The Shadow Of Moonlight (Harlequin Presents #1039)

The Shadow Of Moonlight (Harlequin Presents #1039)

by Lindsay Armstrong

The Shadow Of Moonli by Lindsay Armstrong released on Nov 24, 1987 is available now for purchase.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Harlequin
  • Rating: 3.50
  • Pages: 187
  • Publish Date: January 1988 by Harlequin
  • Isbn10: 0373110391
  • Isbn13: 9780373110391

What People Think about "The Shadow Of Moonlight (Harlequin Presents #1039)"

Even the weather plays a part with it being sultry and hot, it is like a Southern Gothic set in Australia and all of it played out with the backdrop of a big family estate where the h lives with her dead husband's grandmother and intermittent visits by the dead husband's two brothers. She is a bit shy and gets along well with the matriarch of the family, her husband's grandmother, but lately the h has been thinking about moving on with her life and starting anew. The h decides she wants to leave and after another nasty confrontation with the H, who is seriously courting the neighbor's daughter who is also a master vintner, the h decides to tell the grandmother that she is going off for a holiday, but she doesn't intend to come back. The h returns and the grandmum recovers, the GM wants to have a big party for her recovery and the new wine venture and the h is helping her plan it. The h asks the H if he is planning on marrying the neighbor, the woman is frequently around and doing her best to insinuate herself into the family's life. The youngest brother makes some visits too, and he likes the h a lot, but he is pretty astute in picking out the tension between the H and h. The family has no idear that the dead brother was unfaithful and the h was only 19 when she married him and then he died, so she never mentioned anything because the guy was dead and who would it have helped? The mistress was thinking she could go in and check out her dead lover's family home and relatives with no one being any the wiser, but realized that the h knew exactly who she was and the lady becomes aware of committing a big social faux pas. She and the h have a pretty frank discussion where the mistress tries to reassure the h that the dead hubby had never wanted to hurt her and that she broke up with him cause she wouldn't run off with a married guy and the h rather sarcastically enquires that she would sleep with one but not take off with him? The h is pretty nice about it, she explains that her marriage wasn't working anyways and if it makes the mistress feel better, the dead hubby probably really loved her. She lived with her aunt and her large family but felt she did not fit in with all their fighting and crashing and banging.) The husband met her at a horse jumping show and when she wouldn't sleep with him because she was a nice girl, he married her. (It seems she can't go anywhere without the H showing up to drag her back.) He tells her he isn't going to be mean to her this time and explains he now knows all about the husband and the mistress and that he was totally wrong about the h. And it horrified her, here she was married to a guy she thought she loved, is getting cheated on and finds out that the whole thing is a farce cause she fell in love with one look, a little moonlight and a kiss - it made her realize that she had no clue about anything at all and not only that, what kind of shameless hussy goes around falling in love with her husband's brother? The next day the h decides to go check out her horses in the family stud and thinks about checking out the winery, but it is really too hot to move and she falls asleep in the stable. He makes a big declaration of love but keeps getting interrupted by people coming to the stable doors to ask about things and finally he tells them all to quit bugging them and mutual declarations of love ensue. (It was pretty funny actually, every time the H would get into his big declaration and explanations, someone would come and shout through the door until the H finally tells his brother to take the front loader, knock down every wall on the estate with all the peopl under it, but quit bugging him - he had important things to declare and lurve clubbin to do.) Eventually everyone takes the hint and they all go away. The H and h are now happy and getting married and all lurved up and have to contemplate going back to the house where the whole family is probably planning a reception committee for the HEA. She thinks it is doomed anyways, but this is HPLandia, so we know better, but who knew it was going to turn out the way it did.

After reading a book about two brothers and the same heroine The Marriage Game, I found myself reading another story that potentially had the same ick factor. Boogenhagen has an in depth review with spoilers, so I won't go into all the plot points, but suffice it to say, our heroine *lives* in this story.

Lindsay Armstrong was born in South Africa. Lindsey met her New Zealand-born husband, who had been working in WestAfrica, when he was on his way home through Johannesburg. He did go home butin a matter of weeks he was back in South Africa, and six months later theywere married.