Master of Passion

Master of Passion

by Jacqueline Baird

But by then it was too late.Caught in the act, Parisa found herself facing the glittering eyes of the man blackmailing her best friend.

Luc wanted Parisa at his mercy--and in his bed.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Category Romance
  • Rating: 3.45
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: September 1994 by Harlequin Books
  • Isbn10: 0373116837
  • Isbn13: 9780373116836

What People Think about "Master of Passion"

The Rugby Tackle Man is a guy Parisa recognizes and the light was flipped on by one of her old boarding school acquaintances, Tina. Tina wanted some time alone with her beau, so she asked Parisa to distract Luc and lock him in the boathouse. Tina swears later that Luc was furious and had vowed revenge for the supposed insult interruptus, and now Parisa is worried cause Luc is not only a sex maniac blackmailing young ladies, he is probably double dipping at the lurvely lady buffet too. Parisa has an even better time dancing at Luc's mum's party and Luc gets jealous - but he has another lady buffet sample hanging all over him and flashing a pretty pricey diamond bracelet. Mainly cause Luc is totally rockin' in the cradle of love and Parisa knows she is feeling the big True Love Force Mojo connection. Luc's mum is in hospital for heart surgery, if Parisa will marry Luc for two weeks, he will give her a big alimony allowance and pay to fix all the things that are wrong with her house. But she also thinks she messed up a bit by not giving Luc her home number, cause Luc got into a bad accident and he actually did call seven days later, but Parisa wasn't at her BFF's apartment anymore to get the message - her BFF is off on her honeymoon. Until Luc goes out of town on business for the day and his first OW from the beginning of the book shows up, wearing a big, gaudy diamond bracelet, claiming that Luc arranged for her to meet him at his apartment, but his work conflict must have messed the timing up. Parisa leaves a big "Deal Concluded" message in the mistress's lipstick on Luc's drawing room mirror and Parisa goes home to lead scouts on whitewater rafting trips with her ex-casual boyfriend she dumped. (This diamond jewelry pay off by the H is a huge JB staple, more than one H will have to grovel because of it.) Luc loves Parisa and probably has since she was 14, but of course she was too young then and he was pretty shocked at himself, but now they are married and he wants to earn her love, cause he knows he was totally tacky about the blackmail pics - he never intended to blackmail her and it was in fact an embezzling employee who was blackmailing her BFF- but an obsessed JB HP H has to do what he has to do and he wanted Parisa so badly he just couldn't help himself. With a big declaration like that, Parisa totally caves, cause Luc is rich, smokin' hot and she loves him too. The two of them decide to practice their lovin' it up and Luc promises Parisa she can do whatever she wants to do, as long as she won't adventure off without him, for a big pink sparkly HEA, wildly hilarious and entertaining HP outing.

and then the heroine lets herself get emotionally blackmailed by that friend and the hero?

A very different female lead, I could actually see this book turning into a movie.

A fun read with a spunky heroine who makes a huge sacrifice to help her best friend.

She gave as good as she got to the hero and didn't let him walk over her.

Jacqueline Baird was born on the 1st of April at home in a small village Northumbria, England, UK, where she raised. When her sons went to school all day she thought she would try writing one. Jacqueline Baird's been writing for Mills & Boon since 1988, and she still gets a thrill every time a new book is published.