A Texan's Luck

A Texan's Luck

by Jodi Thomas

His father may have bought Lacy Larson for him in a wife lottery, but Walker had no desire for a brideeven one as captivating as the one standing before him.

So he promptly sent Lacy back to Cedar Point.Nearly three years later, Lacy is shocked when Walker shows up on her doorstepordered by the military to protect his wife from a killer.

  • Series: Wife Lottery
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 4.01
  • Pages: 330
  • Publish Date: October 26th 2004 by Jove
  • Isbn10: 0515138487
  • Isbn13: 9780515138481

What People Think about "A Texan's Luck"

Captain Walker Larson is a cool, in control, career army man who follows the rules the perfect solider with no need for a wife, let alone one he believes to be a jail bird his misguided father rescued. Called back to Cedar Point, a small Texas town he long ago left behind, in order to be Lacys unwanted bodyguard, Walker swears he will be leaving in a month. Thanks goodness there is one more left in this wonderful series.

Each book contains one of their stories and revolves around a simple plot, a villain and a great cast of secondary characters. Their story is filled with laugh out loud moments and tender, poignant moments; and while there wasn't hot descriptive love scenes, the desire and sensuality flowed freely and was sufficient to make this a great read for me.

I liked both Lacy and Walker, but Carter remains my favorite. Three years after Walker and Lacy married by proxy, Lacy decides it's finally time for her absent husband to come home. Thanks to the sheriff, Walker is forced to come back for a month to keep Lacy safe. They fight, Walker orders, Lacy yells, but they co-exist. While living together Lacy sees, the Captain, shockingly, has a heart and can be charming, too. I guess that leaves my wife, if she were willing to offer the service." My thoughts I liked this book a lot, the premise, them, everything. Other than that liked everything about this book.

I thought the reason for his leaving town was done with pretty quickly, but I loved how Lacy handled it. I liked Lacy a lot, but there were times when she was a little unpredictable for no apparent reason. But that was over pretty quickly so I didn't think it took too much away from the story.

1.5 stars Pretty much one sweet moment in the epilogue and the hero Walker are the only things I managed to like about this book, the rest of the story and Lacy's histrionics just drove me up the wall. I honestly felt sorry for Walker at times and found it ridiculous how he had to walk on egg shells around her through the entire book scared he would rouse her temper and having to apologize at every turn (for the dumbest things I might add). How an alpha male seasoned Captain like Walker kept getting mentally paddle whipped by a slip of a girl who liked to toss out orders to him and shriek at him every time she didnt like something I just found astounding and cringe-worthy. She goes through more than half the story thinking this. It was as if the author worked over time to try and portray Walker as the big bad bumbling wolf and readers need to sympathize and laugh along with Lucy. What's hilarious is how off the mark this girl is in thinking she has his number through out the story and never seems to realize the error in her ways. Lacy thinks everything that comes out of Walker's mouth is an order and I truly had difficulty reading it that way. The man asks her to close her eyes and dance with her like they are on the prairie at moonlight and she thinks its an order. I really don't understand the point of this character who only makes one appearance in this book but is touted as the 'big bad buffalo man' who everyone is terrified of and is after Bailee, Sarah and Lacy over an attempted robbery gone wrong 5 years ago. I didn't read Sarah's book but considering the fact that this guy is still alive and kicking in here and once again used as the conflict I just wasn't impressed with.

I never thought that Jodi Thomas Wife Lottery series could possibly get even better over time! I loved the way that Jodi Thomas portrayed the relationships between the characters, especially between Lacy and Walker themselves, who are my favorite characters in the entire book! I actually sympathized with Lacy at the beginning of the novel since she was scorned by Walker Larson and it was pretty understandable about why she hated Walker throughout most of the book since I probably would have held a little grudge myself if I was scorned like that. Even though there were not enough sexual scenes to satisfy my romantic urges, the scenes where Walker and Lacy try to get to know each other by taking each other out to dinners and spending some quality quiet time together were probably the best scenes in this book and I really loved their witty banters with each other, especially this little gem: This day was endless not seeing you. Overall, A Texans Luck is easily one of the most memorable books out of Jodi Thomas Wife Lottery series and anyone who is a huge fan of western romances should definitely give this novel a whirl!

3.5 stars I think. Lacey, I thought she was okay. When they met again he said to stop lookin at him like that and she said "how am I looking at you? like a man who raped me" HE DID NOT RAPE HER YALL. Also another thing, she was so quick to keep inviting people along, like bitch your life is in danger. Like Lacey said, she wouldn't have faulted him for being with another woman. He DID kiss a barmaid after he met Lacey. You've been doing this for like 10 to 12 years of your life, but because you can't sit down somewhere, she has to move from the town she loves? Cuz she forced him and while he's feeling like "damn this is better than I thought" in two pumps she's like "whoa-is-me, this shit is terrible and I'll never do it again." Quotes The old man would take her word against his. "You think you're going to grow any more, Lacey?" he said before he thought. But I don't think you're supposed to hit a man with a head wound in the head." "How dare you comment on my bust!"(her boobs are big) Walker realized his mistake and managed to raise his stare to hers. He still thinks me as a kid."(this is Nell, from the next story) She pulled the dress over her head and laid it carefully over a chair. "You staying longer this time, madam?" Lacey laughed.

I just will say that even though westerns are not my usual genre, this book is a must read. After reading 3 books by this author I really can say that she knows how to write. What I loved the most was to see him change throughout the story, he begun as one man and ended up being somebody completely different, better, and all thanks to his heroine. Still, this author will always have a place in my heart for writing this 3 amazing books!

(And I do abandon books if they bore me.) I definitely recommend this light, sweet, western romance if you enjoy this genre. At the very beginning Lacy goes to where her husband, who she's yet to meet, is and DEMANDS he bed her. So then Lacy is paranoid/afraid of him for much of the rest of the book due to having been attacked a few years earlier. but why didn't this attack make her afraid of her husband before she demanded he have sex with her w/in moments of meeting him? ALSO - I read these books in order and liked the first the best, the third the least, so it may be just a matter of too much from one author in too short a time.