Shields of Pride

Shields of Pride

by Elizabeth Chadwick

Yet it is a time of triumph for mercenary Josceline de Gael, bastard son of the king's most trusted ally.

Victorious on the battlefield, de Gael suffers sweet defeat when his heart is conquered by the lovely Linnet de Montsorrel.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Historical
  • Rating: 3.96
  • Pages: 0
  • Publish Date: July 2nd 1994 by Ivy Books
  • Isbn10: 0345388399
  • Isbn13: 9780345388391

What People Think about "Shields of Pride"

One of Chadwick's earlier books, this is the story of mercenary Joscelin de Gael, the illegitimate son of a promient knight and Linnet de Montsorrel.

Shields of Pride is what Chadwick terms one of her "lighter" historical romances, and is more about the fictional characters, Joscelin de Gael and Linnet de Montsorrel, set against the historical backdrop of tension and conflict between King Henry II and his son and heir of the same name, rather than that actual history taking centre stage. I think I would have enjoyed even more a story that really delved into the actual history - just because that's the kind of historical fiction reader I am - though I enjoyed Shields of Pride a good deal, so I think my next Chadwick will be one of her heavier reads.

If this book was written as a historical romance than it was ok, I've read so much better, if it was written as a historical then it lacked any historical content.

After the death of his mother when Joscelin is only four years old, he's sent to live with his father and step family who deeply resent his presence. He returns seven years later to his father's delight, but the relationship between him and his half brothers and step mother remains strained. His father William has never gotten over the death of Morwenna either and as a result his wife Agnes and sons have harboured ill intentions towards both William and Joscellin. I almost didn't read this book as I was put off by the abuse suffered by Linnet at the hands of Giles at the beginning of the book as well as the other unpleasant characters i.e Ralf and Agnes.

The reader can almost taste the street and winding alleys of this town, can almost feel the air of rebellion and hatred, and this is a story told through the eyes of a widow and a bastard-born son (whose birth is made much of in the book, the only criticism I can think of, as if the king's grandfather, good ol' Billy the conqueror was one, then why was it such a big deal a century later?

While returning to his fathers house, he meets the unpleasant and jealous Gilles Montsorrel and his wife Linnet. After the accidental death of Gilles, Joscelin is chosen to protect his wife and son. But even if Linnet and Gilles start slowly trusting each other and eventually marry, some hidden secrets could change their relationship forever I have to confess that my favorite character is Joscelin.

Some are fictional women, but many were real and a few, like Eleanor of Aquitane - featured in three of Chadwick's most recent books, are well-known.

Elizabeth Chadwick in full splendor, at least I love her stories told in such a way.