The Groom's Revenge

The Groom's Revenge

by Kate Walker

India Marchant had planned her fairy-tale wedding and all that had remained was for the groom, Aidan Wolfe, to say "I do." But he hadn't!

But it seemed Aidan was still out for revenge.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.30
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: April 23rd 1999 by Harlequin Presents
  • Isbn10: 0373120354
  • Isbn13: 9780373120352

What People Think about "The Groom's Revenge"

The hero jilts the heroine at the altar in the most humiliating way possible. She sees the jilting as pure revenge that the hero never loved her - and her heart is broken. Hero looks bleak when heroine says something bitter. Hero is affronted when heroine feels like shes prostituting herself. Heroine starts to feel some hope that it wasnt all for revenge, but she is confused, poor thing. So whats the heros reason for jilting the heroine? In the middle of the story he tells the heroine he jilted her at the altar to set her free. The story telling wasnt strong enough for me to believe that the hero had noble reasons for jilting the heroine. Is this their second wedding where the heroine doesn't know if that scamp of hero will jilt her again?

She had never looked at his actions in that light before, but now that she did, they seemed so honest, so wonderful, so generous --so loving. I don't mind not agreeing with an author. However, I do mind when an author assumes my IQ is zero.

The premise on this one is that the h was a young, unicorn grooming, virtuous follower of All the Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right when she kinda cozened the very unenthusiastic H into agreeing to marry her a year earlier. Rather he dumped the h because his parents had a horrible marriage and his own mum was sad cause she married for money too and he loved the h too much to make her miserable like that. In an EXTREMELY bizarre ending, the H and h meet at altar where he dumped her the first time and the h shamelessly badgers him, AGAIN, until the H agrees to marry her for the dubious HEA.

I liked the Hero in this book. Maybe that would have taken the focus of the true story the Love the Hero and Heroine still had for each other.

I didn't like that he left her at the alter (and that is putting it mildly ) throughout the story I just couldn't put that fact from my mind and I didn't buy the reason at the end...and she even thinks he did it in a loving way ?

A year later Aidan was back and India was determined not to be such easy game this time around.

I can't remember a time when I wasn't scribbling away at something, and I wrote my first 'book' when I was eleven, an adventure story, most of it in secret in lessons at schoolparticularly maths lessons, which I hated. So I decided instead that if I couldn't write books, I could at least work with them and so I settled for becoming a librarian. After three years of being a full-time housewife and mother, I was ready for a new challenge, but needed something I could do at home, and so I turned to my old love of writing. Fitting in hobbies around working and being a wife and mother can be difficult, but I always find time to read. I also enjoy historical novels, detective fiction and long, absorbing biographies about fascinating people and I can spend hours in bookshops just browsing. I love to travel and visit new places, especially places with an interesting history, and I always enjoy visiting old castles or stately homes and imagining how the people who used to live there spent their days.