The Bartered Bride

The Bartered Bride

by Mary Jo Putney

After building a fortune in the exotic East, American adventurer and merchant prince Gavin Elliott sets his sails for London to begin a new life.

Though saving her may cost Gavin his life, he cannot refuse to help the fierce beauty who touches his heart and soul with her indomitable spirit.Alexandra Warren is returning home from Australia as a widow and mother when a pirate attack condemns her to a life of servitude.

  • Series: The Bride Trilogy
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.74
  • Pages: 411
  • Publish Date: June 29th 2004 by Ballantine Books
  • Isbn10: 0449003167
  • Isbn13: 9780449003169

What People Think about "The Bartered Bride"

Im a little surprised at the bad to mediocre reviews for The Bartered Bride because I absolutely loved it, getting completely drawn into the sweeping adventure. Although in saying that Im brand new to author Mary Jo Putney and dont generally read a lot of historical romances so I cant make any real comparisons either. American shipping merchant Gavin Elliot has built a fortune in the Far East but his adventures are coming to en end. Yeah its still rape no matter how you look at it but remember Gavin is a nice guy and kinda forced into it. Yeah the villains were a bit cartoonish but I found it clever how the story opens with Gavin awaiting trial in the tower of London and then makes its way back to how he got there (big surprise who he murdered) Towards the end of the story I had forgotten all about his fate and was then on absolute pins as he walks to the hangmans noose, assured of certain death.

Este libro se puede dividir en dos partes bien diferenciadas; una primera en la que vemos cómo es que el romance de Alexandra y Gavin tiene lugar y una segunda, en la que la autora nos cuenta cómo es que Gavin ha llegado hasta donde está ahora mismo. Si queréis un libro en el que viajar a través del imperio de Oriente en el siglo XIX y ver a unos personajes muy interesantes con una historia que habla de superaciones, este es un libro que merece mucho la pena leer a pesar de algún que otro pero que puede tener.

I should be really liking this book and I just don't. Here's the premise: book opens with hero in the Tower of London, on his way to his trial for the murder of his wife. On a royal visit he spies a European woman being sold at a slave auction and his Quaker sensabilities are outraged (Bing! The hero hasn't been with a woman since his wife died in childbirth almost ten years before. In the hands of an author like Anne Stuart (my latest obession), Eloisa James, or any of many current writers, this would be no problem. Gavin and Alexandra both seem to be very nice people who had a romantic adventure, but very nice only works for me in real life. I'm thinking there's lots of intrigue to come (the book opens with him on trial for Alex's murder) but I just can't stay interested.

For MJP's style, I give the book 3 stars.

In ciuda faptului ca sunt prinsi intr-o casnicie de convenienta,si a faptului ca Alex se reface dupa o perioada de sclavie in care a fost umilita si violata in repetate randuri,cei doi protagonisti se indragostes.Cam greu dupa gustul meu,dar avand in vedre prin cate a trecut ea,este de inteles faptul totul decurge foarte lent. Un alt lucru interesant a fost faptul ca am intalnit multe personaje din seria Fallen Angels.De astfel Alex este fica Catherinei si a lui Michael Kenyon (personajele principale ale cartii Shattered Rainbows).Este placut sa reantalnesti fosti protagonisti,si sa afli cam care le-a fost viata.

(view spoiler)When Gavin chooses to risk ten years of his life to save Alexandra and her daughter from slavery, Alexandra seems to have mixed feelings about it. If a stranger was willing to risk his life to save me and my daughter, I don't think I would discourage him in any way.

Gavin, the last of the three (Kyle and Dominic) found true love with his bartered bride.

The story starts off with Captain Elliot, Gavin held in a prison after being convicted of murdering his wife Alex. And while I love reading stories filled with adventures and travels to foreign lands I struggled to truly get into this story until half way in. I can't say I've read heroines like the ones featured in this trilogy, each having witnessed and lived through unimaginable tragedy and personal struggle. There was nothing I didn't like about Alex, she was incredibly brave selfless and has a big compassionate understanding heart. But I found myself a little frustrated on Gavin's behalf (who is a complete patient understanding gentleman in this and never complained) with the distance Alex kept putting between her and Gavin. And I hate using that word considering what Alex is put through and again, she has such a selfless heart and is a very tormented character but I felt myself getting restless while reading this with the slow movement we got between her and Gavin. What I liked was their complete honesty and vulnerability with each other, this is the most selfless marriage I have read about. Gavin has such a big loving patient heart, I really wanted to see more moments with him and Katie. It was frustrating and difficult to read those scenes of the villain going on and on about ruining Alex and Gavin, gleeful to talk about deranged things like watching him die and wanting to describe it to Alex. I really did enjoy and love the main characters Alex and Gavin.

(But why didn't anyone tell me that writing would change the way one reads?) Like a lemming over a cliff, she gave up her freelance graphic design business to become a full-time writer as soon as possible. The Spiral Path and Stolen Magic were chosen as one of Top Ten romances of their years by Booklist, published by the American Library Association. Though most of her books have been historical, she has also published three contemporary romances.