by P.C. Cast

Zoey finds herself in the very unexpected and rare situation of having three boyfriends.

Just when it seems things couldnt get any tougher, vampyres start turning up dead.

Really dead.

But, as Zoey and her friends so often find out, how things appear rarely affects the truth

  • Series: House of Night
  • Language: English
  • Category: Young Adult
  • Rating: 3.92
  • Pages: 307
  • Publish Date: March 4th 2008 by St. Martin's Griffin
  • Isbn10: 0312360304
  • Isbn13: 9780312360306

What People Think about "Chosen"

The author is extremely repetitive, starting with her introduction to the books. Recognize that your readers, since they've been reading a book with the 'F' word in it and sexual content, they aren't little children who can't take big vocabulary words and who have to have repetition thrown at them, as well as stupid pop culture references every few seconds. A good thing about this series (possibly the only reason I kept on reading) is the action. It's a shame the good in this book is overridden by the bad writing and characterization as well as the author's laziness in thinking up new plots and character development.

But curiousity got the better of me and I couldn't very well complain about how much the standards for YA novels have fallen without reading some of the alleged best sellers. I have not read the first two books in the House of Night series, but I could gather what was going on. Zoey's best friend Stevie Ray is undead or something and she tried to kill Zoey's boyfriend/Imprint, Heath. The book starts off by Zoey trying to see how many times she can say suck while complaining about her awful birthday. There's a notable scene when Zoey's boyfriend Erik gives her a really pretty necklace and she's estastic until she sees it has snowmen on it. Erik and her friends get mad that Zoey acted like an ungrateful bitch, and she has the audacity to say that it's not her fault. So Chosen follows Zoey's struggle to help her best friend Stevie Ray regain her humanity. I can tell Zoey just misses Stevie Ray so much. Without Stevie Ray, Zoey has to have bad birthday presents! The whole thing with Stevie Ray goes back and forth. Zoey insists that she hasn't changed, Stevie Ray says she isn't human anymore, blah,blah,blah. What's Zoey's reason for Stevie Ray to be human? Never mind that her best friend is losing her humanity and chomping down on humans- the important thing is that Stevie Ray looks gross as a feral vampire and her victims might have lice. For a good bit of the book Zoey goes around kissing Loren and then feeling guilty and whining about it. Zoey's crying because Erik's been Changed and it reminds her of when Stevie Ray died. The little issue of Erik crops up, not to mention that she still hasn't dumped Heath, but Loren goes all possessive and says Zoey belongs to him. Zoey's friends find out that she cheated on Erik. Stevie Ray is back to normal(which means she can plan decent birthday parties for Zoey, yay!) and Aphrodite is human. But since this series is twelve books as far as I'm aware, nothing can kill Zoey.

The most offensive and racist part of the book was when Zooey was (innappropriately) grinding one of her boyfriends, Heath, in public. Then Zooey turns around, has three boyfriends, lies to all of them, and sleeps with a teacher. The fact that Zooey, the main character and supposed heroine of this series, sleeps with a teacher is disgusting beyond words. She lies to all her friends throughout the book and tries to have three boyfriends at once instead of doing the responsible thing and breaking up with two of them. Besides the fact that the main character is an obnoxious slut and the book is blatantly racist, the story just suffers from poor writing. The authors waste a lot of time giving us long summaries about what happened in the previous books, and sometimes review things that just happened a few chapters ago! Most of the characters are not fully drawn, and all Zooey's friends are stereotypes.

I really wanted to slap a one star on it which I don't do unless I've actually finished the book but, yanno what? Ugh. Burn this book.

But Erik won me over at the scene when he called Zoey a stupid slut and a filthy hypocrite, among a bunch of other things. I loved her sarcastic bitchy self, but unfortuanately, she was shamed by Zoey as a slutty hoe. I am not, in any way, joking when I say that Zoey is the most hypocritical, stupid, irritating, slutty, bitchy protagonist I have had ever had the misfortune to read about.

I mean honestly, do they think that all teenagers act like this because if they do, they need a reality check. This love square thing Zoey had going on was ridiculous. Don't Read on unless you Have Read the Book or You Will Not Be Continuing Finally, the one moment that pissed me off like never before: Zoey slept with a teacher who was using her. Its like no one respects themselves in books anymore.

And, having a young adult book in which a teenage character makes out with a teacher is just plain wrong. The story didn't need this twist as the lead character is already dating several different guys at the same time. Could've been much better without the ridiculous relationship with a teacher, some editing, and better character development.

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