Escape From the Harem

Escape From the Harem

by Mary Lyons

She couldn't quite believe Badyr's assurances that now he was the Sultan, things were different.And yet, what choice did she have?

He was still her husband and, in spite of everything, she still loved him....

  • Language: English
  • Category: Category Romance
  • Rating: 3.32
  • Pages: 186
  • Publish Date: October 24th 1986 by Harlequin Books
  • Isbn10: 0373109385
  • Isbn13: 9780373109388

What People Think about "Escape From the Harem"

However after five years, she has read all about his coup d'etat against his father and she hasn't seen him or spoken to him even though he rules the country, and now she just wants to get on with her life and raise her child and get a divorce. She is greeted by her husband instead of a carpet seller and it soon comes to light that her mum contacted the H and asked him to come as the mum is going to be married and can't watch the h's daughter anymore. Just the way the h looked and acted upon her return would have been enough reason to set up new identities and go into hiding, let alone her description of the treatment she received from the H's father.) The mum thinks she knows best though, and for some reason thought the h was exaggerating, plus the h's mum has a deep aversion to women being outside the home and outside childcare. So she called up the H and now he is telling the h she either returns or he will take her daughter and the h can just deal with it. The h loves her child and can't watch her or guard her all the time, so she is forced to accompany the H back to his Sheikdom after the mum's wedding. He explains that it took a long time to get the country stabilized and he wanted to make sure it was safe before he brought the h and his child home. She knows she is trapped for life and she REALLY doesn't like the thought of another wife or the effect it will have on her daughter - and wonders why he doesn't have the full four as he can afford it. Everyone is pretty miserable, the h knows the H is living with his other wife and things look very grim. The H's mum arranged the h's smuggling out of the country and got him another wife from a prominent family in the country's north and then the coup was set into motion with the H winning. The second wife was sent to the H's prison and there was no medical care and her illness worsened dramatically - the girl was only 16 at the time of the marriage and she had been handed a death sentence because the H's father wouldn't let her get treatment. As soon as the H was able, he took the second wife to all the big treatment centers but it was too late. He never wanted to marry the second wife, but he had no options and then when the girl became so ill because of the poor conditions, he couldn't bail on her and yet he had to hurt the h more. They finally talk it all out and avow eternal love and they have a son to go with the daughter and the country's modernization is off to a roaring start for a big HEA.

The heroine, pregnant at the time, escapes back to England with the help of the hero's mother. Heroine is really angry and bitter about her treatment five years before and she gives the hero a very difficult time. Hero is still married and does not plan to divorce his second wife.

The heroine Leonie is shocked when she meets her estranged husband Badyr, the hero, for the first time in years. Leonie is terrified of going back to the country where she felt so oppressed as well as returning to her less than perfect marriage, but for her daughter's sake she knows she has no choice. What I found particularly interesting about this book is that it actually raised and dealt with the subject of social and religious differences between the hero and heroine and their lives.