Lady Q: The Rise and Fall of a Latin Queen

Lady Q: The Rise and Fall of a Latin Queen

by Reymundo Sánchez

At age five Sonia Rodriguezs stepfather began to abuse her; at 10 she was molested by her uncle and beaten by her mother when she told on him; and by 13 her home had become a hangout for the Latin Kings and Queens who were friends with her older sister.

Threatened by rival gang members at school, Sonia turned away from her education and extracurricular activities in favor of a world of drugs and violence.

The Latin Kings, one of the largest and most notorious street gangs in America, became her refuge, but its violence cost her friends, freedom, self-respect, and nearly her life.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Nonfiction
  • Rating: 4.17
  • Pages: 288
  • Publish Date: July 1st 2008 by Chicago Review Press
  • Isbn10: 1556527225
  • Isbn13: 9781556527227

What People Think about "Lady Q: The Rise and Fall of a Latin Queen"

Sonia, who grew up in a very abusive household, basically went on to make one mistake after another and cannot seem to make "good" decisions even through the very end of this story, which spans about 15 years of her life. This story is well written so it makes for an interesting read and I liked that it was Reymundo Sanchez telling the story rather than Sonia Rodriguez. I liked that this book made me reflect a lot as I was reading. That I think Reymundo Sanchez's My Bloody Life is probably a better read.

Its About sonia trying to fit in her family never liked her they always blame her for whatever her sisters do. one day her uncle, aunt, cousin decided to go 2 chicago, so since they didnt have anyone to live with only sonia's family they move in with her.

I recommend this book to anyone that is interested in the truth about minority inner cities life style. Because whether an inner city minority is involved in gangs, we/they are all affected by it.

She got a job and found a new apartment with family member that used to abuse her but she has made up with." It never lasts, and over and over she loses her jobs, fights with whoever she has grown to trust, returns to gang relationships, the drug trade, abusive family members, and everything she repeatedly tries to escape.

Though this was not possible as the reading continued as Sonia ended up treating her daughter just as her mother had treated her. I feel this book should be a required reading for parents, espeically mothers, to know what thier abuse and neglect does to a child, especially a girl.

When Sonia was 6 years old her mom got herself a new boyfriend after Carlos had left. When Sonia was about nine years old her and her sisters started to drink rum because Juan thought it was funny how they fought for a 50 dollar bill. Sonia got beaten up by her sisters one time too when she accidently kicked her mom, Vivian,Jazmin and her mom beat the crap out of her.Sonia always lived in gang areas and well its too easy for girls like that to get involved in one. Sonia got involved in the Latin Queens. She left to Puerto Rico and lived with her aunt who had a son named Pedro.Pedro and Sonia got along very quickly to well until the point they started to have sex. No one from the family helped her out throughout her pregnecy but when Lisset her daughter was born the family accepted her again and she lived with Pedro for some months until he started to beat her and she didnt take it so she went back to the latin queens and kings. Sonia ended up giving up drugs to try and be a better mother to Tony after what had happened to Lisset at such a young age made her relize that Lisset had lived a bad childhood with the bad examples she sat. She also left Miguel she couldn't stand his beating and wasn't going to take it like her mother did with her stepdads.Thats why she ended up pregnet at age 15.Sonia asks for Lisset to forgive her and tries to raise Tony to be a gentelmen.

The latin kings also carried her with respect and that made her feel like they were their actually family. That's when lady Q met a man named Miguel that she believed was different and actually lover her but like all the other man the drugs and alcohol that surrounded them turned him into a monster that abused her and beat her whenever he pleased. Just like that Lady Q went from the most highest and respected women in the streets to a women that never went out because she was always bruised up , and later on left with her two kids which she had to struggle to support and maintain. There is so many kids that are exposed in to the life lady Q was exposed to and that she exposed her children to which was full of drugs , sex and gang activity. Since they crave love so much that wherever they find it they become loyal to whoever is giving that life throwing their own life's away because after they are no longer needed they are thrown just like Lady q was thrown . I myself used to be like lady q at some point trying to find love somewhere because my mother was to busy trying to provide for us that she had little time sometimes to sit with us and just even talk.

Her mom never finish school, remarried a couple of times and she didn't really have anywhere to live, she jus depended on friends and her husbands. There was a time when her uncle, aunt abd cousin decided to go 2 chicago and they didn't have anyone to live with only sonia's family they move in with her. Sonia's uncle was very religious and would carry a bible with him.SHe had to sleep in the same room as her sitster's bcuz the other family had moved in. so she jus started hanging out with the kings and slowly dropping out of school. when the other kings found they were gonna give her a violatin so she got some money and and went to lancester with her other familyy soon she started hanging ou with her second cousin pedro and theyy started to have a little thing she got pregnant and soon her family found otut and they threw her on the street.