Soccer Duel: There are two sides to every story...

Soccer Duel: There are two sides to every story...

by Matt Christopher

Renny Harding and Bryce McCormack both want to win the championship. When they meet face-to-face they discover that they have a lot in common, but can friendship grow where fierce soccer rivalry exists?

  • Language: English
  • Category: Sports and Games
  • Rating: 4.02
  • Pages: 160
  • Publish Date: April 1st 2000 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  • Isbn10: 0316134066
  • Isbn13: 9780316134064

What People Think about "Soccer Duel: There are two sides to every story..."

The two boys face off during the championship and during the end, Renny gets Bryces father to come see his game for the first time in ages, and Bryce really feels like Renny is his true friend. Renny and Bryce play a tough championship game, but Renny ends up winning the game for his team, and gets the MVP award, but Bryce feels happy he got his father back and a best friend.

But something terrible happened during the game Blue Hornets center striker Isaac Mendez broke his ankle. So Renny got to play center striker for the first time on the Blue Hornets. Bryce told Renny that they had two more teams to defeat and they were in the finals with the Yellow Jackets. When Bryce was at Conroy a player from the high school team told Bryce that the high school coach was going to be there so he should try his best. The Blue Hornets won the game. The next day of school Bryce sat next a player that the Blue Hornets were going to play with. Turk said I will have him crushed by the end of the game Bryce agreed. Bryce went up to Turk the next day and told him not to hurt Renny. When it was practice for Blue Hornets Rennys teammates were all thinking negative saying that they were going to lose the game because of Turk. Bryce left the game and went to Conroys after. Renny saw Bryce there and told him that they won Bryce said it was great. But Bryce felt bad about what he had said to Turk and injuries that Renny got. The next day right before the Championship game Turk had told Renny what Bryce had done and it wasnt his idea. When it was the second game Renny felt tired and Bryce played the opposite of Renny so the Yellow Jackets won. Renny went home and called the place were Bryces father ha lived he told them names then finally he got the number and left a message to Bryces father saying that he had a big soccer game. The high school coach was there and told Renny he wanted him as center striker next year Bryce was a little sad at that moment but then the coach told Bryce that he was going to play for varsity. The conflict of this story is that there is a kid Renny who plays center striker in the Blue Hornets for the first time and helps the Blue Hornets win a lot of games. Bryce on the other hand is a really good soccer player for the Yellow Jackets and has to become friends with Renny.

What I thought of this book was a interesting beginning with Renny which is the the main character and is going to a Saturday morning soccer game with his team the Blue Hornets. It all happened on that Saturday morning game when Issac Mendez got injured bad on his ankle and renny gets to play striker for the first time. My opinion on this book was a regular beginning with Renny riding the bench like usual.Then a pretty crazy middle when Issac Mendez is out for the season and Renny takes his spot and takes the Blue hornets to the playoffs.

Renny subbed for him and won the Hornets the game. Bryce didn't know if he liked Renny. I liked the book "Soccer Duel". It wasn't like the books that I have read before. The book is about a boy playing soccer.

The reason why this is my favorite quote because Bryce was a one man show the whole time and it didn't get him anywhere but when Renny played with teamwork his team won the championship.

I think this book was pretty good. The fact that I really like soccer is important because it makes the book so much better. And he joins the new soccer team and is a threat to the best player in the town, Bryce.

He loved soccer and was great at it, but his soccer coach didn't know that he was good because he just moved into town.

The boys loved the description and anticipation of each soccer game, ending with the championship.

Matt Christopher is America's bestselling sports writer for children, with more than 100 books and sales approaching six million copies. In 1992, Matt Christopher talked about being a children's book author. After writing and selling children's sports stories to magazines, I decided to write a baseball book for children. There are a lot of boys who would love to play baseball but, for some reason, cannot. I've written many short stories and books for both children and adults, and find that writing for children is really my niche.