Video Movie Guide 2002

Video Movie Guide 2002

by Mick Martin

Video & DVD Guide 2003 covers it allmore films than any other guide, plus your favorite serials, B-Westerns, made-for-TV movies, and old television programs!

Each entry, conveniently alphabetized for easy access, includes a summary, fresh commentary, the director, major cast members, the year of release, and the MPAA rating, plus a reliable Martin and Porter ratingfrom Five Stars to Turkeyso youll never get caught with a clunker again!THE BEST IN THE FIELD FOR 18 YEARS!Including BRAND-NEW DVD LISTINGS DIRECTOR AND STAR INDEXES COMPLETE ACADEMY AWARD LISTINGS WHERE TO BUY THOSE HARD-TO-FIND VIDEOS

  • Language: English
  • Category: Reference
  • Rating: 3.33
  • Pages: 1600
  • Publish Date: August 27th 2002 by Ballantine Books
  • Isbn10: 0345421000
  • Isbn13: 9780345421005

What People Think about "Video Movie Guide 2002"

Again, bold = a five-star film or nearly so; (r) = a rewatch, all others seen for the first time. Released at the same time as a bunch of other notable films, but very much worth seeing. Mostly that's good, but occasionally it tips over into self-indulgence, like when a character, apropos of nothing, starts talking about "the smell of the universe." Black Panther Well if they make a superhero movie partly set and partly filmed in Oakland, I have to see it. Hard to describe what it's like to watch, but highly recommended. Isle of Dogs Animated Wes Anderson flick about dogs set in Japan, I loved it, especially as the dogs (if you ignore that they talk) act like actual dogs would act. You Were Never Really Here I've had mixed reactions to Lynn Ramsey's films, mostly loved Morvern Callar, hated hated hated We Need to Talk About Kevin, and mostly really liked this one. Like that film, involves a young woman whom everyone underestimates and maybe they shouldn't. Recommended for Andrea Riseborough who is astonishing, close-ups of her face carry the entire film. Screeners of Indie Flicks Sent by Film Independent Women Who Kill Nifty lesbian comedy/drama about two exes who do a true crime podcast. Ingrid Goes West Not bad, and I always like Aubrey Plaza, but the trouble with films about how shallow people are with their smart phones and social media addiction is that you get the point after ten minutes, and then the movie just repeats that point ad nauseum for the rest of its running time. Good Time A low life two-bit criminal has a really bad night, that gets worse and worse. Mediocre comedy/drama about a middle aged Japanese woman who comes to the U.S. and, um, does some indie film stuff, then goes back to Japan and the movie ends. A Fantastic Woman The story here is somewhat familiar and plays as expected, but worth seeing for the spectacular star turn of Daniela Vega. Made in 1960, this is the earliest depiction of the Holocaust Ive seen that attempts to really show what a death camp was like. I saw Elle, the ridiculous rape drama, instead of this one which I can recommend, about a professor whose marriage ends and her life thereafter. Viridiana I saw a lot of Bunuel films in the 90s in my video store days, and I probably would have rated this higher then. List Within List: The Bunuel films Ive seen in rough order of preference: The Exterminating Angel Tristana The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie Diary of a Chambermaid Un Chien Andalou Viridiana Belle de Jour Susana Summer 1993 Lovely Spanish film about a six-year-old girl who is orphaned and her new life with relatives who take her in. Horror Films A Quiet Place Great monster-horror involving alien creatures who track humans by sound thus silence = staying alive, maybe. For a long stretch I thought it would be among my films of the year, but the last five minutesjust dont work. Under the Shadow Only the second Persian horror flick Ive seen (the other was A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night), set during the Iran Iraq War, a mother and young daughter have to endure not only their apartment building being hit by Iraq bombs, but a djinn that seems to be after the little girl. Caravaggio Only my second Derek Jarman film (I also saw The Tempest and loved that one), story is minimal but nearly every shot looks like a painting come to life. Centaur Ultra-low-budget indie revenge drama written, directed, and starring the same guy, hes fine on the writing and directing but not enough of an actor to carry the film and hes in every scene. The Lobster So Ive seen three films by this Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, hated Dogtooth (see above), liked The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and this one is probably the best of the three. Absurd premise that being part of a couple is the law and if you find yourself single, you have like 45 days to fall in love or they turn you into an animal of your choice. Classics (?) Black Narcissus I've decided I prefer the more whimsical Powell & Pressburger films, like I Know Where I'm Going and A Matter of Life and Death, over the melodramatic ones. I haven't seen many of her films besides Some Like It Hot, an obvious classic. Go For Sisters I knew I hadn't seen a John Sayles film in awhile, so I looked it up and holy crap, the last one I saw was Limbo from 1999! He was for years such an icon of independent film, and I should probably catch up on others I haven't seen. List Within List: The Sayles films I've seen in rough order of preference: Lone Star Matewan Passion Fish Go For Sisters Baby It's You Eight Men Out The Brother From Another Planet Limbo Return of the Secaucus Seven Men With Guns Sing Street Kind of a younger, less gritty The Commitments. Hunt for the Wilderpeople Finally got round to this, and yes everyone was right it's great, a comedy/adventure set in New Zealand.

MOVIES I SAW ON THE BIG SCREEN Paddington 2 I was glad to find out that to my surprise I dont have a heart of stone, because only those so afflicted could not be charmed and even tickled pink by the little bears antics. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri Enough has been said about this a modern classic You Were Never Really Here Wow a nearly wordless almost-horror masterpiece from Lynne Ramsay, who only makes extraordinary movies and at a very slow pace (4 in 18 years). A Quiet Place Another nifty almost-horror movie which has the immense benefit of shutting up all the loud sweet-rustlers and the popcorn chompers as if you make one tiny sound the Things from Another Planet will getcha. DULL STUFF BEST AVOIDED WHICH OTHER PEOPLE INEXPLICABLY LIKE The American Friend A Quiet Passion A Man Called Ove THE USUAL INDIE STUFF Jeff Who Lives At Home The Levelling Lady Bird Winter Solstice The Skeleton Twins Louder Than Bombs Krisha HORROR MOVIES The Autopsy Of Jane Doe Broken It Lives Again (Its Alive 2) Raw Wrong Turn Creep The Texas Chain Saw Franchise Im working my way through this amazing to see stars like Renee Zellweger, Michael McConaughey and Aragorn starting off in these movies. CATCHING UP WITH THE CLASSICS : NOIR These were all great, from a time when movies were 80 to 90 minutes long and not a minute longer. CATCHING UP WITH THE CLASSICS : FOREIGN FILMS Bonjour Tristesse From 1958 David Niven, Deborah Kerr and Jean Seberg three names which for me may as well be the names of dinosaurs we only know from 400 million year old fossils. Stromboli Ingrid Bergman in a strange but very intense film about being stuck forever living a impoverished life on an island that happens to be a big volcano. Ossessione Jules And Jim Pickpocket Lift To The Scaffold These four were fascinating, and Lift to the Scaffold was GREAT perfect caper-goes-orribly-wrong movie. CATCHING UP WITH SO-CALLED CLASSICS WHICH TURNED OUT TO BE COMPLETE CRAP I know where Im going! Having been mentally scarred by A Matter of Life and Death, which everyone thinks is a great classic but which I found absolutely unbearable, I thought I should give the famous Powell/Pressburger team another go. The Beatles favourite rock and roll movie what could possibly go wrong?

They didn't seem to have cut that many reviews for the later book, although I found some that were longer and more detailed in 2000 than 2005.

I have been so lost without this guide, until I found the 2002 edition at a used bookstore today.