Kekasih Sang Miliarder Yunani

Kekasih Sang Miliarder Yunani

by Julia James

Sialnya, Leandra yang diculik dan dibawa ke pulau terpencil di Laut Aegea terpaksa menghabiskan waktu bersama pria itu.

Sikap Leandra yang dingin terhadapnya membuat Theo penasaran dan berusaha keras menaklukkan gadis itu dengan cara apa pun.Ketika pada akhirnya Leandra menyerah, Theo malah mendapati bahwa semua ini ternyata sandiwara belaka.

Leandra hanyalah wanita tamak yang berusaha menjebaknya demi harta dan status sosial.

Apalagi ketika mendapati Leandra ternyata bukan wanita seperti yang semula ia tuduh dengan keji.

What People Think about "Kekasih Sang Miliarder Yunani"

Demos, banking on her loyalty, friendship, and sense of fun, asks Leandra to pose as his airhead mistress, but only while his cousin (and Our Hero), the wealthy and powerful Theo Atrides, is visiting England. Milo knows he cant rely on Theo to provide a legitimate heir due to having vowed never to marry; nevertheless, this old rogue sets up a few mendacious machinations causing Leandra to be kidnapped and transported to Theos isolated Greek island.

(Thank you very much Goodreads.) I've had this happen a handful of times and thought I might have been confused.

The hero's grandfather takes matters in his own hands and has the heroine kidnapped to the hero's private island. Hero whisks her off to Athens to make sure she isn't pregnant already with his cousin's baby. Gets an apology from hero's cousin and his lover for involving her in their mess and she goes back to work. (She's an actress and a classics scholar) (view spoiler) Heroine begins working with the hero's cousin on a Greek play. Hero wants her back and starts to grovel - but then the cousin's lover walks out of the bathroom in a towel and hero immediately thinks the heroine is having sex with both of them.

Yee Gads...I just did NOT like this book. It started out fun, but as the book progressed the Hero went from being arrogant to VILE and the heroine went from strong to TSTL.. The scene that really threw me over the edge was when he drags her off to a clinic to see if she is pregnant because he believes she set out to trap him.

As an aside, hero Theo also belongs in prison. Theo was moralistic and self-righteous...I'm very tired of seeing this in a hero who sleeps with a lot of women, it just doesn't fit. Yes, his grandfather kidnapped heroine, but 1) he thinks he has the right to keep heroine on an island against her will unless she agrees to sign away her right to complain about the kidnapping and give up her relationship with his cousin in exchange for $100,000 and 2) he tells her he will just hold on to her passport while he leaves her in Athens for a pregnancy test....mor kidnapping. And she knows hero has slept with tons of women but they are rich actresses and opera singers so of course there is no possibility of STDs? C) thinks she's in love with hero even though he's a total jerk to her and isn't such a great guy in general. D) when in Athens for pregnancy test, he says he's keeping her passport and plans to continue to hold her captive.

Their ailing Greek grandfather, Milo, is anxious for an heir to the family name, and he knows that Theos has vowed never to marry so his hopes are on Demos and a beautiful Greek girl waiting patiently for him. He's confused by the air head he believed her to be and the intelligent and passionate woman quickly becomes. Theos allows bitterness from his past to cloud his judgement and he finds it hard to believe Leandra is as she appears, a woman of great integrity and loyalty.

Theo was cold and completely without emotions. Leandra was whiny and completely closed off for an unexpected adventure.

Theo is such a great character! Professional actress Leandra Ross agrees to help a friend (Theo's cousin) by posing as his mistress in oder to resist family pressures to get married .

Tetapi sejak bertemu dgn Leandra, aktris yg disewa Demos, Theo tidak bisa melupakan gadis cantik ini. Awalnya Leandra marah dan merobek-robek cek sogokan dari Theo. Tetapi menjelang "bulan madu" mereka berakhir, Theo malah teringat bhw dia selama ini bercinta gak pake pengaman dan menuduh Leandra "sengaja" mau membuat dirinya hamil.

Theo is a Greek Adonis incarnate and has been sent to London to bring back his cousin, Demos is to Greece and make sure he marries the girl selected for Demos by family. He asks Leandra, an actress and friend, to act as his mistress.

Julia lives in England with her family.