Not Quite A Gentleman

Not Quite A Gentleman

by Jacquie D'Alessandro

Nathan Oliver, younger son of an earl, is content being a country doctor.

Now his world is turned upside down with the arrival of Lady Victoria Wexhall, a pampered Society miss more suited for the ballrooms of London than the quiet countryside of Cornwall.Victoria cannot believe her father would send her to the middle of nowhere, and just when the the Season was in full swing!

But why does he insist on searching through her luggage in the middle of the night?

  • Series: Regency
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.83
  • Pages: 384
  • Publish Date: August 30th 2005 by Avon
  • Isbn10: 0060779381
  • Isbn13: 9780060779382

What People Think about "Not Quite A Gentleman"

Until he learns that Victoria's life is in danger, and only Nathan can protect her, and seeing her again might lead him back into a life of redemption. Neither Nathan or Victoria really want to be attracted to each other...but each time they kiss...its like magic and they can't resist how the fireworks that seem to erupt when they are near each other. I love historical espionage romances...they are so fun to read at times..especially when one is in the mood for them. The flow of the story...I wish it was as smooth as whipped cream, but I am sorry to say it wasn't like that. After I finished the book, it seemed like overall, it didn't have a smooth flow of story line that I am used to, so it tended to be a bit rough around the edges but I found the story itself to be enchanting. Another problem I had with the book, was I wasn't able to connect with the characters fully in the way I enjoy doing most of the time. However saying that...I want to say I really loved both Nathan and Victoria. He is such a would never see a ex spy and practical doctor being so sentimental at times...and I loved the way he wooed Victoria.

Lady Victoria Wexhall is out for revenge, three years ago Dr Nathan Oliver gave her a mind blowing kiss and Victoria waited for him to call or court her but she never saw him again. Dr Nathan Oliver was a spy for the crown working under Victorias father, when 3 years ago a mission went wrong and his brother and friend were wounded and jewels went missing and Nathan is blamed for betraying the mission.

3 years ago, he was accused for betraying the trust of his brother Colin, and friend Gordon, as well as his father when he was entrusted to hand over some important jewels to our heroine's father. Nathan is blown away when the more time spent with her, the more he unveils the truth that she's so much more than that - warm, caring, passionate and even vulnerable, he aches to hold and protect her. I rather like Victoria, because she's not spoil and she understands Nathan more than he realises, and that's important for me as a reader - being able to see the characters truly get along well and love one another. If you are looking for a WORTHY and MEANINGFUL romance with a load of passion, without LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT bullshit and over the top LUST, then this is a perfect story for you to enjoy.

Thanks to reading the liberating 'Ladies Guide' (featured in Love and the Single Heiress Lady Victoria Wexhall is growing a sense of self. Victoria has a letter that Nathan wants and in order for him to get it he must meet her demands. So far this is the best of the series, yet I still feel like something is missing. Also, there are a good amount of similarities among the books and the result is that each story feels like less and less attention was given to them. I'd hate for you to not read her books based on my review(s) as I think she has written some of the better heroes and love stories. In this book there are several but Nathan's speech (in between touches and kisses) about how he's glad Victoria is a girl is really fantastic.

Her Regency romances are almost always wonderfully romantic, have a good pace to the plot, focuses on the relationship between hero and heroine, and are populated by humorous and loveable characters. While her stories undoubtly sizzle, usually the sex isn't the only thing driving the romance. Unfortunately, in this story, I was never really able to feel connected to the characters, and really felt like sex was all that was pulling them together and keeping them as a couple. Properly handled sexual attraction between the hero and heroine is crucial for good romantic chemistry and relationship tension. I felt that the heroine's rather casual attitude towards an affair was not really believable, considering the time period.

Ilógicamente, un ex espía, le revela todo a una chica consentida (según cree) para que le entregue la carta codificada que le envió el padre de ella con información obtenida sobre el paradero de las joyas, en vez de ponerse firme y amenazarla de que estaba exigiendo información de La Corona y perdiendo valioso tiempo mientras corrían peligro las vidas de todos. Mientras buscan las joyas de la traición a La Corona que demuestran que le tendieron una trampa, ella sigue la guía femenina al pie de la letra y le pide tocarlo cuando lo encuentra desnudo en la laguna y pretendía dejarlo sin ropas a modo de broma. Él le escribe una carta y se la da al padre para que se la dé al día siguiente después de haber tenido tiempo de meditar sus sentimientos.

Dr. Nathan from the last book "Love And The Single Heiress" gets a story. She's decided to get back at Dr. Nathan for kissing her & than leaving her 3 years ago. There's a secondary love story between Victoria's aunt & Nathan's father that isn't very fleshed out.

I just loved the first two books in this series, and really liked the fourth.