The Noah Confessions

The Noah Confessions

by Barbara Hall

What can he be thinking?

When she cuts school to go try surfing so as to have a special day, instead of grounding her, her father hands her a manuscript box and says, "Your mother wanted you to have this when it seemed you were losing perspective.

I think now's the time."Through "The Noah Confessions," Lynnie uncovers her family's secrets, loves, and tragedies, and comes to recognize that their past may not necessarily determine her future.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Young Adult
  • Rating: 3.43
  • Pages: 224
  • Publish Date: May 8th 2007 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers
  • Isbn10: 0385733283
  • Isbn13: 9780385733281

What People Think about "The Noah Confessions"

As she reads, she comes to realize that there was more to her mother than she knew.

At the beginning of the story, all Lynnie wanted was to fit in. At the very beginning of the story, all Lynnie cared about was proving to her friends that she was cool and like them. The night she received her "new" bracelet, she begged her father to get her a car, instead. What more could be explained about Lynnie's family tree after reading the letter? Lynnie's father explained to her that when she reached a certain age, she was old enough to read the letter. After a terrible accident, Lynnie realized how wrong she was to be upset with her father for not buying her a car and for giving her the long, secret filled letter. Lynnie's mother explained to her that in life, people make mistakes. In the end, a new car was not something she longed for, but her family and friends were.

Lynnie Russo is as difficult to handle as is any 16 yr old when her highly expected birthday gift of a car , turns out to be a really ugly-looking bird charm bracelet. When she fails to understand his intention at not letting her have a car , and bunks her class to take a surfing lesson from a friend , he hands over a manuscript, saying that her mother , who died when Lynnie was a little girl ,wanted her to have this. Now ,Lynnie is stuck with 2 gifts she doesnt really want , an ugly bracelet and an old set of letters written by her mom to some guy named Noah when she was a teen ager. Her are a few lines from the book I really liked He said, Lynnie, Mommy is gone. I didnt know how to stop. Which was why I was wearing the stupid bird bracelet and why I hadnt cried or complained as much as I wanted to about the car. If not for these 2 little glitches , the book is a wonderful read.

Lynnie's expectations are not necessarily new, maybe a modest used VW, but definitely a car. It is a letter written by her mother back when she was fifteen, almost sixteen. All Lynnie knows as she begins to read the lengthy letter to some mysterious Noah person; it is not a car. Barbara Hall takes readers on a journey with Lynnie as she discovers a huge secret about her mother's life.

A young Cat sees her father kill the babysitter, doesnt tell until years later when she meets Noah, a cute boy and cousin of the victim.

I think now's the time." Barely 16 year old Lynnie Russo like everyone else at her private school expected to get a car on her birthday. During this time, she has the chance to realize her family is different. When her dad realizes, she is old enough to know the truth; he gives her a Manila envelope. By the end of the book, when she knows the truth about her family, she doesn't need to go there everyday.

What Lynnie gets instead is a big surprise: a strange, used charm bracelet that used to be her mothers (who died in a car accident), which her father thinks she will treasure. Who is this mysterious Noah her mother is writing to? The Noah Confessions is an intriguing novel with a lot of life lessons thrown in.

Review The Noah Confessions By Barbara Hall was an amazing book that I could not put down. I won't tell you what it means, you will just have to read the book yourself, you will not regreat it.

Book Review The Noah Confessions **** 10/27/10 Want a book about a childs mother she barely met? Instead she receives a letter, written by her mother that Lynnie did not know for long. When i first started reading it i thought it would be this girl Lynnie just reading this boring letter about her mother and her past and her little boyfriend.