Murder in the Bastille

Murder in the Bastille

by Cara Black

Parisian P.I. Aimée Leduc is attacked and blinded during an investigation.

Can she solve her case without her sightand when her own life is in danger?Aimée Leduc is all dressed up in her new Chinese silk jacket, supposedly an "exclusive," for dinner with a difficult client at an elegant restaurant in the Bastille district.

When the woman leaves her cell phone on the table, Aimée follows her to return it and is attacked in the shadowy Passage Boule Blanche.

Neverthe, she is told she is lucky; the woman she was following was found in the next passage, murdered.

Aimée is determined to identify her attacker.

What People Think about "Murder in the Bastille"

Before the night is over, Aimee is strangled and beaten until she has a concussion and her optic nerve is damaged, a weak blood vessel in her head breaks and she must have emergency brain surgery and is left totally blind while the woman from the next table, a journalist who uncovered something someone does not want investigated is found murdered and left in a garbage can on the next block. I enjoyed seeing the always ultra-independent Aimee have to face the fact that she is blind and maneuver in the seeing world. That said, I have to add that the way Aimee was treated by others, including more experienced blind people, was not the way I have seen it done before. We even see a twinge of desire to be more than business partners with Aimee who , of course, continues (even blind) to be interested in the wrong men. Another story line I really enjoyed here is hard-nosed flic (cop) Loic Bellan facing the fact that his wife adores their baby son Guilluame who was just born with Down syndrome and has no intention of having him locked away in an institution somewhere. Among people who could afford it, business people, government agencies, private detectives, etc people DID use such software and computers and cell phones.

In this book Aimee is blinded when she is attacked in the Passage Boule Blanche.

This story line has Aimee attacked and left for death but she comes round to find herself blind.

The other woman is attacked and killed shortly thereafter. The notion of scratch the Paris dirt and find a body both past and present seems to be a rather true observation.Both attack and killing are attributed to the Beast of the Bastille, a notorious killer of women, but Aimée has other ideas.

I finished it only because my book club friend and I were reading it together; otherwise, I would have left Aimee feeling her way around Paris in the dark.

The loose ends are infinite and I could not have been more disppointed.

This episode of the Aimee Leduc saga is set before "Murder on the Ile-Saint-Louis," but it doesn't matter. The action begins quickly when Aimee is attacked and blinded, probably because she has the intended victim's cell phone. One would think that another plus would be the Parisian setting, but the author doesn't really have a gift for making a place come to life.

I like the idea of each book in the series taking place in a different Paris neighborhood, so I'll definitely give others a whirl.

Her first three novels in the series MURDER IN THE MARAIS, MURDER IN BELLEVILLE AN MURDER IN THE SENTIER - nominated for an Anthony Award as Best Novel - were published in the UK in 2008 and MURDER IN THE LATIN QUARTER comes out in the UK in 2010. MURDER IN THE LATIN QUARTER is a finalist for Best Novel Award from the NCIBA Northern California Independent Booksellers Association.