The Devil's Price

The Devil's Price

by Carole Mortimer

She loved him but couldn't marry him.Cynara hadn't seen Zack Buchanan in five years, not since she'd hurt him -- hurt herself even more -- by leaving him.She'd let Zack think the worst of her to avoid watching his love slowly turn to ashes. But now that he'd stumbled across her singing at one of his hotels in London, she knew that he intended to exact payment for the past.She knew, too, that she would bargain with the devil himself to be with Zack again -- as long as she could keep secret her reason for never marrying...

  • Language: English
  • Category: Category Romance
  • Rating: 3.28
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: November 22nd 1985 by Harlequin Books
  • Isbn10: 0373108524
  • Isbn13: 9780373108527

What People Think about "The Devil's Price"

The h was terrified her secret would come out and pretended to accept the money the father gave her to buy her off. Five years on the h finds out that not only does the H have a son, who warns her off his dad in the hotel's coffee shop, but he has a daughter too, and her mother is the H's former wife who is now dead. Then the H's son runs away from boarding school and winds up at the H and h's apartment. Grandmum is happy to see the h, gives her the infamous file the H's father blackmailed her with, and hopes that she and the H are reuniting. The h takes the file and hides it under her clothes at the apartment. They have a stalemate on the subject, but then the H is off again and the grandmum needs help cause everyone is sick with the measles. Since the h already had measles during her childhood in an orphanage, she goes down to help the 70 year old lady with two very sick kids. The h argues that he is a lousy parent, turning into his hateful father and that he is going to lose the affection of his kids. The h goes to tell the son goodbye, cause she is tired of the arguing and the grandmum, son and daughter all state that they will riot if the h leaves. The H's father knew all about it and played on her 21 year old self's guilt and pain by indicating that she was lower than pond scum for being barren. Turns out he did divorce his wife and she remarried, the daughter is not his child, but his son is her brother and the ex's parents knew the kids needed to be raised together. The h is very handily stepping in as the mum they need and the kids, grandmum and the H all love and adore her. The H and h wind up married and the story ends with a nice little epilogue of the family on vacation, with the kids calling the h mum and the h and H's lovebird behavior shocking the elderly hotel guests.

The heroine was blackmailed by the H's father into leaving him the first time and hero is bitter. The hero rapes the heroine in a fit of anger. The heroine had her own sins and made her choice to stay with the hero after he apologized for the rape.

I just want you, Cynara, need you so much.

They fall in love, move in together but when he proposes marriage she makes him believe she is a mercenary slut and abandons him. Heroine accepts not because of the money but because she is stil in love with him. He still thinks heroine is an immoral slut who left him once his father gave her a big fat cheque.

I cant feel sympathy for a heroine that lied and went all out to foster an impression that she was mercenary, cold-hearted, ambitious and just wanted to be a famous singer, willing to accept a pay-out from the Hs father to stop seeing the H. Father felt she would be an unsuitable wife for his son, being a lounge singer and had hired a detective to dig out skeletons in her closet. Unlike most detectives in HP land, this one did an extremely thorough job so father could threaten to reveal her Deep Dark Secret.

Pain darkened his eyes. Cynara was a tortured heroine who believed any man to fall out in love of her once they ever could now of her heartbreaking secret,and thatS why she left Zack Buchanan,breaking his heart all the while also breaking hers.