Prophets so that he can reign over his empire for centuries under the spell at the Palace, and everyone converges there for a pretty good finale that spreads back to a battle at Aydindril. And that's really all this book is, Richard alone trying to pull things together the best he knows how. This book is called Blood of the Fold. The Blood of the Fold is an army who hunts down those that use magic much like the Whitecloaks in the Wheel of Time. The problem with the Blood of the Fold is that they don't really have much reason to be in the story, except to provide an army for Richard's to fight at the end. Tobias Brogan, the leader if the Blood of the Fold is a pretty pointless and ineffectual character who manages to do very little but take up space in the story. I mean, if you're going to name the book after them, could they maybe be a bit more central to the plot, rather than just sort of being there because reasons? It's a bit of a cliche, women telling men that they're idiots, but it's a cliche for a reason. When it comes to nudity and sexuality, before you write a scene of women doing something you think is sexy, ask yourself this one question. While they might not always think the same way, or enjoy the same things, for the most part, if you find something uncomfortable or demeaning, so will any woman. I know, right, a woman knowing what women think about things? I mean, it's not like they're actual people, with thoughts, feelings and insights all of their own that they will gladly share with you if asked or anything. So, come on guys, can we try to be a little less shallow and write real female characters that aren't stereotypes or extensions of our sex fantasies from now on. And I can't believe I'm actually saying this to women too, but I've read books written by women that treat the subject just as thoughtlessly and insensitively as men do. I get that Goodkind is trying to show how evil the Imperial Order is by all of the rape, but good GOD, can we find another way to do that please? Much like Stone of Tears, Blood of the Fold is unrepentantly cheesy. There are some questionable choices made with Goodkind's portrayal of his female characters, and a whole lot of silly cheesiness, but the core story about Richard just trying to hold things together really works for me. The Blood of the Fold, which the book is named after, are pretty irrelevant, and only really exist as a shallowly disguised excuse to have a battle at the end of the book, but I still really enjoyed it. These books are not as well written as I remember them being, but that doesn't mean that they're not fun to read.

Terry Goodkinds first book Wizards First Rule was great! I cant explain my behavior, except to say that Terry Goodkind is (was) a master at plot and characterization (truly, his secondary characters are so well done). There's too much good literature to read. I should have realized right from the start ("Wizard's First Rule: People are stupid") what kind of fellow Terry Goodkind is. It isn't that they want to read a good book, what they want is to make sure that you do not. If you really want to try a Goodkind book, I would recommend that you go to the library and check out the first few, and then trust me that you don't need to read any further. I will not read the last book.

Twenty years ago. P.S. I tried reading Stone of Tears a few years ago, and just couldn't. The sixth book had the sweetest fascist manifesto in the form of Richard's 72-page non-stop speech that made me slit my wrists with a piece of lego. Turnaround, every now and then I get a little bit frisky And you're never magicking around Turnaround, every now and then I get a little bit tired Of listening to the Stone of my Tears Turnaround, every now and then I get a little bit nervous That the best of all the pages have gone by Turnaround, every now and then I get a little bit terrified And then I see the look in your Rahl eyes Turnaround Rahl son, but every now and then I fall apart Turnaround Rahl son, every now and then I fall apart And I need you now tonight And I need you more than D'Hara And if you only hold me tight We'll be holding on Agiel And we'll only be making it right 'Cause we'll never be wrong together We can Mord-Sith to the end of the line Your love is like a shadow on Aydindril (Aydindril) I don't know what to do and I'm always in the dark We're living in Wizard's Keep and giving off sparks I really need you tonight Darken Rahl's gonna start tonight Darken Rahl's gonna start tonight Once upon a time there was Kahlan in my life But now there's only sisters of the dark Nothing I can say A total eclipse of my ... Once upon a time, I was young and naive Now I'm gettin' tougher at heart Nothing I could read A total eclipse of my fart.

I stopped reading the series after this book.

Terry Goodkind, Blood of the Fold (Tor, 1996) Back when I was a kid, I was crazy about the various exploits of Donald Sobol's pint-sized sleuth Encyclopedia Brown. For some reason, Terry Goodkind saw fit to pull a Donald Sobel in Blood of the Fold, book three in the Sword of Truth series. Blood of the Fold, however, is barely two-thirds of the length of those first two, and Goodkind spends a good chunk of the first hundred fifty pages in reacquaintance.

Goodkind shows his readers that the only way to overcome evil in ourselves and in the world is through use of Reason.