The Big Nothing

The Big Nothing

by Adrian Fogelin

When everyone that Justin depends on lets him down, he begins discovering himself with the help of a new friend and some newly found talents.Alone.

There's not much left for Justin to do but to put his brain in neutral and slide into the state he calls "the Big Nothing."But slowly Justin discovers he has more resources than he thinks.

With the help of his classmate Jemmie and her grandmother, Nana Grace, he learns that underneath all the noisy confusion in his brain lies a talent for music.

As he spends time with Jemmie, he begins to understand how simple notes make complex music, and how simple feelings can turn into deep emotions.Award-winning author Adrian Fogelin once again offers readers an emotionally charged story featuring a sympathetic adolescent trying to make sense of the people and world around him.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Young Adult
  • Rating: 3.72
  • Pages: 235
  • Publish Date: October 1st 2006 by Peachtree Publishers
  • Isbn10: 1561453889
  • Isbn13: 9781561453887

What People Think about "The Big Nothing"

Like Justin keeps on trying to "defeat" his life. Justin thinks that Life has it in for him. He tries to be the "man of the house", since his brother is getting deployed to Iraq and he doesn't feel like his family needs his dad. I keep hearing the voice on the other end of the line: "you going to be much longer, hon?" The more times I play it over and over, the more I think, yeah, it wasn't the tv." After this example Justin begins to feel like he's been lied to his whole life. I didn't really like the way the author ended this book because I personally feel like the ending should be more detailed about what happens to his life. I liked how the author made Justin make a song called "Sweet Jammie" and that he confessed his feelings for her at the end when he shows her the song he wrote. I recommend this book to people who like reading realistic fiction..

In the end Justins dad comes home and that helps Justin feel better. Because of his dad coming home Justins family is now much happier.

I would recommend this book to young teens.

4.5 stars I really loved it!

and like many teenagers hes found a girl to keep him busy. In this odd friendship that formed Justin makes a small discovery in his dull life,music. jemmies grandmother takes a liking to Justin and after awhile they form another odd friendship which is based off the piano in the living room of jemmies house. There's many references to the fact that Justin just doesn't seem to think hes important, nothing really going for him. or it may be the fact that his dad takes a break from being a dad for a couple weeks to go on a business trip. It may seem like a big time in his life.

All der Streit zwischen den Eltern führt dazu, dass Justin Mutter in eine Depression abgerutscht ist. Sie liegt fast nur noch auf dem Sofa, meldet sich an der Arbeit krank, wäscht nicht, kocht nicht und sorgt auch nicht für ausreichend Nahrung im Haus. Die Autorin holt ihn damit in ein Leben, wie es sich für Jungs seines Alters gehört. Dort ist das Eltern-Kind-Gefüge durch die Erkrankung der Mutter verschoben und nicht selten erschreckt es mich, wie sehr die Mutter Justin vernachlässigt, ohne es zu merken. Ich mag der Star in dem Film sein, aber es ist ein trauriger Film." Schwierige Situationen helfen jedoch auch dabei zu wachsen. Eine Erfahrung, die nicht nur Justin macht, sondern auch seine Mutter.

Big Nothing Book Review Think about being a teenage boy who has to take care of his mom. Think about you having to be a psychiatrist for your mom because your dad left her. I think the theme of this book is taking care of others because Justin has to take care of his mom through the entire book.

It was a good story, but I had several problems with it; both as a story and as a book geared for middle schoolers. Firstly, story telling: Where was Anna during this whole book? Especially with Cass and Ben's side-story. It is a good book, but I have some problems with it.

It's amusing and nice but a lot of it involves upper middle-class characters and the trials and tribulations of not being popular. I was happy to read this book because the main character is male, working-class, and has other problems than just liking the wrong boy.