Kiss Chase

Kiss Chase

by Fiona Walker

Felix Sylvian looks like the Angel Gabriel in a sulk and is as irresistible to women as melted chocolate on a ripe strawberry. But he has one nasty habit he can't seem to break: a sadistic tendency to ride rough-shod over any girl foolish enough to

  • Language: English
  • Category: Womens Fiction
  • Rating: 4.15
  • Pages: 600
  • Publish Date: 1998 by Coronet Books
  • Isbn10: 0340723432
  • Isbn13: 9780340723432

What People Think about "Kiss Chase"

I do so love this book. I wish Fiona Walker would write more like this and less of the later type of stories.

I also love a book with good banter between the main characters that you basically memorize because its just that good. All the characters and details that might have annoyed you fall to the far background and you can only focus on Phoebe and Felix dancing around each other trying to bring the other down, but they end up hitting each other, hard. Characters: Phoebe is just so sympathetic and adorable, she gets herself into crazy situations, doesn't really care what people might think about her but at the same time let's herself be used like a doormat by people that should actually care about her. And well, Phoebe isn't far behind in liking Felix back. Hes the type of guy you have to hate but in the end cant, maybe Im masochistic but I know Im not the only one who thought what if I can find my own Felix. I dont think that would ever actually work out in reality with a guy with his personality so its all good that this is only a book! As mentioned before the book is bustling with all variety of characters to hate, to love, to root for, to be curious about, to think do you even have a purpose here?, etc. The characters and situations just come alive with so many references to pop culture, British life, what was trendy at the time the book was written, etc.

But Phoebe doesn't realise that when she tries to break Felix's nasty habit, she'll find herself breaking her own heart... It is a big sprawling mess, which could have done with an edit and perhaps several fewer erroneous characters (who seemed to be added whenever Fiona Walker needed an additional person to walk into a scene), and yet I found myself compulsively turning pages and absolutely gripped by the tale of Phoebe and Felix. Even though the plot is tiresome and most of the character motivations are extremely suspect, at its heart this is a novel about finding the absolute right person and falling in love when you never expected to. The best part of the novel are the exchanges between Felix and Phoebe, when it is easy to identify with the stomach-churning, free-falling emotion of lust and then love. In addition to this, I love the way that Walker will show a character like Phoebe both from her perspective (e.g. how she imagines herself to look) and then from the point of view of another character looking at her - this is so realistic (I suspect we all think that we're less attractive than other people think we are!) and also presents the idea that beauty is only really in the eye of the beholder.

Por un lado está Phoebe, una mujer guapa pero con una vida nada nada perfecta: no tiene trabajo, no sabe qué hacer con su vida, no tiene una buena relación con sus padres y para colmo de males está enamorada de un hombre casado. No disfruto mucho de una historia cuando hay demasiado personajes secundarios que desvían mi atención de los personajes principales. En general, es una historia entretenida, con unos personajes principales nada adorables pero que poco a poco logran tocarte el corazón XD

My literary tastes are wide and varied, and I am a fan of the unfortunately named chick lit as much as the next girl in search of a mindless, trashy read. I was travelling around New Zealand in 2007 and searching for a read which would require minimum brain power and still provide a few laughs when I found Fiona Walkers depressingly awful offering lingering on a stand outside a charity shop. It didnt take long before I was weary of Walkers repetitive writing style and uninspiring characters, predictable scenes and tired relationships. You cant feel empathy for the character of Saskia, who deserves a good slapping, nor for Phoebe, her bizarrely long-suffering friend. Why is it that so many chick lit authors feel the need to have a heroine who doesnt think shes that special to look at, but according to the rest of the world, is stunningly beautiful? A decent author should be able to create comedy out of any situation, without needing to have a character fall tit over arse down some stairs and wind up with a pair of knickers on her head. Fiona Walker wanders blindly into all of these literary chick-lit clichés, and adds a few of her own for good measure. But a little bit of slang goes a long, long way; especially something as old-fashioned as tight, which now serves simply as a regular milestone for Walkers lack of range and cringingly dates the novel. The same goes for espadrilles; a shoe in which, according to Walker, every woman in the UK encases her warm-weather tootsies. Walkers characters are two-dimensional, ridiculous stereotypes, underdeveloped and, honestly, quite boring. It leaves me with no question as to why this genre is viewed with such contempt when authors like Fiona Walker are championed in its ranks as literary royalty.

KC gets set in motion when used-to-men-swooning Saskia gets horribly dumped by her gorgeous, seemingly very devoted and ideal fiance, Felix. In fact, I spent a decent chunk of the early part of the book loathing Felix and wondering how on earth I was ever going to find him worthy of anyone but by the end, I both loved and pitied him and was desperate for him and Phoebe to get together. One of the things I love is that this book explains but does not really excuse - both Phoebe and Felix had truly horrifying childhoods (even if his was worse) and that is why they can connect on a level they can't with other 'normal' people, but they choose to react to trauma differently. In fact, the reason Felix falls for her is not from any of the tips Saskia tries to give Phoebe.

Ik heb een maand over dit boek gedaan en voor mijn doen is dat lang. Hoewel ik ook zeker wel genoten heb van dit boek, zal ik het niet aan iedereen aanraden. Een ander minpunt van dit boek, vind ik, is dat de hoofdstukken over het algemeen aan de lange kant zijn. Wat wel leuk is, is dat in de tijd dat dit boek geschreven is men nog geen mobiele telefoons had. In de tijd dat dit boek uitkwam, was ik een tiener, dus ik weet nog wel hoe dat was.

I loved Felix and Phoebe's romance so much that I couldn't get a grip, I kept re reading passages and thinking about them whilst at work like a teenager!