Purity of Blood

Purity of Blood

by Arturo Pérez-Reverte

The fear Alatriste is hired to infiltrate a convent and rescue a young girl forced to serve as a powerful priests concubine.

The girls father is barred from legal recourse as the priest threatens to reveal that the mans family is not of pure blood and is, in fact, of Jewish descentwhich will all but destroy the family name.

What People Think about "Purity of Blood"

3.5 stars I have to admit to having been disappointed by the eponymous first book in Arturo Pérez-Revertes Captain Alatriste series of swashbuckling romances. All in all it was fairly good...an intriguing mystery setting things up on the first page and a fast paced adventure that was out of the gate with little to no preamble, but I was still not sufficiently grabbed by the adventure to feel myself sucked into the world Pérez-Reverte was creating. The conceit of the book is that it is a first person memoir being told by Íñigo Balboa, Alatristes ward and companion ever since the boys father, an old soldier buddy of Alatristes, died in the latters arms and asked him to care for his son (more on this anon). Despite these moments that allow Pérez-Revertes novel to be tinged with that golden glow of memory so often ascribed to the Golden Age of Spain in which these adventures take place, the memoir format is not without its complications. I would still say, though, that this is in some ways a book that works less as a thoroughly rousing adventure in and of itself, but is rather a further set up for the long term adventures of Alatriste and Íñigo, especially in regards to the relationships they have both with each other and with those who will prove to be the greatest thorns in their sides. Alatriste has a great moment at the end of the book with his nemesis, the thoroughly evil (yet still interestingly complex) swordsman and assassin Gualterio Malatesta, while the aforementioned reasons for the complex feelings of Íñigo for the lovely and deadly Angélica de Alquézar get some page time as she is shown to play a small, though key, role in the stratagem that nearly proves to be the end of our two heroes.

Instead the story mutates into a mission to save Alitriste's ward from the Inquisition. As an outline or rough draft, this was a great book.

Uma aventura de Alatriste cheia de reviravoltas e intrigas da igreja.

La fallida película que se hizo en su día obviaba esta segunda aventura y se centraba más en otros pasajes "más fáciles" de filmar; una lástima.

Se trata de una novela de rápida lectura, que me ha absorbido desde el principio.

The Captain Alatriste stories (the two I have read so far) remind me of a cross (no, not that kind of cross) between Zorro and the Three Musketeers - all of whom, by the way are, worthy of literary and personal emulation.

That was in 1994, but his debut as a fiction writer started in 1983, with 'El húsar', a historical novella inspired in the Napoleonic era. After this book, he could leave definitely journalism for focusing on his career as a fiction writer.