Never Again: A History of the Holocaust

Never Again: A History of the Holocaust

by Martin Gilbert

Martin Gilbert is one of the world's pre-eminent historians of the Holocaust.

Representing 40 years of research that Gilbert began in Poland in 1959, this comprehensive, illustrated volume traces the history of the Jewish people in Europe before, during, and after the Holocaust.

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  • Category: World War II
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  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: June 17th 2000 by Universe Publishing
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What People Think about "Never Again: A History of the Holocaust"

The Final Solution, racial cleansing, genocide, Shoah, the Holocaust.....those words will forever represent one of the most vile and far-reaching actions that humans have ever committed. There are also maps of Nazi occupied Europe which show the population of Jews in a particular area, pre and post Holocaust.

Gilbert includes a chart of the pre-Second World War Jewish population of the countries in Europe from which Jews were to be murdered during the Holocaust. Chapter Two charts the rise of Nazi Germany, and the pre-war persecution of the Jews by the Nazis. He charts the persecution, expulsion and book burning, the anti-Jewish laws passed at Nuremberg in 1935, and Jewish emigration from Germany, the four biggest destinations of refugees from Nazism before World War II, were the United States, Argentina, Britain and Palestine. He also charts the Kindertransport, which one can study in detail in the following book: I came alone: The stories of the Kindertransports wherein more than nine thousand German and Austrian Jewish children- between the ages of three months and seventeen years- were brought to Britain after the Kristallknacht; the voyage of the St Louis, the ship carrying Jewish refugees from Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia, which was turned back by the United States. Books on more about this subject include Hidden Children The article on 'Righteous Gentiles' is about the many thousand of non-Jews who risked- and in many cases lost- their own lives to save Jewish lives. Anny-Yolande was born in Strasbourg on 2 June 1933 and deported to Auschwitz and murdered in September 1942, three months after her ninth birthday.

His approach is chronological, much like that employed in his best-selling three volume series on the 20th century. Although I have read a number of other books about these times and events that were more detailed, more graphic, or more comprehensive, this is without a doubt the single most impressive, cohesive, and authoritative volume I have read to date regarding the Holocaust in its enormity, and placed in an understandable and comprehensible context.

In a crisis and in order to maintain power, the government points blame at one sect of the population....the government controls the media, who in turn back up everything the government says as truth...if a media outlet tells a different tale then they are denounced and destroyed....finally a large portion of the population become dependent upon the government for the necessities of life.

the book contains the readings he shared with the group - testimonials of victims and survivors, and to some extent onlookers and perpetrators.

The official biographer of Winston Churchill and a leading historian on the Twentieth Century, Sir Martin Gilbert was a scholar and an historian who, though his 88 books, has shown there is such a thing as true history Born in London in 1936, Martin Gilbert was educated at Highgate School, and Magdalen College, Oxford, graduating with First Class Honours.