by Walter Dean Myers

An exciting, eye-catching repackage of acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers' bestselling paperbacks, to coincide with the publication of SUNRISE OVER FALLUJA in hardcover.Seventeen-year-old Greg "Slam" Harris can do it all on the basketball court.

Maybe he'll make it to the top.

Slam never doubted himself on the court until he found himself going one-on-one with his own future, and he didn't have the ball.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Sports and Games
  • Rating: 3.93
  • Pages: 272
  • Publish Date: November 1st 1998 by Scholastic Paperbacks
  • Isbn10: 0590486683
  • Isbn13: 9780590486682

What People Think about "Slam!"

Another reason why I like this book is because we both have bad grades.

So when his principal and coach start giving him a hard time, Slam fights back. I think this is a good book for someone who understands the game of basketball.

By: Walter Dean Myers Review by- Andrew Johns Slam! By Walter Dean Myers takes you into the life of Gregory Harris other wise known as Slam. Many people that played sports in high school can relate to him, and even if you didn't play sports in high school you still know that keeping good grades is hard. By Walter Dean Myers is an excellent read that I'm sure everyone will love and remember.

Slam is a good athlete but growing up in the mean streets of new york is hard.Most of his pears dont even make it out of high school, their either shot or end up going to jail.

Greg almost missed tryouts for the basketball team because his principle was talking to him about his about his grades. One of his friends from the hood when they were little started coming to the basketball games and cheering on Greg. Characterization- I believe through the whole book Greg was an okay guy looking out for family and friends. Like when they would take about the basketball game that they were playing that week and they would still be playing and then the book would talk about him and Kitty hanging out.

by Walter Dean Myers, I guessed that the protagonist was a basketball player who was in jail. Slam's team gets better as the story progresses and his team plays the Championship game against Ice's basketball team. I felt miserable after I completed the book, I couldn't read Walter Dean Myers's fascinating work of literature anymore. This writing syle seemed awesome especially when I read the scene about the basketball game against Ice's basketball team, Slam's sensory made me feel like I was actually playing basketball. Slam seemed as if he did not care the score, he just wanted to be better than Ice. I found this fascinating because a similar event occured in my baseball game.

In addition, the reader gets to "watch" the most exciting basketball games of Slam's season, as Myers writes exciting play by play descriptions of both the action and the physical rivalries that exist on the court.

There is never a thought to safe sex or no sex at all, just "if I have sex with her now, the kids will..." I am not such a stickler that I demand all loose ends to be wrapped up in every book I ever read. But when a book is directed towards young people who are so intensely impressible, you cannot leave issues like teen pregnancy and staying in school unsolved! I also felt like Slam never really became a team player, in the end.

This book was pretty interesting, the author wrote in a fun way to describe how the characters would talk. A part in the book that I thought was sad is when Harris, the main character, talked about how his dad gets drunk and him and his mom fight a lot.

Greg "slam" is a 17 year old kid who is really good at basketball, but when he got transferred to another school his grades started dropping. I really liked this book because it got me into the zone and i just wanted to keep reading it.

For one of his books, Monster, he received the first Michael Printz Award for Young Adult literature awarded by the American Library Association. For three years he led a writing workshop for children in a school in Jersey City, New Jersey. Walter Dean Myers was married, had three grown children and lived in Jersey City, New Jersey.